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Trump: Obama Has Left Us Unprepared

Trump: Obama Has Left Us Unprepared

Trump made a poignant speech in the aftermath of the Orlando terrorist attack. His two messages, Obama left us unprepared and Hillary spreads weakness around the world.

He had a number of points that hit home:


1. The FBI, as Director Comey has admitted, cannot effectively perform background checks on immigrants from countries where terrorism is supported. At this time its just not possible.

  – 911 hijackers were issued visas to come into the country.
  – Large numbers of Somali refugees settled Minnesota have been trying to join ISIS.
  – The Bostom bomber came into the U.S. in a political asylum program.
  – The San Bernadino shooter came in as the child of immigrants from Pakistan and brought his wife, the other terrorist, from Saudi Arabia.
  – The father of the Orlando shooter was a known supporter of the Taliban in Afghanistan.


2. The intelligence community has been held back, they have not been given the resources or the leeway to effectively fight terrorism.


3. President Obama continues to push further immigration from Syria and other countries. He refused to even say the words “radical Islamic Terrorism.”


Trump went on to describe the radical Islam as anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-American.

Trump stated if elected he will suspend immigration from areas where there is a “proven history of terrorism.”The ban will be lifted when we are able to “properly and perfecty screen these people.” 

If we want to protect the quality of life for all Americans, women and children, gay and straight, Jews and Christians, and all people, then we need to tell the truth about radical Islam and we need to do it now.”

This appears to be another instance where Donald Trump has made an outrageous statement that turns out to be exactly what people want.

See the video here

Editor’s note: Member of the LGBT community who see this speech could very well support Trump.


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