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A Quick Comparison – Trump vs. DeSantis

A Quick Comparison – Trump vs. DeSantis

Republicans will soon have a choice to make.

Realistically these are the only two candidates that have a chance of getting the GOP nomination in 2024 – Former President Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. We would be lucky to have either as President. 

Trump’s presidency put the country on the right track, in fact, a lot of the world as well, despite the most vicious propaganda assaults I’ve ever seen by the Democrats and the liberal media.  As a resident of Florida, I’ve seen firsthand the good work of Ron DeSantis, his guidance through Covid, and his successful fights for conservative values.  These are good men.

The good and the bad:


Trump has a genuine skill in wielding power and in dealing with people who have power.  Some examples include breakthroughs in communicating with Kim of North Korea, his rapport with Putin, and his bullying of NATO members into actually increasing their defense expenditures. He recognized the true threat of China and began to build a relationship with India.  Not everyone enjoyed his tone, but they saw immediately he was not a man to be trifled with.  As I have mentioned before, if Trump had been re-elected, there would be no war in Ukraine.

But President Trump has a problem. The liberal media has attacked him so brazenly, lied about him so convincingly, and they continue to tarnish him at every turn.  Truth or lies, it doesn’t matter, the propaganda has had its effect. 

Is it fair? No, of course not. But it will impact his reelection bid. His achievements and triumphs will be covered up, and the liberal media will emphasize the Democrat propaganda messages.

In short, there is a possibility he will not win.


DeSantis does not run his governorship by the polls. He recognizes that he was elected by the people and he trusts his own conservative principles.  He is decisive, he is determined and he is popular. And he focuses on the right things, perhaps even better than Trump did.

I believe a DeSantis nomination would easily win the Presidency in 2024. He is politically astute and careful enough with his speech that the liberal media will have little of substance to attack. He is head and shoulders more competent and popular than any candidate the Democrats can field.

So why do I hesitate? This is my logic. DeSantis is a relatively young guy, he has not wielded power for very long. He has not dealt with world leaders, CEOs of multibillion-dollar international companies, or people who have overt or subtle influences that impact the world.

Is he intelligent and talented enough to develop these skills? Certainly. And in his second term, he might even approach Trump’s skill level.  In fact, I have no doubt.

But would he have stopped the war in Ukraine? Would he have been able to pull North Korea into a conversation?  Probably not.


We take a risk in pushing Trump to be the nominee, the liberal media are loaded for bear. Never mind the voting system issues that cannot be discussed in the liberal social networks.  If he wins, America and the world will have the best possible leader.

If we elect Ron DeSantis, we have a capable and talented President and America will be better off.  He may even outperform Trump in straightening out education and managing our national debt. The risk is that he may falter in international affairs, an area where we need expertise the most.  Leaders around the world will show respect, but they may suspect they can manipulate him or out-negotiate him.  I hope I am wrong.

My prediction is that once the primaries begin in earnest, DeSantis will draw close to Trump in the polls. We will know by January 2024 who the ultimate nominee will be.  Will Trump’s legacy have staying power? Or will Democrats convince Republicans that they can make such an annoying mess that Trump is no longer worth fighting for?

As much as I love Trump, I’m thinking DeSantis will be the next President of the the United States.

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  1. Larry kuhn

    Either one. Both good men

  2. mike

    I love the bate the media has shallowed are are regurgitating the lies. Keep it up you just destroying your creditability

  3. AC

    Mr. Gilbertson, a pen name, surely.
    Trump and Republicans keeping repeating same old same old in hopes their false self congratulatory rhetoric gained traction. Clearly, their disinformation resonates with you. Sadly, there are a percentage in the GOP regurgitate the same nonsense farcical story.
    If it takes DeSantis, as you say, one whole term before he gets it in the big chair. The country is better off not waiting while he gets educated. The probability exists that he is unreachable, as is Trump. We, the people can not afford the tuition cost a second time.
    Speaking of poor students, Trump learned no a syllable of the lessons we paid dearly for
    Why should good Americans reward a bad failed non politician grifter back in the White House.
    Neither of your good guys is up to going the distance. Former Republican voters are waking to the truth about their old party.
    I believe woke applied to Republicans who are waking up and seeing beyond falsehoods on the right and conspiracies force fed them. Their time is now for realizing It’s tarnished and fading under leadership flying under false flag ideology.
    Trump bills himself as a premier deal maker and unparalleled mental genius. However, by every intelligence scale he lacks the relevant mental acumen for average, His track record gives him away. You and your compatriots are being lead astray. An old lame horse has no place attempting a high stakes race. He gotten beaten up in his first two. Besides, his personality is flawed and the last six years have revealed to what extent he is untrustworthy.
    I am not alone this. We common lowly citizens see how hard the Republican political machine has worked to hoodwink the electorate.
    True some bought into the MAGA tripe and keep the Trump bandwagon rolling along. Soon its wheels will run amok and fall off. Rightly so, it built with bad materials and faulty workmanship.
    Commentary coming out proclaiming Trump and DeSantis as relevant politicians in America had best take another reading from those tea leaves.
    Profits you were not and the second verse sings as bad as the first. Thank you, very much. Wait it will all come out, not as expected for your world.

    • TN

      You could have just said. The MSM made me hate Trump, and saved yourself some time

  4. Bubba Love

    I like DeSantis but I love Trump and I will vote for Trump. ULTRA MAGA

    • Grace Bruno

      I’m with you. Even Never Trumpers and some on the Left prefer DeSantis. I’ll stick with President Trump the only man they really fear. I know why I’ve seen what he can do including peace in the middle east. I would never take a chance on DeSantis since his backers scare me. Including 2 large Obama donors, Joe Scarbourough, all the Bushes…enough said. DeSantis should stay in Florida.

  5. frank stetson

    Somebody said: Desantis is just Trump in a better fitting suit. Seems to fit…..

    I admit, I am just learning about DeSantis and I can disagree with his policies, I don’t like his lies, but he seems a good man, unlike Trump. I will start this one with what I like since it’s all going downhill from there :>) This guy is not Trump, he went to better, more elite schools, served his country, was a teacher even, has seasoning in the Congress, and has led Florida where people love him. He is not Trump in any way except policy.

    First, the man is a patriot. Born into the middle class, his Dad installed Neilson Rating boxes, his Mom a nurse — no silver spoons. (I have lived by the adage that rich guys don’t have to steal, other guys — not so much so, but Trump changed all that :>). He worked hard as a youth, went to the finest East Coast liberal elitist colleges: Harvard and Yale. Many Magarats probably hate anyone from those schools, but I say it’s a good thing. He may have only studied History for his undergrad, but has a JD in advanced studies. He signed up to serve in college, then pretty immediately served upon graduation. OK — he was legal, but it was JAG for SEALS and he did a tour in Iraq and has plenty of ribbons and medals. TY for your service. He is still in the reserves.
    He also has the political checkboxes starting with the US House of Representatives, FL governor. That’s after a year of teaching History and Sports, what a nerd. He’s young but he’s got some seasoning, that’s for sure.

    I had thought his Trumpism was an act. After reading his history, I believe he is a believer. He may be exaggerating some of this for PR, like his don’t say gay, voter fraud and immigration media stunts, but I think he really believes.

    Most important, whatever I believe, I know Florida loves him. Since his stunts cost Floridians money, some just for publicity for his national run, that’s freakin amazing. I truly think he has mucked with covid and is lying about what happened in Florida, but Floridians love him. He lost millions in his unwoke Disney diatribe, but Floridians love him. And he flew immigrants from Texas to Martha’s vineyard to work with some of his old classmates, and Floridians love him.

    I have always said DeSantis is Trump with some polish. After reading his bio, I would say it’s to a high sheen. May need sunglasses to be near this guy. Bully for him, job well done, he’s gonna be tough to beat, but as Joe says —– he may be a little young, a little unseasoned — there have been some cracks in that regard, but no shots below the waterline —- not even close. Don’t think any lawsuits have landed for example.

    Trump may have crowd appeal, people actually have his picture hung like he’s Reagan or Kennedy, but DeSantis is the smoother operator and IMO, for me, the more dangerous of the two. My only hope is they tire each other, and the electorate, out before November 2024.

    FYI – it’s early for DeSantis yet, but given no giant ax has fallen, not sure extra vetting will turn much up at this time. The guy has been checking all the boxes his entire life and he seems a true believer – that’s a powerful force. It will be interesting to see how he treads that fine line of keep the white supremacist, nationalism extremists, Trumplicant vote while distancing himself at the same time, which he will need to do to win. That’s a bridge he has not crossed yet however he did go to Harvard and Yale but has the image of someone who is not an elitist, so there’s a bridge crossed.

    Next, I will tackle his Covid response where I see an result 180-degrees opposite to Joe.

  6. Ernest Warner

    I think DeSantis will make a great President. He can get someone like Mike Pompeo to be his Vice president to help in the foreign policy department and other advisors will shore up his “falter in international affairs, an area where we need expertise the most”. And fortunately the Dem’s have nobody of his caliber to run in 2024, so it should be cakewalk for him.
    But what about Trump?
    I think Trump needs to go “behind the scene” and help advise Republicans and strategize in every area as they need a fighter to counter all the mainstream media lies. Working WITH the Republications in the background he (Trump) could get so much done for our country, but having to fight the ALL the media ALL the time would make him a continual target as president so that he would be much less effective.



  8. Bibfy

    lgbto are citizens, dumbass.

    I’m constantly amazed how many Americans are dumb as bricks. Thank you Joe for having a website that brings most of them out. Now if we could only figure out a way to stop them from procreation…Just kidding. If we didn’t have these people who could we sell network TV to?

  9. Doris

    Still will vote for President Trump.

  10. frank stetson

    Here’s is my quick desantis(d)/trump(t) comparison:

    D History/JD
    T BA in something

    D Harvard/Yale
    T Wharton Finance and Economics (Not Wharton MBA as he let’s people think)

    D Seal Team 1 Jag
    T Daddy’s doctor’s deferment

    D Lieutenant
    T Captain Bonespurs

    D Iraq
    T Club 57

    D Bronze Star Medal, the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, and the Iraq Campaign Medal.
    T Swizzle sticks and matchbooks

    D 8 years
    T 4 years

    D US Congress, FL Governor-twice
    T impeached President-twice

    D Beloved by Floridians
    T Most of the country dislikes him

  11. Linda Brooks

    I will go with Trump. Recently when Ron DeSantis was reelected as governor he came across to me as being on a pedastal and needed to come down to earth and be more humble and not act like he is better than others. He needs more experience before considering to run as President. President Trump has the experience and is a business man. He knows how things work. People have blasted him and would still make a great President. At least he does fulfill his promises in being a President. People tend to forget what he did while he was President. He did restore our country and that is more than what some of the past Presidents have done in the past.

    • Grace Bruno

      I’m with you Trump all the way. DeSantis is a politician and the people backing him make it clear no one is afraid of DeSantis as they are Trump. He even has Obama donors backing him along with the Bushes. Tried and True 2024 Trump.

  12. Frank dtetson

    Trump isn’t a politician? Well, according to his taxes, he ain’t no businessman and probably a cheat there just like his business cheating elsewhere. Fraud at his college, his charity fund his personal piggy bank, and now his company found guilty too.

    He is a carnival barker and he will exist as long as suckers are born every minute. Crikey, they plunked $99 down for 2-cent photoshopped images. Probably invested kid’s lunch money in pokeyman cards.

    He planned and attempted to overthrow our election by instigating a insurrection inside a riot surrounded by a protest. He is one proud burger tossing secret service bossing traitorous sob.

    But Im not bitter. 😕

    • Joe Gilbertson

      And he has $3 Billion more than you have. I’d say he is a decent businessman.

      • Frank stetson

        Good one. According to Forbes, if Trump had just invested his inheritance into the S&P 500, he would be wealthier than what he did in business.

        Along the way, he went bankrupt a number of times hurting many of the people contributing to his projects. His businesses been found guilty of fraud, a charity fund as a checkbook, tax fraud and evasion. Easy to do better at business when you cheat.

        He also took a number of handouts from dad, 1 million here, 10 million there, whatever.

        One time when Atlantic City was failing and he was out of operating cash, his dad came down and bought $1 million of chips and then threw the chips away. got some sanctions from New Jersey gaming on that one.

        If that’s your idea of good businessman, alright then.

        So, he got many handouts along the way, he could’ve made more money if he had just invested, instead of trying to run a business, and the taxpayers bailed him out a couple of times. He calls that smart business. We call it bankruptcy.

  13. Randy

    Having Trump run again will mean a divided Republican party against a unified and hating democrat opposition = dems win another 4 years to complete their destruction of America. Trump had great policies that have been destroyed by the incompetent O’biden admin in their zeal to turn the USA into a socialist government-controlled state. Desantis will bring a unified Republican party against the dems, and their incompetence will be exposed and do them in, unlike the mid-terms that saw how bad McConnell and other rhinos can sabotage their own party. That will not be the case during a Desantis campaign, he will simply beat O’biden or whoever the dems trot out to take the azz-kicking in 2024