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Trump Never Sought to Delete or Alter Mar-a-Lago Tapes

Trump Never Sought to Delete or Alter Mar-a-Lago Tapes

A vehemently defiant Donald Trump has been railing against “deranged” Jack Smith on Truth Social since his arrests and indictments. In his latest rant, he basically said that Jack Smith is full of sh*t and that the former president never sought to delete, edit or damage the Mar-a-Lago security tapes in any way. Trump also said that Smith’s and the other indictments against him are turning the US into a “banana republic.”

Trump, the double-digit front-runner in the race to win the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, addressed two criminal cases he’s facing: one involving classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago after he left office and one in which he’s accused of trying to overturn the 2020 Georgia election results.

As he did previously on Truth Social, Trump denied he sought to have security footage at his private residence destroyed.

“The Security Tapes from Mar-a-Lago that evil and sinister prosecutor, Deranged Jack Smith, ‘leaked’ or otherwise stated were deleted or altered were, in fact, NOT deleted or altered,” Trump posted at 1:35 a.m. Saturday.

“It was a Fake Story put out by the government THUGS. Those tapes were openly handed over without protest or litigation, and then the ‘Deranged One’ makes me look as bad as possible. The whole case is FAKE because I come under the Presidential Records Act. [President Joe] Biden or [former Vice President Mike] Pence did not!”

Trump took to Truth Social following a week that culminated with his booking Thursday in Georgia. Fulton County Democrat District Attorney Fani Willis indicted Trump and 18 others on charges of trying to overturn the state’s 2020 election results.

Before those posts, Trump lamented about the country’s “dark days.”

“America is becoming a Banana Republic. That’s what happens when you Indict and Prosecute your Political Opponent. These are DARK DAYS in the life of America!” Trump posted.

“‘It’s very ironic because if Prosecutor Willis is really concerned about Election denialism and using the levers of government and public influence to have some kind of conspiracy to overturn a genuine ballot, then she would have gone after Stacey Abrams, who’s in her own state.’ Victor Davis Hanson, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution,” the former president posted.

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  1. Dan tyree

    Trump is being railroaded by anti American communists

  2. frank stetson

    Let’s do this in court. Not on Truth Social which is oxymoronic for Truth or Social. I mean how social can you be to ban me :>)

    And true? Even BS notes the bs.

    anti American communists — isn’t that a redundancy? Are there pro-American communists?

    • Dan tyree

      Let’s do it in court. So the jury pool can be bullied and threatened We know how you people roll

      • frank stetson

        Court was not kind to the Proud Oath Boy Keepers yesterday as in tears, he whined how he messed up but weren’t no terrorist. A guy who associated with the likes of Gov. Abbott did not beat the Rhodes record of 18 years because he was personal and not WMD-equipped. Just 17 years like his buddy who got a bit of an uplift for perjury during trial for 15 years as he broke down crying too as he decried ” “I’m done peddling lies for other people that don’t care about me.”

        He used to be like you Dan, blaming others for controlling his life and then listening to one that actually did and now, does not, but giving up all self-control in the process of his new home in a box.

        Keep the faith brother, it’s all against you, soldier on and face the consequences. It was the law that was threatened here, they fought the law, and the law won.

        Let’s do it in court. Have problems with election interference, Fani will go it October to help you out. Go for it.

  3. andy

    Another lapdog for Trump.

  4. Mike f

    Trumps comments on truth social contradict de Oliveira. De Oliveira had no reason to mention this if it was not true. If I were a betting man, I know whose words I would trust and it certainly wouldn’t be the guy who lied thousands of times in office (and continues to lie to this day-recall a few weeks ago he said he would provide info on August 21 that would completely exonerate him of his Georgia crimes? Still waiting on that, just like his plan to replace Obamacare. But fools will still take him at his word…)

  5. frank stetson

    I think on some of these, if we just drop the rose-colored glasses, our patriotic swords, and just apply a basic sniff test, the easy answer might be the answer. I’ll go first:

    – Pretty sure Hunter Biden and other Biden’s sold the illusion of access to Joe; Joe helped by saying “Howdy” and Hunter is of low morals with his second chance OK, but no third. That’s the sniff test, it might get worse but can’t smell the connection yet, just rumor.

    For the sniff test on this one, ask yourself, who is more likely to lie starting with” what political party is De Oliveira from? Can you imagine a paranoid, leak-prone, Trump saying, sure let Bernie Sanders watch my servers…. So, chances are here’s a younger Republican with the job of his lifetime. Protecting the President’s packets.

    Suddenly the President asks for a favor, a favor that goes against DO’s integrity, education, morals, legality, and more —– how would you feel at that moment?

    He makes a choice that he has to know will lead to this, and worse, as the dogs of war come knock, knock, knocking at his door.

    I know who I am betting on and it’s not the guy in his palace. It’s the guy on the run, hiding out, on the down-low, seeking shelter from the storm, hoping this nightmare may someday end. His picture is out there, they have his address, and they are hunting him.

    Poor Trump, but can you imagine the pressure this guy is under?

  6. Darren

    Frank & Andy and the rest of us in the U.S. pay taxes so the Biden’s do not have to.
    I think that is a true statement!

  7. Joseph S. Bruder

    The author’s sole source for his headline, “TRUMP NEVER SOUGHT TO DELETE OR ALTER MAR-A-LAGO TAPES”, is none other than Trump himself. The disgraced ex-President that told over 30,000 documented lies during his presidency. Who has 90-something felony charges against him in 4 different indictments. Who has pushed the “I was robbed” Big Lie for almost three years now, claims to have extensive evidence, but has lost 60 court cases BECAUSE HE LIED.

    Trump’s accomplices have testified that they were under orders to “delete the server” (which doesn’t make sense, but sounds like something Trump would say). Why would they lie? They’re a handful of bumbling idiots, but not smart enough to come up with a plan on their own. They’re not saving their own asses by saying they did what the boss told them to do. It may be obstruction of justice, but again, they’re not smart enough to even know they were doing something wrong.

    And why do you have to reprint all of Trump’s name calling of the prosecutors and judges? That doesn’t bolster any of Trump’s arguments – in fact, it makes him look more guilty. Not only that, you actually print more of Trump’s lies – “The whole case is FAKE because I come under the Presidential Records Act.” Yes, there’s a law that says all presidential papers are government property, but Trump violated it, he isn’t shielded by it as he is implying. He throws accusations at other people, which (as usual) are projections of his own behavior.

    Yet another poorly written article by Sheridan and the PBP.

    • Frank stetson

      BS poned.

      +1 Bruder.

      Nicely played madam

    • Joe Gilbertson

      You cite Trump because he is the most definitive source. But instead you roll up all of the Democrat propaganda into a ball of crap and roll it out like it is truth. But by now everybody knows better.

      • Frank stetson

        That’s what the oath boy proud keepers thought as they cried, blamed trump for his lies, and slunk off to jail.

        How many years been racked up for believing, how much of your money spent on the lies.

        We’re in court, the legal truth will be unveiled and you can tell us about the propaganda again….

      • Mike f

        Joe-your ignorance is on full display here. Trump is a definitive source? Trump has a reason to lie about this matter, de Oliveira does not. Trump lies all the time. So you really think trump is credible? If you are that ignorant, I question you ability to feed yourself…