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Trump Returns to Celebrity Status

Trump Returns to Celebrity Status

Trump spent most of his career being a celebrity businessman.  In many ways, his businesses were only the means to achieve celebrity status.  He was – prior to running for President – the most famous name in business.  He parlayed that into entertainment with forays into the glamour businesses – casinos and beauty pageants, fashions, and beverages.  Finally, he created “The Apprentice”, staring … himself.

He created the Trump brand – combining “The life of the Rich and Famous” with a Hugh Hefner salaciousness.  He reinforced that image when he purchased the old Marjorie Merriweather Post mansion in Florida – Mar-a-Lago.

You would have had to look closely at his history to have seen his presidential ambitions – but they were there for years.  He floated the idea of running for the White House for at least a decade before he came down the escalator.  In the few interviewers who broached the subject back then, Trump gave surprisingly similar knee-jerk answers as he did in 2016 and today.  But the general impression was that those earlier reports were more to fuel publicity than a serious plan to seek the highest office in the land.

That changed in 2016, when Trump actually entered the presidential race.  Even then, it was viewed by many as a publicity stunt.  It seemed he had little chance of being more than a controversial platform debater.  Even Trump insiders were saying that he never really considered winning the presidency.

Early in the campaign, the Huffington Post refused to cover Trump from a political perspective.  The left-wing online news platform assigned him to their entertainment reporters.  It was only after Trump started winning GOP primary elections that the Post performed a journalistic mea culpa by reassigning Trump to the political beat.

When Trump secured the Republican nomination, many pundits and observers said he would transition to a more traditional presidential style – shedding his belligerent and pugnacious personality.  However,  what the American public saw throughout the campaign was the same old celebrity Trump.

For a lot of unique technical reasons – divided opposition and the nature of the Electoral College – Trump became the 45th President of the United States.  He was not the popular choice.  It was arguably the most surprising upset in American presidential history.  Again, pundits and observers suggest that Trump would – as President — transition into a more familiar presidential demeanor.  Not so. 

For the four years of his presidency – and the two years since – Trump has maintained his egocentric celebrity personality even as he remained a person with political power and influence.  That political power and influence has been ebbing from the time he got elected.  Under his leadership, the GOP suffered a serious defeat in 2018 – losing the House by a wide margin.  In 2020, he not only lost his bid for re-election (regardless of what people think of the election), the GOP lost the Senate and barely flipped the House.  Most damaging to Trump’s political power was the almost universal defeat of his key endorsed candidates.

Trump’s only claim to political power was perception based on polls that appeared to show him having a tight grip on the Republican Party – a narrative that both he and the Democrats advanced for their own reasons and which I consistently rejected.

Trump’s mounting legal problems and his irrational behavior — such as hosting racist and anti-Semitic personalities, his suggestion that the Constitution should be set aside and then there was those trading cards – have taken an enormous toll on his political capital.  His chances of winning the Republican presidential nomination in 2024 – and winning the election – are somewhere between remote to nil.

There will be a small fraction of voters who will cling to their loyalty to Trump as their personal political savior – but not enough to make him a dominant political force in the future.

With that being said, it seems that Trump’s claim to fame rests largely on his celebrity status.  Judging from his behavior, I think he knows that.  Even his announced candidacy seems like a theatrical production more than a serious run for re-election.

Those who seek or hope to maintain celebrity status often tend to engage in outrageous attention-getting behavior.  They say and do things to keep the public spotlight on themselves – whether the public reaction is positive or negative.

It would be unfair to say that Trump has not accomplished a number of very good things for the American people.  To say that he has been treated unfairly and maliciously by the Democrats and the media – regardless of his shortcomings — is an understatement.  However, whether you judge his business career, his entertainment activities or his political career, it is his desire for celebrity that has been the common thread.

It is time to stop thinking of Trump in political terms.  Some talk about Trump being in the rearview mirror of politics.  For the most part, he is not in the political mirror at all.  Trump has more than enough issues and talent to keep himself in the public eye.  But only as a celebrity – and that is how we should think of him going forward.

So, there ‘tis.

About The Author

Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. AC

    Trump would be wise to cut his losses in politics by doing the honorable thing, withdraw from the rat race that is running for President. Celebrity status from having been President would be sufficient.
    But, Trump is a one off. Wisdom is not his strong suit. Leaving politics in his case is admitting defeat. He prefers casting himself as the victim.
    The rear view mirror scenario will happen, but he will still be seen back there kicking screaming foul to his last breath.
    Such is the character he has been, is, and will be.
    Therefore, if historians will objectively relate the true facts of Trump, his story will not reflect his self perception, nor treat him kindly.

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      Trump has no honor, only self-interest. As long as he can continue to grift for money, he will stay in the 2024 race, regardless of damage to the Republican Party. And he’s vindictive enough to take anyone and everyone down with him.

      • EMMA


        • Frank stetson

          Saying things in ALL CAPS doesn’t make it so. Just indicates one is probably grammatically challenged, maybe foreign to the language. .

      • Sam

        You people are scared shitless of Trump. But don’t worry. He’s not going to be re-elected

        • Frank stetson

          Gotta love the “you people” approach.

          Which peeples are the you peoples this time ?

          The liberals?
          The latinos?
          The blacks?
          The gays?
          All of the above?

          You people……this guy is scared of anything not him.

          His “real discussion “ skills are really lacking if “you people” is his icebreaker.

          • Sam

            Ok. You nucking figgers

          • Frank stetson

            And he stoops to the n-word, his mental meltdown is complete. .

            This is Sam’s real discussion.

  2. Joseph S. Bruder

    It’s also time to look back at the damage that Trump’s policies did to our country, and admit that he was corrupt and was only working for one constituent – himself.

    • Tom

      I agree Joe, which specific policies do you feel were bad for the country? I love when people make suggestions like yours, and then do not back it up with a single shred of evidence. So please do state the policies you feel were bad!

      • frank stetson

        family separation at the border. that was bad for the country. you know, breaking our own international agreement.

        leaving the brave kurds to die, that seems a rather low point and bad policy

        taking a tax cut that led to the largest deficit every. just like Atlantic City all over again.

        pardoning his friends, lots of them.

        • Tom

          Frank, what you stated are decisions/actions, not policies. What policies?

          Families were separated when the adult parents were criminally charged. This is the law of our land that children must be removed and placed in the care of social services when parents are incarcerated. I was unaware that the USA had a “Kurd Policy”? Seems like Biden did the same thing in Afghanistan? Tax cuts (and I agree with you about the tax cut for the rich and corporations) is a decision, not a policy. Pardoning was done according to tradition, and again, is a privilege of office, not a policy. I believe the policy is that a sitting president has pardoning authority – I do not agree with the policy on this, but it is what it is. Trump did according to policy exactly as Obama did according to policy, and as Biden did with drug offenders according to policy – so your claim on this one is ridiculous!

          Again, I am asking you and Joe to state specific policies!

          • frank stetson

            It was the direct outcome of Trump’s Zero Tolerance Immigration Enforcement POLICY. It started with his El Paso Program in mid 2017 where misdemeanor level crossers were criminally charged like felons. Families were separated and the government could not track results. There was no program of reunification. In 2017, Trump’s DoJ called it the “Zero Tolerance POLICY.”

            By 2018, this POLICY resulted in detention and separation of all crossers including asylum seekers. Even kids under five were scatted to over a hundred different locations, no tracking provided.

            The previous policy, under Obama, called for families to be paroled generally, but families remained together even when in detention. After all, it was a misdemeanor offense most often.

            Thousands were separated without a tracking system for reunification. It is considered a policy by the Trump administration. Look it up. Over 5,000 separations and today, about 200 have not been put back together and probably never will. Many of these 5,000 plus kids will have PTSD and other trauma-based mental and physical illnesses from our policy of family separation.

            WHY? Just to send a message that we like cruel and unusual punishment as stated we don’t in our Constitution? Well, at least to citizens.

            That’s an unAmerican policy because it is an inhuman policy enacted by Trump and supported by Republicans and some Independents. On Christmas eve, Abbott loaded a few buses full of illegals, some without jackets or shoes, and dropped them in frigid weather near Harris’s DC home. Christmas eve, the height of the cold snap. Three bus’. 18 degrees. No shoes, no jackets.

          • larry Horist

            Frank Stetson … Let us stipulate that the child separation policy was bad. But are you putting an equivalency to policies that are actually killing thousands of people on an ongoing basis? What about the policies that have left thousands sleeping on the ground in sub-freezing temperatures. You can talk about the weather In Washington, where the bus arrived — but it was still a better option than sleeping on the ground for days. They arrived in a warm bus and were quickly transported to indoor locations. If you had to make that choice, what would you have done … sleep on the ground indefinitely or taken the bus to DC.? I know what I would have done. It is not a good situation … period. But the greater humanitarian tragedy is the result of Biden’s inactions and his policies. Youi can dwell on the past … but the current situation is in Biden’s hands. Immigration is a buck that now stops at Biden’s and the Democrats’ desks. Your constant trips down memory lane are only distractions.

          • frank stetson

            I am glad you think the child separation policy was a policy, and, as such, was bad. But really, just bad? 200 of these kids have not be reunited yet, that’s a tad worse than just bad…. But every step in the right direction is a start.

            You asked: “But are you putting an equivalency to policies that are actually killing thousands of people on an ongoing basis?” No.

            “What about the policies that have left thousands sleeping on the ground in sub-freezing temperatures.” It was never sub-freezing below the border, and just below freezing above the border. Abbott delivered them, some without jackets and shoes, to less than 15-degrees with 60 mph gusts delivered sub-ZERO wind chills. The fact that a volunteer organization, tipped by a mole, was able to get them, even though they arrived a day early, is a Christmas miracle, not something that the Abbott administration, that won’t even admit guilt, has anything to do with.

            If there were no volunteers, there was no notice, and one can last about 30 minutes in that cold before damage followed by death sets in. It never went below freezing below the border, and just below freezing across the border, and yeah — I’ll take a night in that versus 30 minutes at 15 degrees with 60 mph gusts.
            As to “would I get on the bus,” absolutely. Who knows what they told them they would see upon arrival unless the mole clued them in. And you know that just didn’t happen.

            “But the greater humanitarian tragedy is the result of Biden’s inactions and his policies. Youi can dwell on the past …” (it was Christmas 2022?) “but the current situation is in ‘Biden’s hands. Immigration is a buck that now stops at Biden’s and the Democrats’ desks.” I agree. What should he do to stop Abbot and DeSanctimonious from these cruel and unusual punishments. You may say they are not cruel, but I believe you will find these stunts under the dictionary definition of “unusual.”

            “Your constant trips down memory lane are only distractions.” Says the man who just spent a hundred words on “whatboutism.”

            I agree, the border is a catastrophe and Biden’s recent grin-fuck on Title 42 where he “wink-wink, nudge-nudge” wanted it to expire and then apparently breathed a sigh of relief when the Stupid-COTUS denied the expiration doesn’t help. He move millions in resources prepping for it and I pray he doesn’t just sigh and call it sunk cost. He better use them. It may have be instigated by Trump, but the border is now Biden’s and he has had time to make progress and he hasn’t.

            That does not excuse, explain or condone Abbott’s recent political stunt which was cruel, unusual, punishment and that had a very high risk of failure and death. It was a foolhardy at best, criminal threat of violent harm at worst. To say what-about-Biden-at-the-border will never change that.

            IMO, you are wrong on this one Larry. Because Abbot was wrong, did a very dangerous thing, and put hundreds in greater harm’s way. Far greater.

          • larry Horist

            Frank Stetson … You answer “no” to making an equivalency between the treatment of a couple hundred illegal border crossers sent to Washington and the tens of thousands dead men, women and children as a result of Biden’s policy of unconcern and inaction … and then you proceed to argue an equivalency. Biden has proposed nor implemented any policies or plans. He has not visited the border. He has not even ordered Harris to visit the border again — even though she is supposedly in charge of the border problem. He continues to support and keep in place policies that encourage the migration. None of the folks that Abbott or DeSantis moved up north have been killed, injured or suffered any serious consequences other than being relocated in safer environments. The Abbott/DeSantis action you call a stunt even though they have done nothing with a few hundred migrants that the Biden policy of relocation has done with hundreds of thousands of migrants. It is my understanding that the Abbott/DeSantis group received vetting and instructions — unlike so many of those the Biden policies moved to distant communities. There are no reports of the Abbott/DeSantis group committing crimes. Not true of those moved north under Biden policies. You may call the Abbott/DeSantis actions a stunt. But the Biden policy is a derelictions of his constitutional duties to defend the border. Your implied equivalency and you trips down memory lane into the Trump years tell me that you have no real justification for your grossly unsubstantiated and agonizingly partisan opinions on this subject.

          • larry Horist

            Frank Stetson. You obviously did not follow the Texas Governor as closely as you imply. He has two “t”s in his name.

        • Eric

          Fuck ‘em. They should have stayed home. The border patrol should be ordered to open fire on the wet backs when they try to cross illegally into the country. Enough of this shit.

    • EUGEN


      • Frank stetson

        Worst gdp growth, highest deficits, more debt, there’s a reason you felt good with free money in your pockets under the great borrower, Trump. All from the Fed.

        Biden has issues too, inflation/war, but has delivered more jobs in his first two years than Trump, better gdp growth than Trump, lower deficits than Trump, check out The Balance for this.

        At this point, Biden’s approval rating is higher than Trump’s, Congresses approval is higher under Biden than Trump, but the country felt better about its direction under Trump than Biden as of 12/20 of their second year. All from Ballotpedia, check it out.

        • Tom

          Frank, according to what you just said, “Biden has issues too, inflation/war” this Independent thinks you should be prosecuted for lying and concealing dangerous online because he has energy issues, border issues, etc. Please prosecute yourself buddy!!! And as far as “creating more jobs” this is a slight of speech because many of those jobs had been created under Trump and were simply returning to work, and this is according to the DOL! So add an additional factor to your prosecution of yourself for “aiding and abetting verbal trickery”! LOL

    • Sara

      Wrong. Best President.

      • Frank stetson

        I have not a clue what you mean on the first past. Does not make sense.

        On the second, it is true and spin at the same time. If Trump had not fucked the covid response, he may not have suffered the jobs lost and high unemployment amplifying Biden’s already better record at this point.

        Low unemployment during a recession is pretty remarkable by itself. Better than the bestest businessman ever delivered.

        • larry Horist

          Frank Stetson … The low unemployment is largely due to the large number of folks you are not working but have stopped looking. American actually has a historically high percentage of non-workers. We have record levels of job opening relative to non-workers. It is just in your accounting system, they are not officially unemployed.

  3. Tom

    Larry, you forgot about his meat venture “Trump Steaks” where he partnered online with And let’s not forget that he feels his name is worth $4B. Well I hope you are correct that his chances are remote to nil, but, Americans have short memories. if enough goes wrong in this country in the next two years, and if DeSantis decides not to run, the combination of these two things when pressed on an angry public, may give rise to Trump again. Ironically, GOP taking the Legislature back probably hurt Trump because a GOP Legislature will curb some of Biden’s most egregious spending and left wing policies, which will deprive Trump of new material to bash Dems. I think you were correct in a previous post that the more GOP hopefuls that run, the better Trump’s chances of winning the primary.

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      Most of Trump’s and the Republican Party’s actions have been gifts to the Democratic Party, even taking back the House. Even before they take over, they’ve proven so inept that it will benefit Dems for several election cycles.

      • Tom

        I agree with you Joseph. And, I will state as AN independent where I believe many Independents will agree with me, if McCarthy gets the speakership position, it will be another gift that keeps on giving! I think Larry’s opinion on Scalise as a better choice is a good one. GOP needs to read your posts and Franks, and do the opposite in order to succeed!

      • Hank

        That shows how damned stupid the democrats are. You assholes don’t even think about governing me.

      • larry Horist

        Joseph S Bruder … and that from the man who predicted the GOP would fail to take the house.

  4. frank stetson

    “It would be unfair to say that Trump has not accomplished a number of very good things for the American people.”

    And therein lies the rub. Because I can make the same statement about Biden, back it up with the same level of confirmation that you can, and yet —— most of America says it just ain’t so. Larry has consistently noted he does not like the man, but enjoys the policies, the accomplishments, but not the braggadocio. This is not about what Trump does in the bedroom, during his free time. This is about Trump’s public persona, his character on display, in public, on the job, every day.

    “Yes … he will retain a measure of power and has significant political money, but He can no longer rally enough of the American public to be the king-of-the-mountain. In terms of elective office, he is politically dead on arrival. It is time for new leadership – and they are already on the scene. The era of Trump is over – even if he did not get the memo.” We have said that before, and yet he comes back. Over and over. And yet, you keep writing about the man, his moves, keeping him top, dead, center in your news.

    Character matters. Republicans taught us that and now have forgotten. The other day, a newly elected Republican, Santos, lied about almost everything on his resume, a character flaw for which he would be fired from any job. The RNC has said nothing. Republicans have said little. After all, he did win.

    It’s not enough to put Trump in the rearview. Especially if we continue to respond to every call from this huckster. He sold out his photoshop digital cartoon images for over $4M; not in his campaign coffers, but in his pocket. He got millions in free press, including Larry in this piece. How many times has he come back from disaster. That may be his crowning achievement.

    More important, Trump has left us with Trumpism, a neo fascist view of America and American politics. No, I am not calling Larry a neo fascist, I am saying hardcore Trumpism IS neo fascism. This needs to be put in the rearview too, and only Republicans can do it. They need to restore the party of Lincoln, restore the party of Reagan. And that will not be an easy task. Many revere Hawley fist pump, ignore his run for his life. Many love MTG’s incendiaries. Until they moderate some of this crap, Trump will always be with us and able to re-emerge at any opportune time.

    DOJ must follow the evidence to shed light on the truth of what this man and his minions did before, during, and after the 2020 election. He must not be allowed to run again, even for dogcatcher.

    • Tom

      Frank, I think it is fair to say two things, 1) Lying, overstating, and bloviating are undocumented skills required of politicians these days which is sad. 2) Both Dems and GOP have lied – Remember Pocohontas Warren, Pedophile Weiner? Even Independents, remember Blumenthal? And who can forget Clinton’s “I didn’t inhale.”? Does anyone think that was true? Does anyone remember all of the lies and coverups of Obama in what was called “Operation Fast and Furious”? Obama lied quite often, see “” . And who can forget Hillary and her fumbling of 33,000 emails and the false Russia gate? Did she go to jail or have to step down from anything?

      I am “Jew-ish” too because I honor the Old Testament, and you know this because I have cited Deuteronomy 22: 5-8 regarding men dressing as women as being wrong. And if you go back into the history of Christianity, for the first 150 years after the death of Jesus, you will find that Christianity was not called Christianity, it was called the “Fourth Sect of Judaism” and some called them “Radicalized Jews”. So by definition, all Christians are a certain amount of Jew-ish, even Catholics.

      I have worked with financial institutions as well, and in once case did work for them (just not as a W-2 employee :)) because I have accounts at several financial institutions and did point out several flaws in their new software which was affecting account holders. and I worked with them to create a fix. So I can say I worked with financial institutions in the account software validation process.

      As AN Independent, the issue here that I think is more important, is the issue of “poor judgement”. While I may be Jew-ish and I may have worked with financial institutions as a volunteer customer advocacy, I would never put it on a resume because it is a shade of grey. But as the Blumenthal issue showed us, poor judgement is not against the law. These are really more “moral infractions”, not things a person cab be thrown in jail for.

      To punish this guy when we have not punished other liars in the past is in my view, poor judgement.

      • frank stetson

        I say disown all liars. But relitigating the past, and attempting to justify a liar because there are other liars is not something most Independent would not do. Speaking on behalf of a few Independents, are you sure you want to justify Santos or perhaps you should take another look at the lies, the motivation, and the weakness of your justification.

        I was on TV once, but Mom told me to get down from there. I went to Harvard. It was a nice summer’s stroll. I made love to Paul Abdul, in my mind. Come on man, everyone knows a lie. And saying Hillary did it does not remove the lie. It just means you are willing to accept it for some strange reason. I suggest another look. Please. I think you are dead wrong on this one.

        Rear view my sweet white old man’s ass. Trumps’ lying has become how Republicans get er done. Trump is nothing, but Trumpism remains. Don’t become part of it Tom, take another look and confirm what you see with a deeper dive. Or tell us about more lies in history as making it a-ok…….
        The Republican Jewish Coalition has said they are Jewish, not JEW-ISH has asked Santos not to attend any more Republican Jewish Coalition Functions. They did not justify or condone his lie.

        Kevin McCarthy blew the trumpet exclaiming the Republican Party is the most Jewish it had ever been. Perhaps he meant Jew-ish. He apparently believes it and I am sure he is with Tom to say Hillary did it, it’s OK to win this way.

        Nope, you are caught in the lies he told. Please take another look before standing up for this guy’s election to Congress.

        • Tom

          Frank, nothing I said “justified” what Santos did. I am all in favor of punishing him IF we are going to punish all of the others! If anything, my point would be that we as a society have become numb and ambivalent to all of these lies as demonstrated by the lack of prosecutions in my aforementioned examples! We can still punish Hillary for the emails and Russia Gate! We can punish Biden for all of his lies and Warren for all of her lies, as soon as they leave office! Are you in favor of this?

          And by the way, you are probably correct in that Obama wanted to keep families together even when the parents were arrested and children had to be temporarily removed/separated – that was why the “Biden child cages” were made! Wow! That is humane, huh? Keep a kid in a cage that I would not keep your dog in???? At least Abbot kept the family together, on a warm bus, fed them, and then when they arrived they got sheltered, clothing, and food and were together. That’s better than freezing in TX! I do not agree with Abbot’s timing, but I do not consider it more cruel than leaving them freeze at the TX border. Fact is, these people are probably in better shape for what Abbot has done. Did any of them die as a result of being shipped to Kamala’s observatory home?

          And as AN Independent who sees the other side of this tragic story, there was nothing that could be done for them in TX because TX has no more money to help them and local systems are broken from existing burden, and by the way, if they did not have shoes in TX or VA then that is because they did not come here with shoes! Now they have shoes unlike many at the TX border! And, they could have remained in Mexico where it is warmer, but I am sure the contract with the human smugglers (which Biden is giving an open border to) says they must be dropped off in TX.

          • frank stetson

            You said: “And by the way, you are probably correct in that Obama wanted to keep families together even when the parents were arrested and children had to be temporarily removed/separated – that was why the “Biden child cages” were made! Wow! That is humane, huh? Keep a kid in a cage that I would not keep your dog in????”

            As AN independent, representing an independent nation, why don’t you double check the bullshit before you post it?

            I told you “The previous policy, under Obama, called for families to be paroled generally, but families remained together even when in detention. After all, it was a misdemeanor offense most often.”

            Instead, you proffered: “That is humane, huh? Keep a kid in a cage that I would not keep your dog in????”
            Again, only under Trump were over 2,000 families separated without a clue where parents and kids were. There was no tracking, no reunification until Trump was compelled. Even then, today over 200 families are not reunified.

            Under OBAMA, separation was only rarely used, only for felonies that forced detention of adult members, and then kids re-settled ASAP. Not sure the cages were ever used for kids under Obama. Most of these are misdemeanors and, like I told you before, Obama’s POLICY was to parole them ASAP. Unlike Trump, there was no BLANKET policy for caging or separation under Obama.

            Biden too does not have the BLANKET separation POLICY that Trump initiated.

            HOWEVER, for both of these gents, during surge times like this, often find themselves in situations where hundreds of unaccompanied minors, usually teens, are crossing simultaneously, and sometimes they are housed in separate facilities for those ages. They are typically not cages, but they are detention and during heavy surges, who knows what facilities are available. The goal is to parole them ASAP to family members versus the Trump POLICY of keeping them caged. Biden has a whole teen facility with the goal of closing as soon as they can.

            “At least Abbot kept the family together, on a warm bus, fed them, and then when they arrived they got sheltered, clothing, and food and were together.”

            You are being lazy by not looking this stuff up. Seems to be no vetting of what you hear on the right-wing blogosphere. Abbott did nothing to inform them and Abbott knew nothing about the volunteer group being available to great the weather-challenged immigrants. Somebody, informally, called it in. And they had the wrong date; Abbott never informed anyone as to the change in arrival date.

            There is a world of difference between 32 degrees and 15 degrees with a 60mph gust. One is dangerous, the other is deadly. Abbott only knew they were being dumped on the street in 15 degrees with 60 mph gusts, some without shoes, some without even a jacket. Someone tipped the volunteers off, and even there, they had the wrong date. Abbott has taken credit, but blames Biden for what Abbott did.

            You look as if you support this, can rationalize it based on what you think happened, but apparently can’t be bothered to check your facts before you make conclusions not based on facts.

            Enough. If you want discourse, you have to do some work. I can’t continue the corrections.

            BUSTED, based on numerous fact checks.

      • larry Horist

        Tom … You usurped by upcoming commentary — specifically remembering Joe “top of my law class” Biden … Warren … and Blumenthal. And I personally believe that Biden’s “as my dad always said” and Harris’ mother version are all apocryphal <– That is a fib with a college degree.

    • Tom

      I do agree with you that it will be hard for the GOP to fully place Trump in the past and that they must do this! And I agree that until this is done, Trump has a possibility of emerging at any given time. I do not think the DOJ will prosecute Trump because I think the Dem party has too much to hide in this whole 1/6 mess – and I wrote about some of the things they are hiding and in the Select Committee they very skillfully stayed away from. Be careful what you pray for!

  5. LILO


    • larry Horist

      LILO … Why do you post under three different screen names? You trying to deceive readers into think there are more people expressing your opinion? I call out folks who do that because I think they are intentionally try to create a false impression

    • Sara

      Agree. Isis problem disappeared. North Korea threat disappeared. China did not threaten us (I think interfered with the 2020 election and has bought up most of our farms, etc.). The current administration is beholden to China and Ukraine because of Joe and Hunter.
      Why millions for a Park in Ukraine?
      Why millions for a Michelle Obama trail in GA? Why millions for a Pelosi building in San Francisco?
      It was great to see how Trump was so well received by other countries. He did not bow down to any world leaders. Our economy, employment, the supply chain and our safety was great. No defunding our protectors and releasing criminals. Our border was under control.
      The only thing the Left and press did was torment and falsely accuse Trump constantly. Congress was so afraid of term limits, they had to end Trump. If his tax records can be made public, so should everyone’s be made public. If his accountants and tax lawyers did something illegal, the IRS would have notified them.
      Third world country tactics including an illegal armed search of a person’s home.
      Jan. 6 was a peaceful protest that was usurped by some radicals. Trump’s National Guard offers were rejected.
      Why were those in Congress unwilling to investigate numerous reports of illegal happenings. Biden commented about the great plans made guaranteeing his upcoming win on television and he also bragged on t.v. how he blackmailed Ukraine to end an investigation of the company that was supplying checks to Hunter.
      Why has the GOP ignored the Afghanistan disaster where he ignored his Generals’ advice. Too many Rinos who want to be President.

  6. Darren

    Any accomplishments of the Trump presidency was done against any help from
    most of our government as they are all on the payoff doll.

    To this day most of the Congress & Senate still disapprove of bills limiting their involvement in
    income producing schemes such as the stock market or insider trading.

    Everyone speaks of a fair and just system, but the limitations only apply to you and me.

    Trump had no problem limiting the interests for those in office, again creating disapproval from
    both parties.

    Weather he is right for the Republicans, is yet to be seen, but he is right for our Country. His Hugh ego aside,
    he is the businessman this country should have had as President the last two years.

    Only a fool can not see this fact as our Country has gone to hell in front of our your eyes.

  7. Floyd Rockwell

    Trump did more for this country than any other president in history even though he had very little cooperation from our sick and corrupt government. The Republican party needs to get their head out of their ass and support Trump. The Democrat party has caved to the brain dead, thumb sucking liberals who have no idea how our nation was designed to work. Trump will be back in 2024.

  8. Tom

    Larry and Frank, I do not think that the prosecutorial route for Santos is the best route. Seems to me that this is a FL issue. Wouldn’t it be best if FL were to do a recall effort of Santos? That way Floridians will be the punishers of Santos.

    Now having asked this, in either route, if convicted and sent to jail, OR, if recalled, wouldn’t that let the decision up to DeSantis as to who to replace him with? I am thinking if its jail, then DeSantis decides. If its recall, then a re-vote decides? Help me understand this?

  9. Tom

    Frank, regarding Santos. I just read his website at “” because I want to see the other side of the story. On his website (which I consider to be his official words) he says nothing about being Jewish or Jew-ish, nor does he say he worked for a particular financial firm. He appears to be a Latino openly gay (which you like) MAGAist, and definitely anti-socialist. (to me that’s a good thing)

    I read his website because I wanted to read what he campaigned on and what voters read, and might have liked about him that they elected him by 8 points over his opponent. I doubt seriously that he could have gotten 8 points lead by claiming Jewish or Jew-ish, or being employed by a financial firm. So what was George Santos campaigning on that seemed to resonate with the voters?

    George Santos campaigned on a platform of: “Inflation, Safety, Taxes, Energy, and Pandemic Preparedness”. It appears that his voters are more concerned about these issue than whether or not he considers himself Jewish or Jew-ish.

    So this leads me to the conclusion that 1) The voters heavily favored his platform. 2) Dem Party probably knew and held back keeping these accusations in reserve in case the unthinkable happened in that they lost to George Santos. 3) After reading more on Mr. Santos, much of what you have stated is “accusations” that were known at the time of the election – yet he still won by 8 points!

    Now I am going to give you an observation: You conveniently and skillfully duck most of my questions with excellent use of verbiage and blatherskype! I am asking you again, do you agree that we should prosecute Hillary, Warren, and Blumental for their blatant lies, and Biden for his blatant lies once he is out of office? Simple “Yes” or “No” will do!!!

    My answer is a simple HELL YES, we should prosecute them all. What is your simple one word YES or NO answer?