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Trump's Secret

Trump's Secret


The one thing Trump showed in the debate no one else showed, was if you tangle with Trump there are consequences. Megyn Kelly felt it, Rand Paul felt it.

Yes, the initial questions in last week’s debate were unfair and a bit rude, and not just Trump’s. The question is not why Trump complained, the question is why didn’t anyone else? 

This is Megyn Kelly’s style, she designs the questions to put you in a hole so you have to dig yourself out. You are on the spot with the potential for embarrassment, responding to the worst rumors and hearsay the population of political analysts can come up with over days and weeks.  She does this on purpose, it gets ratings.

More importantly, she gives credence to this drivel just by asking the question from her position as moderator.  One might argue that presidential candidate should be able to handle it, but isn’t part of being presidential making sure news people don’t get away with trying to beat you up?

If you read my candidate evaluation on Friday, you’ll notice I said the debate for Marco Rubio was a net loss, not because he wasn’t able to respond, but because she questioned his legitimacy. If you are in the audience, the moderator is part of the dialog.  In my mind, the question stuck, and framed the rest of the debate for him.  Did Rubio question the premise of the question and bat it back to the moderators? No, but he should have. (And I still want him for Governor of Florida someday…)

Back to Trump. Everyone knows if you tangle with Trump there are consequences. It makes one pause before taking him on. Can you imagine how this would change the dynamic in our foreign policy?I believe it would be a refreshing change.  The other candidates were being cordial and polite, they sat there and took it, always turning the other cheek, being pushed around at will by the moderators. While this has become standard procedure, to be stoic and let the press get away with almost anything, its frustrating for those of us tired of taking abuse, and looking for a President who will defend us.

I can’t help but think about Barrack Obama and how every time he negotiates something, the other side eats his lunch. And how whenever someone insults America, he doesn’t defend us, he apologizes for us. This certainly would not be Trump’s style if he is elected, and I believe this is the source of his current popularity.  We are tired of being kicked around.


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