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Trump re-opens the Government

Trump re-opens the Government

President Trump has announced that he has made a deal to re-open the federal government for three weeks until February 15th. This will NOT include funding for the border wall with Mexico.

Trump announced that he would make sure that federal employees would receive their back pay as soon as possible.

Trump stated that he did not want to use his emergency powers to build the wall at this time, and does not appear to have strayed from his ultimate goal. He seemed to give the impression that the government may close again if progress in not made.

Editor’s note: While we are disappointed that Trump has seemingly given in on this battle with Speaker Peolis and the Democrats, he will quickly have another round of battles. We at PBP hope that he does not give up.


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  1. Katee

    I understand that the President gave in to the blackmail by the democRATS because the government employees needed their pay, but all I can say at this time, is I hope he has one hell of kick in the butt for them later. There are too many disappointed people out there who understand, BUT DON’T UNDERSTAND!

    • Ben

      Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer would have let the federal workers starve before they would have done anything to protect America. This shows me that they care nothing for the American citizens. They hate Trump more than they love America so they are not going to deal with him on anything. If people don’t wake up and stop electing these dead beats they are going to destroy America.

  2. Lotte Johnson

    Mr Trump is a man of his word,
    I am sure he hasn’t caved into the Democrats, he has another plan like any
    good business man has.

    Kudos, Mr President.

  3. NANCY portia BARBERIS

    I am confident that he knows what he is doing. My Faith in him had not wavered.

    • Constance

      Lotte and Nancy:
      You are right, Mr. Trump knows what he is doing. He will get the wall,

  4. Joseph


  5. William

    I believe the Democrats will treat President Donald Trunp, the same way that treated the late President Ronald Reagan considering the closure of the Government and the Wall to keep those out that are coming here to not be Americans and Change this Country into where they come from.
    This is Non sense and Pelosi and Schumer is laughing all the way.!!!!
    President Trump has upset many in his base through out this Country.

  6. krazy

    No matter how you put it he caved. He said he would not open government until the wall was funded. The Federal employees were willing stick it out. Why wasn’t he? He said they were backing him. I understand that Mexico paying was just a promise in jest to get our votes, but why couldn’t funding have been approved when Republicans had total control?

    • mike

      Because the RINOs were the weak link in the Republicans chain of power.


      Exactly. Why didn’t he ask for the wall when he had total control of both houses of congress. Could this just be a cover because of the investigation? Is it true that Mr Trump took loans from banks controlled by Russia to finance his company just a few years ago? Is it true that his son in law received loans from a bank controlled bu a Russian oligarch> Im worried about our national security. Putin is our enemy. He is a hold over from the USSR and will fight against us the world over.

  7. Angel Merino

    If the Democrats don’t negotiate in good faith and the government is shutdown again, who will get the blame?

  8. Grover Syck

    @ Lotte Johnson
    Trump is NOT a man of his word.
    He lies, lies, and lies some more.
    The only one that matters to Trump is Trump.

  9. Wayne

    I had read that after 30 days the many do nothing people would not be allowed their job back? As I heard it called I believe it was called the RIF?

    I hope this thins out the slug in the system by not allowing the return of all of the do nothing people

  10. Charlie

    President Trump just drew a
    REAL Line In The Sand!! He’s
    far from straying from his promise to build a strong barrier
    Wall! Do agree that those Fed
    Employees need to get paid! This is his way of GIVING! Just
    wait as he’s just waiting for his
    TAKING!! Just have patience!!
    He’ll DELIVER one way or

  11. Patti

    If they don’t fund the wall he’ll declare a state of emergency and we’ll get it anyway. He is giving them time to save face OR dig themselves in even deeper and prove (yet again) that Democrats do not care about American citizens.

  12. Constance

    Nancy, you wrote:
    I am confident that he knows what he is doing. My Faith in him had not wavered.

    I agree with you, he can get the wall without Pelosi but he gives her one more chance. Now we can see that Pelosi could care less about our safety.c

  13. Bob

    I read that everything Pres. Trump does is for the benefit of him, his business, his party, his country. He should get SOME support from those who will now get paychecks. I support him all the way!

  14. Bob

    I get paid once a month and I live off of social security, and the Federal employees , make a lot more then I do, so they can’t be hurting that bad, and yes I know they wasn’t prepared for this, Why doesn’t trump use the money that drug lord El Chapo Guzman the 14 Billion dollars that was seized from him ?….. That’s a good start right there …

    • Knobby

      Re: Bob
      If you are right, then that is brilliant!
      THAT is the way to get the drug users and Mexico to pay for the wall!

  15. David Williams

    I have great confidence that President Trump will prevail on this issue of the Border Wall. He’s up against huge resistance fighting not only the leftist Democrats but the Media, Hollywood, and all the dimwits in this country that believe all the nonsense coming from the left. Getting this job done puts me in mind of another task and that is of driving a very large nail into a hard piece of wood. Sometimes you need to hit it many times before you finally drive it home! Good Luck, Mr. President

  16. JoeM

    I feel that this move has put the RESPONSIBILITY squarely on the shoulders of the congress and the DEMO-RATS to come up with something that is solid and will afford the protection required for the USA.
    President has given them their last chance to act for the good of the people of the USA. If he is forced to take the drastic action them every one, Republican and Demo-rat should be forced to resign as they show that they do not care about the safety and security of this nation. It shows that they are greedy self centered bastards.

  17. Eduardo

    I don’t think this man is presidential at all, he is a business and not really that good or he company won’t be in such bad state as it is right now, he never make money hi’s money is from daddy so once it comes to play politics he can compete with experience politician, i think he should quit after this term and let America shine again.

  18. MJB

    The Dem’s want electronic surveillance. No permanent wall. They know the minute they get back into power they can shut the electronics off. Abolish ICE. Open the border.
    They will destroy the economy. Then “save” us by insisting the only solution is complete government control of every aspect of our lives.

  19. Renee

    A National Emergency is a last resort. It will hurt Americans. It means martial law. He is much smarter than most people give him credit for and he does not want to hurt Americans or the American economy. Be patient. The bad apples will expose themselves completely. Keep trying to wake up the sleeping masses so they don’t miss the show because of their bias. The crooks will go down.

  20. snooky

    I don’t think President caved into the bitch and the jerk I believe he did it for the government workers because this would of been a month with no money because he has more respect for his fellow men and women, that’s more then I can say for bitch face and asshole they could care less if our government people eat or paid rent. So I just hope he socks it to them on 2-15-19. go Trump

  21. Dave

    I am not disappointed in what President Trump did today by funding the government for another 3 weeks as I am about so many citizens in this country that hate Trump so much that they are happy that no funding was put in place to secure our southern boarder? They are happy that the status quo will continue along our southern boarder with drugs, illegals, including M.S. 13 gang members entering our country? Spending 300 million dollars per year of tax payers money to support these illegals! I spent 34 years in the military thinking I was doing something for the people of this great nation. I realize now I was fooling myself and was wasting my time! The people in this country for the most part just do not care or appreciate what this country has given them! I am afraid it is all over for this once great nation?

  22. Dennis

    He caved in to Pelosi and Schumer.The Democrats are going to do nothing in the next 30 days. then what. Does he declare an emergency and build the wall.They will tear him to pieces with legal challenges. He’s done He went down in flames .Besides building the wall without budget money is a loss. The Democrats own him now .They know they can squeeze him and he’ll quit. I’ll bet this last move of his lost him maybe 35 percent of his backing .His approval rating tomorrow will be less than 35%

  23. D jackson

    Most all of you are missing the whole point , it’s like this, for every 770,000 people in a district the Dems will pick up a new chair in the congress, that’s why they want open borders, and yes once they get back in power, they will claim they want to help us and the more government , higher taxes and total control over our lives will be what they will go after, back in the late 50’ and early 60’s the Russians said they would over take us with out firing a shot, and they infiltrated our schools and politics and even churches so as to convince the younger generation that depending on more and more government was the answer, those people poliutted our children’s minds, they don’t even think for them selves anymore they look to some one to lead them or look for answers in the digital brain in their hand instead of using the one in their heads, why??? Cause they have not and are not being taught to use it. Instead of asking What,When ,why ,When ,and How, they just accept what ever they hear from the media , they allow themselves to be lead like sheep, and they will be the downfall of this great nation…


    the only thing that was improved in America was Obama’s golf game during his term as president. (NOT MUCH TOI BE PROUD OF!)