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Trump Gains Considerable Support from Minority Voters

Trump Gains Considerable Support from Minority Voters

Considering the less-than-tactful comments Donald Trump has made about certain minority groups, it may come as a surprise that ‘The Donald’ is actually attracting considerable support from minorities. Experts chalk up a big portion of Trump’s success to his anti-establishment and anti-government attitude. And when most of the country is fed up with today’s bureaucracy, that means minorities are looking for an outsider candidate too. So despite Trump’s off-color comments, minorities are looking to him for answers. 

According to a recent poll by Clout Research, the billionaire candidate has attracted 40% of blacks, 45% of Hispanics, and 19% of Asians. 

Ben Carson, with 50%, was the only candidate who pulled more support from the black community. Senator Marco Rubio seems to be the favorite amongst Asians. And nobody had a stronger Hispanic or white following than Trump. “The Republican presidential primary preference nationally remains unchanged through the Christmas holiday and heading into the New Year, as Donald Trump continues to lead by double digits,” says Fritz Wenzel of Clout Polling. 

“The newish development of Sen. Ted Cruz rising and now solidifying his top-tier stature is likely going to remain for the coming weeks before the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary. But the rise of Cruz signals nothing new in this race, as voters continue to voice their complete dissatisfaction with the GOP establishment. Cruz merely supplanted Carson as a more conservative outsider alternative to Trump.” 

“There really is just one more act to come and question to be answered before the nomination is sealed,” says Wenzel, “Will the establishment coalesce behind one moderate candidate and mount a serious challenge, or will they remain divided and be conquered?”

2016 is only two days away and the Republican Party is running out of time. “For this challenge to develop…Bush, Rubio, Kasich, and Christie would have to step aside,” explains Wenzel, knowing that that scenario is far from likely. 

Ted Cruz has been unable to gather moderate support, which makes it unlikely that he will be the consensus candidate. A better case is made for Trump, who has been able to draw support from all demographic groups. Interestingly, Trump has a huge female following. In fact, 53% of conservative women voting in primaries support Trump. 

In addition, Trump has managed to snag 31% of Independent voters and at least 26% of Democrats. Speaking of religion, Trump currently has 40% support form the Protestant faith, 30% from the Catholic community, and at least 40% of the Jewish vote. 

In other words, don’t listen to people who claim that Trump is only for rich whites. They don’t know what they’re talking about! 


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