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Trump Says It’s Biden Who is “Destroying Democracy,” Not Him! 

Trump Says It’s Biden Who is “Destroying Democracy,” Not Him! 

A righteous Donald Trump is on the attack, saying it is current President Joe Biden who is destroying democracy in America and not himself, as he is so often accused of by the left and his media detractors.

This past weekend, the former president turned the tables on his likely rival in November, arguing that the man whose election victory Trump still contests is “the destroyer of American democracy.”

Trump’s allegations about Biden, a Democrat, echo the ones that Biden has been making for years against his predecessor. As Trump has dominated the Republican presidential primary and talked about targeting his rivals and the news media if he wins the White House again, Biden has stepped up his own warnings, contending Trump is “ determined to destroy American democracy.”

On Saturday, Trump made his most explicit argument to date on why voters should instead see his rival as the bigger democratic threat. Trump repeated his longstanding contention that the four criminal indictments against him show Biden is misusing the federal justice system against his rival.

“He’s been weaponizing government against his political opponents like a Third World political tyrant,” Trump said to a crowd in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “Biden and his radical left allies like to pose as standing up as allies of democracy,” Trump continued, arguing: “Joe Biden is not the defender of American democracy, Joe Biden is the destroyer of American democracy.”

Prior to making those comments about Joe Biden, at a rally in Ankeny, Iowa, Trump continued his allegations of Democratic election fraud, one of his favorite themes on the campaign trail. He told the crowd to “guard the vote” in 2024 and focused on the Democrat-run inner cities where such election shenanigans tend to occur as examples of places where fraud would happen again in 2024.

“You should go into Detroit, and you should go into Philadelphia, and you should go into some of these places, Atlanta, and you should go into some of these places, and we’ve got to watch those votes when they come in,” Trump told his supporters.

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  1. Dan tyree

    Trump was correct. I noticed that Trump was more about freedom when he was in office. That’s why the left stole the election

  2. Richard Young

    Trump is 1000% correct and anyone who supports and votes Democrat or for Biden is someone who hates America and our freedom. Ever since Biden, the Dictator, took over he has all but destroyed what freedom in America stands for. If he continues this mayhem, we will be lucky to have a country left in a year from now!

    • Richard Young

      One other thing. How can Trump be destroying democracy in America when he hasn’t even been in the White House for 3 years but Joe Biden has and he is in complete (Tyrannical) charge?

      • Tom

        Simple, all of the negative tweets, all of the ill tweets about court staff and judges, etc. It all erodes democracy.

        • frank Stetson

          Really Tom, you read this garbage? I tuned into your comment, but come on —- a sexual abusing digital rapist is going to speak out on Democracy? He’s just whining because he got caught. It’s just status quo for him to project whatever he is accused of against his accuser. Black DA’s are racists. Judges pay off porn stars for sex. Whatever he gets caught for he blames the other side for that same. Horist does the same thing.

          Given their feckless arguments and accusation’s, it’s all they can muster. I mean these are people who accuse Biden of being a criminal mastermind with the latest accusation that he got $1,400 bucks a month from the Chinese, through Hunter, so Joe could do China’s bidding after he left the VP office. Brilliant.

          Then Mr Law and Order, Mike, where’s my johnson, Johnson says he will release 40K hours of 1.6.2021 tapes of the violent Republican Insurrection at the Nation’ Capitol for complete transparency, but wait, will take some time to fuzz out the faces of the guilty so that DOJ will not take retribution on them for breaking the law. But, wait, it’s not DOJ says his staff, it’s to protect them from the snowflakes who will attack them. You know, the gun hating snowflakes will attack the gun toting right wing extremists….. Fact is DOJ has the tapes Mike, no need to protect the law from your order to censor for transparencies sake. Fact is yes, the left is coming after you when we see the tapes. We have already done our law and order part to turn hundreds of you in, get you arrested, indicted, and convicted.

          Meanwhile, we will impeach Joe Biden for loaning money to his family proving he is in China’s pocket for pennies.

          And for the FBI, they have dozens of testimonies that we will see any day, for the last year, with 2 out of 3 rolled out so far being doubted, dishonored, and in one case —- skipped town one step ahead of the real law and order.

          These folks are very confused at times. Incompetent most of the time.

          The real threat to democracy is the guy charged, indicted, and in process of trial for attempting to rig the 2020 election in Georgia, and then the Nation. The National Trump fraud case is March, Georgia maybe summer. He’s going down and he will take your donations with him to pay off the lawyers and expert witnesses like the fool he gave $1M for the NY case where he is already guilty, and the judge is determining penalty — and this million dollar idiot gets on the stand to argue guilt…… Yeah, that’s the mastermind to tell us about democracy.

        • Pappy

          People that agree with the traitor, Joe Biden and his criminal exploits are ALSO TRAITORS TO THIS COUNTRY!

          Anyone who can not figure out why China, UKRAIN and other countries have been shipping money to the Biden’s are fools and or not very smart!

          How can anyone who has worked for the government for over 50 years become a multi millionaire on a government salary without taking kickbacks and bribes?

          The American people have SUFFERED greatly under all the democratic leaders starting with Lyndon Baines Johnson, ESPECIALLY, onomatopoeia and now Biden!
          Wake up before it is to late and you loose ALL your freedom!

          A Vietnam era veteran

  3. TOM

    I agree 100% It’s what I’ve been saying since Biden was in his second year as president that he will destroy our freedom, our democracy and he continues doing it every day with his far left policies. Many of his cult followers are waking up to the fact and won’t vote for him again. In addition to all that his physical and mental rapid decline also make him totally unfit to represent us as president.

  4. LMB

    WHY ARE THE LEFTIST SO AFRAID OF TRUMP?!?! Because they can’t buy him!!! Unlike the congress members who are beholding to the election donors, Trump is not!!! So goes for Governors, and your local officials, they are beholding to those who paid for their position!! Wake up Sheeple!!!

  5. Darren

    In the WORDS OF CHUCK SCHUMER We have to keep the real videos from the American Public ( to preserve democracy )
    A Hole!

  6. frank Stetson

    Darren, BUSTED —- you have no such quote.

    Schumer did get testy about McCarthy giving tapes to FOX. That was about McCarthy being immunized by Carlson to promote conspiracy theories about a peaceful protest. You know, peaceful like seeing Pence fearful to even get into a Secret Service car while being only a few feet from the mob or Josh Hawley running for his life like a little girl from a thunderstorm.

    Later, Carlson was fired for being a liar and costing FOX billions in penalties.

    McCarty said: “Each person can come up with their own conclusion,” McCarthy later told reporters. “I think the fairest way to do it … is allow all the transparency so everybody can see, so January 6 never happens again.”

    Mike, I ain’t got no, Johnson reacts saying he will release 40K hours of tapes in early November. Then he says, hold, we need to fuzz out the faces. Mr. Law and Order Johnson said can’t have in early November because Trump called and told him, in his words to: ““blur some of the faces of persons who participated in the events of that day, because we don’t want them to be retaliated against and to be charged by the Justice Department,” you know, the guys who enforce our law and order.

    So, early November, for transparency, stop the bus, must hide identities from the police of the people who are clearly in the Capitol breaking the law just by their presence, God forbid they get caught doing something more. Now four weeks and God knows how many dollars wasted, we still don’t have the tapes. And wanna bet the police are not fuzzed over.

    Meanwhile No johnson Johnson’s staff recalibrated his dumb shit statement to make it even worse saying: ““Faces are to be blurred from public viewing room footage to prevent all forms of retaliation against private citizens from any non-governmental actors.” Yes folks, because we all know the fear Republicans have that the snowflakes are coming and we all know the horror stories about 1.6-ers being attacked by leftists. Can’t find one story so you just know it’s true.

    Oh yeah, then the staffer noted: “The Department of Justice already has access to raw footage from January 6, 2021,” and so, so much for DOJ retaliation. Wonder if Mike understands any part of how Washington works?

    We know the TRUTH and that is many folks have been id’d by citizens watching the tapes and turning them in. These are Mike’s voters and Mike is partisan to a nth degree. If he shows the cop faces, he is just awful. He pretends to be law and order, but if his actions get his people arrested, that’s a law and order bridge too far for partisan Mike to broach. And DOJ has seen the tapes, do you really think Fucker Carlson will have an aha moment with any teeth whatsoever?

    • adam david

      tapes show youre clueless

    • Jim wamplee

      Frank you really need to give up voting. You vote for people who are enemies of American freedom and well being. People like yourself should be institutionalized. We have a great mental health facility near wythville on interstate 81 in Marion. They can help you get through being a communist sympathizer. If not they can help you live a life of bliss like Jack Nickolas in the movie “One flew over the coo coo nest “ And you will be able to have your beloved daughter come and visit. Think about it.

    • Wes

      The First and NEWSMAX. Jesse Kelly and Greg Kelly. IMPRIIMIS and The Verdict newsletters. Independent news. Not CNN, MSNBC, NPR, CBS, NBC, ABC, NBC. The View. Washington Post, New York Times. Must be nice to lie about Trump and then cover Joe. Not. Funded by The Nazi George Soros. There goes the Democracy. The misinformation board. Investigate that.

    • Q

      Frank Stentson is the dumbest Motherfucker on this site!

      • frank Stetson

        Does that mean Q has the quote?

        Of course not.

        He’s just got spleen to vent.

      • Tom

        And name calling and disparaging remarks about others are the tools of imbeciles.

    • Tom

      You are correct in your outrage. We should always be outraged when our leaders do not do what they say they will do. If we all lived that way, we would not have a country. Both parties seem to do this. I would imagine that the GOP’ers felt equally as frustrated as Nancy Pelosi kept information from them and would not allow the testimony of some GOP individuals, even rejecting the two persons sent to the 1.6 Select Committee. Of course it was also stupid for the GOP not to respond with two more. This seems to be just more of what I call “tit-for-tat”. As an Independent / unaffiliated voter with no allegiance to either party, I call for civil tones to all and the release of all raw information footage un-obscured by fuzzies. Let’s join together as a people to rid ourselves of the stain caused by both parties and stop criticizing one another.

      • frank Stetson

        Which GOPers did Pelosi block, I did not catch that.

        I also have no issue with rolling the tapes. Unobscured except for the cops. They might want to protect them from future recrimination as expressed as desired frequently by their leader, Donald J. Trump. On that one, threat has been issued so seems fair.

  7. Robin w Boyd

    Democracy is such an ambiguous term. When Progressive Democrats scream someone is destroying “our democracy” they are referring to a newly invented Democratic Socialism, which is just Socialism. Once Socialism is implemented, democracy ceases to exist. Democracy is merely citizens having say over who is ultimately elected into government positions. The U.S. is designed to be a Constitutional Republic with a democratic voting system unique to any other government. The Electoral College may not be perfect or even that great, but it is still the best method in the world and it has made the U.S. the great nation we became. Bottom line is that Trump is absolutely correct.

    • Tom

      It really does not matter which party we speak of. Both parties are leading us away from democracy and towards authoritarianism in their own unique way. So they each see themselves as correct. Neither is any more correct that the other.

  8. Mike f

    The article is stupid, as is the contention by trump that indictments against him ‘prove’ Biden is ruining democracy. A). Biden is making no attempt to control the justice department (or the attorney generals of the two states who have filed charges against trump) unlike trump and his AG Bill Barr, B) we know that trump has done everything that he is charged with-the only question is-were his actions against the law (the only case that is unquestioned is the document case-there he is guilty and they should not waste time and just move to the penalty phase). But, it is not just trump who is undemocratic-it is the entire Republican Party. Republicans wanted Roe repealed so each individual state could decide whether to make abortion legal-so now they do, and republicans decide to override the will of the people-disgusting! A judge in Texas rules a woman can have an abortion because her fetus could make it so she could never have children again-the idiot (and crooked) AG of Texas decides he will prosecute the doctors who perform her abortion-ignoring the judge. The list goes on…