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Trump Stands by Obamacare Lawsuit in Texas

Trump Stands by Obamacare Lawsuit in Texas

The Trump Administration continues to support a lawsuit filed by Texas and other GOP states seeking to invalidate the Affordable Care Act by proving it is unconstitutional.

“We’re not doing anything. In other words, we’re staying with the group,” said Trump.

The Supreme Court plans to hear the case this fall, but a decision is unlikely before the end of the year. Wednesday marked the deadline for the Trump Administration to change its argument. 

Attorney General William Barr had urged Vice President Mike Pence and other top officials to soften their position, warning that such a hardline stance could have serious political implications if the ACA appears to be in jeopardy when America votes in November.

Democrats insist the ACA is a necessary safety net for the millions of Americans who may lose work-based health insurance due to COVID-19. Based on my own experiences with Obamacare, I find this argument weak at best.

“Although Congress may not have enacted the ACA with the specific purpose of combating a pandemic, the nation’s current public health emergency has made it impossible to deny that broad access to affordable healthcare is not just a life-or-death matter for millions of Americans, but an indispensable precondition to the social intercourse on which our security, welfare, and liberty ultimately depend,” wrote House Democrats in a letter to the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Speaking on Fox News about his decision to seek the full termination of Obamacare, Trump described the law as a “disaster” that his administration has made “barely acceptable.”

Moving forward, the Trump Administration plans to replace the ACA with a better, more affordable plan that includes preexisting conditions. “There will never be a time when we don’t have preexisting conditions included,” said Trump.

Author’s Note: Trump may not get this done before the election, but he is positioning it as an election issue.

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  2. Paul Alexander

    I don’t know anyone who had to pay through the nose with Obamacare, but I do know a number of low income people that had to pay the damn fine for not having it. Rip off city! Thank God you are no longer president Obama. Take your sorry ass health coverage with you.

  3. John Kellerman

    Amazing how they keep referring to this as “Affordable Care Act”. There’s nothing affordable about any of Obamacare.

  4. Mike

    And if any of you think that Trump has something up his sleeve that is an improvement over the affordable care act, I have some property that I think you would be interested in. The only thing the pandemic makes clear is that we need to have a government funded option included in the healthcare offerings. Get a clue people, the current regime has no interest in providing you something better than the status quo-they were trounced in 2018 primarily due to that issue and have provided no alternative since…

  5. Richard Hennessy

    Obamacare is only affordable for people who are subsidized. That can happen without subjecting people who had good health insurance before Obamacare to continue to have poorer insurance coverage now.