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Trump Moves up in Polls Following Immigration Speech

Trump Moves up in Polls Following Immigration Speech

Donald Trump delivered a highly anticipated speech on immigration last Thursday directly following a meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. 

As we predicted here, Trump experienced a boost in the polls following the speech. The billionaire is now winning or tied with Hillary in three of the last four major polls:

  • Rasmussen Reports shows Trump in the lead by 1 point (40-39).
  • CNN/ORC reports Trump in the lead by 2 points (45-43).
  • IBD/TIPP has Trump and Hillary tied with 39 points each.

Trump and Nieto both seemed pleased by the visit, the Mexican President thanking Trump for the “constructive dialogue” and Trump referring to the meeting as a “great substantive, constructive exchange of ideas.”

The meeting and the speech were well orchestrated, generating a sense of goodwill between the US and Mexico that prevented any accusations of racism by the Clinton campaign. 

In addition to ending illegal immigration, the Phoenix speech focused on valuing American workers above foreign competitors, keeping manufacturing wealth in the US, disbanding narco cartels, strengthening the border patrol and ICE forces, and building a wall between the US and Mexico. 

Editor’s note: We have also noted inside the latest CNN poll, Trump has a massive lead in independent voters 48% for Trump to 29% for Clinton. This is from the data portion of the poll.


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