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Trump: ‘Not because we hate the people on the outside, but because we love the people on the inside’

Trump: ‘Not because we hate the people on the outside, but because we love the people on the inside’

Trump went on prime time television tonight to appeal directly to the American public regarding the border wall with Mexico and the partial government shutdown. A high point was his quote (paraphrased a bit) “They say a wall is immoral but why do wealthy politicians build a wall around their houses? It’s not because they hate the people on the outside, it’s because they love the people on the inside.”

He called the situation at the border a humanitarian crisis, providing such details that one of every three women is raped on the passage, and how children are used and abused by “coyotes” who herd illegals over the border.

Trump emphasized that his plan for the $5.7 billion was not only for the ‘wall’ (now a steel barrier, at the behest of Democrats), but for electronic detection measures and more border patrol personnel. His plan has been vetted by Border Patrol Agents (the final word in border security), and is what they want and need.

He noted that this is being paid for indirectly by the trade deal with Mexico, referring to recent renegotiations of the NAFTA agreement that have gone in America’s favor.

Trump went on to mention that Democrats have been in favor of a wall in the past, and changed their mind only after he was elected President. He has invited them to a 45 minute meeting at the White House tomorrow and hopes that they can “rise above partisan politics.”

In closing, he said this was a “choice between right and wrong, between justice and injustice” and called upon everyone to contact their Representatives and Senators.


Democrat leaders Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer gave a brief, but cutting response after President Trump’s speech.

Pelosi accused Trump of misinformation and malice, being cruel and counterproductive, and of holding hostage critical services.

Schumer claimed that this was because Trump failed to get Mexico to fund the wall, and that “we don’t govern by temper tantrum.” He called for Trump to give up on his “ineffective, expensive wall.”

He said Trump was attempting to govern by “fear, not facts” and then ironically claimed that farmer were not getting loans they desperately need, and people were unable to get mortgages (clear fear-mongering…).


Editor’s commentary: The nature of propaganda is unfortunately that messages are judged by their emotional content, their reach, and their volume, not their logic, relevance or the effectiveness of the content.

I side squarely with the President in this case, a wall is a necessary physical barrier. The best security is in layers and consists of physical, electronic and administrative components. I also believe this has historic repercussions in the long term as third world populations grow and the pressure on our border becomes greater.

I find the Democrats arguments to be thin and insubstantial, a clear shot at the President’s agenda for strictuly political purpose, at great cost to the American people.

Dan Crenshaw tweeted this today, which seems to capture the moment most perfectly.

Definition of Border Denialism:

1) The belief that physical barriers can simply be “climbed over”…just like that.

2) The belief that there’s “no real problem” on the border because 400,000 illegals apprehended on border per year is “insignificant.”

3) The belief that because you can’t put a wall everywhere (i.e. the Rio Grande), that you should, therefore, put a wall nowhere.

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  1. Bradley

    So when is Mexico paying for a wall? Why does Trump continue to lie about it? If Trump had campaigned that it would be part of building up infrastructure then he would have more support but as it is he looks very foolish.

  2. Will

    Trump is right. He is also right in stopping to bring refugees from other nations because we are bringing in illegals of other nations and legalizing them, while there have been good and hard working illegal families in US for contributing for decades, but they have not been legalized. He is also right when he says that illegal immigration is an issue of the past presidents, that should have been resolved by those presidents before passing harsh laws. And, he is right when he says that we do need a wall.

    As an educated and advanced nation that is foremost in values of leadership and liberty we should have some common sense or at least some human sense in passing laws on matters of undocumented immigration. This is about human lives and lives of families. When we make drastic law changes that affect lives of millions of people, we should standardize the system before implementing such laws by clearing out the pass mess of double standards that were maintained.

    For example, in the 90’s when laws were passed that people who would over stay their visas would not be allowed to enter for 10 years they should have made provisions to systematically register people who were already in the nation since 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and cleared that issue out by legalizing those good people and their families. But, by passing such laws they unfortunately had to hurt those who were already here and suffering. These people are victims of American double standards of the immigration policies of the past. They have suffered disadvantages for decades and still contributed to the nation. But, the system seek to take revenge and hurt people. Even today, 3 to 4 decades later these families are suffering. If these families were cleared before increasing the level of strictness this problem would have been much smaller today. But, they to closed the door on those families who were legalizing slowly and gradually, by passing very inhuman laws, and stranded millions of families in the nation and created a huge pool of illegals, and caused a bigger problem in the nation.
    The simple fact today is even murderers get out faster from jail in a matter of 7 to 14 years, but these people are suffering as illegals since 3 to 4 decades and their only crime is that they were seeking betterment for their life or health or had more to contribute to the US in form of science or education or technology. How inhuman is that? It is worst than ethnic cleansing. That good, decent, educated people who came to this country in search of hope and dreams by leaving their nation and dear ones behind have been scammed and cheated by the system itself and are suffering American, thoughtlessness, arrogance and politics of the system.
    Some goodness and human values and decency has to be there. But, thanks to our good journalism no one has reported of such bad policies or sufferings and destruction of the lives of these people.

  3. Will

    American journalists are good at raising issues of where Jewish people or Christian people suffer, but here in this nation for decades undocumented families have suffered for no crime except to live a better or healthy life and be able to contribute economically or scientifically. But, no media has taken the issue and pressured governments to bring justice to the undocumented people who are hard working, and peacefully and meaningfully residing in the nations.
    It is a shame how poor the country is that it lacks people with vision and leadership, and good observation, who can see this issue on a humanitarian scale and raise concern for cleaning the dirt or stopping our own cleansing. But, are quick to point fingers at others.


    Who and which organizations are organizing and funding the caravans?

  5. Diana Collins

    Thank you for a clear inspection of the messages given last night. The Dems.seem to be the “wall” of obstruction that all things good for America just bounce off when presented by our President. How childish and unpatriotic. Please continue to bring truth to the American public. Thank you.

  6. Robert

    Since illegal aliens caught crossing the border have to be processed and released, they should be taken to, and released in the cities of the “LLWN” (Liberal LeftWing Nuts) and their families. Since “they” think conservatives “lie” about the costs and reperconssions of illegal aliens living in the US, This will allow “their” cities to pay for the costs and the liberals and “their” families can live with the added dangers! Let’s see how long they last before coming back to the Republicans wanting to negotiate a deal for the wall!

  7. Kerry Bartholomew

    I agree with the president, and further agree with what Chuck Norris suggested that El Chapo’s money be used to fund the project.
    And that all traitors like Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and all of the Obama associates be rounded up, and taken to the Cuban island prison camp. For treaso, and their families for involvement in the human trafficking, and pedophilia actions they have been involved with.

  8. Harvey

    Just the unadulterated truth if you love and respect the people of our country!

  9. Sherry Gerber

    Putting women and children at risk by dragging them thousands of miles without adequate supplies, medical attention and easy prey for evil men to rape, murder and maim them is something we can help stop by putting up the wall. We can’t care for all of the people trying to force their way into our country. We don’t have the water, schools, money to build more roads, provide housing, medical attention and food. They need to come in legally. It is an insult to those that have and are going through the proper process to be bypassed by someone that feels more entitled. We are putting our country , our economy and our families in danger by not taking care of this problem now.

  10. Dave /Fiorini

    Well, as we all can see, the loony left will do anything they can to deny our President another victory.They have no solutions. They even agreed to a wall in years past .
    A tip to the left. Watch the President and learn how to get good things done for the American people and stop playing politics with illegals in hope of getting their votes.
    Great job Mr President , keep it up.