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Trump Makes Deal With Carrier to Keep 1,000 Jobs in Indianapolis

Trump Makes Deal With Carrier to Keep 1,000 Jobs in Indianapolis

The air conditioning company, Carrier announced Tuesday that it had made an agreement with president-elect Trump to keep thousands of jobs within the state of Indianapolis instead of moving them to Mexico.

The company planned to close its plant and layoff 1,400 American workers.  

“We are pleased to have reached a deal with President-elect Trump & VP-elect Pence to keep close to 1,000 jobs in Indy. More details soon,” tweeted Carrier. 

Trump also has announced plans to visit Indiana on Thursday, along with Vice President-elect Mike Pence, to unveil the agreement with the company’s executives.

“I will be going to Indiana on Thursday to make a major announcement concerning Carrier A.C. staying in Indianapolis. Great deal for workers!” said Trump on Twitter.

“Big day on Thursday for Indiana and the great workers of that wonderful state. We will keep our companies and jobs in the U.S. Thanks Carrier.” Said Trump in another Tweet.

In February, Carrier said it would be shutting down its Indianapolis plant and opening one in Mexico.

Trump had previously condemned and rallied against Carrier’s plan to migrate to Mexico.  

“So many hundreds and hundreds of companies are doing this,” said Trump.  “We have to stop our jobs from being stolen from us. We have to stop our companies from leaving the United States.”

Somehow Trump managed to get Carrier, a unit of United Technologies Corp, to keep the plant. On Thanksgiving, he tweeted that he was making progress.

“I am working hard, even on Thanksgiving, trying to get Carrier A.C. Company to stay in the U.S. (Indiana). MAKING PROGRESS – Will know soon!” Said Trump on Twitter.  

So now that he has convinced Carrrier to keep their American workers employed, what company is next?  

“He pledged to give up Oreos after Nabisco’s parent, Mondelez International, said it would replace nine production lines in Chicago with four in Mexico. He criticized Ford after the company said it planned to invest $2.5 billion in engine and transmission plants in Mexico,” writes Fox News.

Trump has been busy since his election win and hasn’t made many public appearances.

“Thursday’s event will mark a rare public appearance for Trump, who has spent nearly his entire tenure as president-elect huddled with advisers and meeting with possible Cabinet secretaries. He plans to make other stops later this week as part of what advisers have billed as a “thank you” tour for voters who backed him in the presidential campaign,” said Fox News.  

Author’s note: Trump isn’t even president yet and he is making impressive deals like this one. Carrier seemed dead set on moving labor over to Mexico, but Trump was able to negotiate a deal to stop 1,400 Americans from losing their jobs.

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