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Trump's Plan to Solve Immigration Crisis

Trump's Plan to Solve Immigration Crisis

While many presidential candidates often shy away from specifics on the campaign trail, the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has laid out a full plan for dealing with America’s immigration crisis.

Trump has demanded the abolition of the law that guarantees children of illegal immigrants US citizenship if they were born in the United States. This citizenship law is “the biggest magnet for illegal immigration,” Trump stated in a recent interview with NBC.

The document also describes a plan to have entrepreneurs build a wall on the US-Mexico border, and the costs would be the responsibility of Mexico. 

Mr. Trump would require mandatory deportation of delinquent foreigners and the end of the awarding of green cards, which allows foreigners to work legally in the US for a specified period of time. The change is meant to encourage American businesses to hire domestic employees.

An estimated eleven million foreigners are currently living in the US without paper. These eleven million do not pay any taxes, and their medical care is covered by the taxes of Americans.

“I love this country and I want to make it great again,” the billionaire said on NBC. “And it will not be great, if we continue in this way, we will be Third World.” Mr. Trump has clearly hit a nerve in America, as he is still has a comfortable lead in the Republican Primaries. 


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