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Trump Declares Himself the True Defender of Democracy: “Bloodbath” If He Loses

Trump Declares Himself the True Defender of Democracy: “Bloodbath” If He Loses

While campaigning for his endorsed candidate in Ohio’s governor’s race, Bernie Moreno, Donald Trump clearly stated that it is he, and NOT Joe Biden, who is the defender of American Democracy and that there will be a “bloodbath” in November if he loses!

Trump, speaking on an airfield outside of Dayton over the weekend, praised his chosen candidate in the race as an “America first champion” and “political outsider who has spent his entire life building up Ohio communities.”

“He’s going to be a warrior in Washington,” Trump said, days after securing enough delegates to clinch the 2024 Republican nomination.

Moreno faces Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose and Ohio State Sen. Matt Dolan in Tuesday’s GOP primary. LaRose and Moreno have aligned themselves with the pro-Trump faction of the party, while Dolan is backed by more establishment Republicans, including Gov. Mike DeWine and former Sen. Rob Portman.

Saturday’s rally was hosted by Buckeye Values PAC, a group backing Moreno’s candidacy. But Trump used the stage to deliver a vitriolic rally speech that painted an apocalyptic picture of the country if Biden wins a second term.

“If I don’t get elected, it’s going to be a bloodbath…It’s going to be a bloodbath for the country,” he warned, while talking about the impact of offshoring on the country’s auto industry and his plans to increase tariffs on foreign-made cars.

Later, Trump claimed that “If this election isn’t won, I’m not sure that you’ll ever have another election in this country.”

In a statement in response to Trump’s “bloodbath” comments Saturday, James Singer, spokesperson for the Biden presidential campaign, said that Trump “wants another January 6, but the American people are going to give him another electoral defeat this November because they continue to reject his extremism, his affection for violence, and his thirst for revenge.”

When reached by several news outlets in an attempt to clarify Trump’s “there will be blood” remark, Jason Miller, senior adviser for the Trump campaign, responded that “any reporter that falls for this Biden camp spin is stupid.”

Trump also dismissed recent allegations against Moreno, comparing them to attacks he has faced through the years, including his own politically motivated criminal indictments.

Trump also continued to criticize Biden over his handling of the border, and the migrant crisis. And he laced into Dolan, calling him a “weak RINO” — a Republican in name only — and accused him of “trying to become the next Mitt Romney.” He also criticized the Dolan family, which owns Cleveland’s baseball team, for changing its name from the Cleveland Indians to the Cleveland Guardians.

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  1. Harold blankenship

    A bloodbath on our freedoms and economy. Trump wasn’t referring to civil war. If that happened the left would start it. And we would finish it But we need to keep that out of the discussion. But there’s a reason why the left wants to shame people into disarming.

  2. Tom

    TRUMP: “Later, Trump claimed that “If this election isn’t won, I’m not sure that you’ll ever have another election in this country.”

    ME: Isn’t this exactly what Trump tried to do on Jan 6, 2020? He tried to make sure the election did not count and he could stay seated on this throne! What a loser!!! Like Nikki Haley said, “Wherever Trump goes, chaos follows!”

    If you are a member of the GOP, you need to contribute at least $100 to Trump/RNC – they are the same thing. Trump has legal bills he needs you to help him pay!

    • Wes Kussmaul


      Why is this so difficult for people to understand?
      Oh yes, it’s because of these two rules of Goebbelsology:

      1) Accuse your adversary of that of which you yourself (goebbelsology practitioner) are guilty; and
      2) Repeat the simple claim incessantly.

      What is goebbelsology?

      It’s the application of the principles of Edward Bernays, further developed by Josef Goebbels, to build cults.

  3. Robin W Boyd

    This publication has become as deceitful as Progressive ones. Why is the Punching Bag promoting the lie that Trump is calling for a bloodbath in the vein of a civil war when he absolutely did not use the term for anything other than Communist China causing a bloodbath in the American auto industry?

    • Wes Kussmaul

      Because that is not what Trump said.

      Play the tape, read the transcript.

    • Tom

      Robin, I agree that Trump mentioned the auto industry but I did not hear specifically hear China mentioned in this segment at ** I think you must have read the Trump campaign damage control team memo trying to walk back his bloodbath comment by constricting it to just the auto industry – but this is a lie. When he mentioned the auto industry he said that the auto industry would be the least of the bloodbath. Some have said Trump meant economic bloodbath, but he did not say this either. The only conclusion is something like Jan 6 only larger.

      This is the problem that someone like me who is an Independent/Unaffiliated voter sees with Trump’s rhetoric. He says something outrageous. Then his followers try to rationalize and minimize what he said to make it somehow acceptable. What his followers (and you) try to do is to take the “denotative ” direct and simplest English meaning of the word and shift the conversation to the “connotative” or secondary implied meaning of the word. And by doing this, they take the emphasis off of what Trump originally said and minimize what he said so that Trump can seem more rational and acceptable.

      Typically in history, when autocrats, dictators, and wanna be dictators have mentioned bloodbaths it is usually a directly bloody event visited upon the opposition and anyone sympathetic to the opposition, and is not constricted to a literal interpretation of a specific industry or economy. They mean actual bleeding. Same is true when he calls immigrants “vermin”, he means it directly! Same is true with what he says about women letting him petty their pussy so they can get close to him.

      I think many Trump followers are good hardworking people that are stuck in the connotative translations of what he said and they seem to not know how to look at the denotative aspects of what he is saying. The question is how to get them to look at the denotative, and to realize that he means exactly what he is directly and simply saying?

  4. Darren

    Democrat’s are deranged individuals.
    How many protesters showed up on Jan 6th with a GUN? 0
    If blood shed ever happened I would bet it all it would be started by Democrat’s.
    But they can not drive a car over all of us. Remember that!
    They can not Shoot all of us, Ashley Babbitt, Remember that!
    Who knows how many Hillary’s people took care of?

  5. Tom

    Darren, you may be correct that nobody at the insurrection brought arms, but there were arms very close by!

    AP Wire:WASHINGTON (AP) — A member of the Oath Keepers who traveled to Washington before the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol testified Wednesday about a massive cache of weapons the far-right extremist group stashed in a Virginia hotel room.

    Taking the stand in the seditious conspiracy case against Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes and four associates, Terry Cummings showed jurors an AR-15 firearm and an orange box for ammunition that he contributed to the so-called quick reaction force the Oath Keepers had staged at the hotel outside of Washington in case they needed weapons.

    “I had not seen that many weapons in one location since I was in the military,” said Cummings, a veteran who joined the Oath Keepers in Florida in 2020.

    Seems to me like derangement is not exclusively limited to just Democrats. Trump supporters in Jan 6 had quite a bit of it too! I think others have called it Trump Derangement Syndrome. (TDS). This TDS led them to falsely believe that the election was stolen when Trump’s own DOJ said it was not stolen.

    Tell me Darren, what is Trump calling for when he says, ” If I’m is not elected it will be a blood bath!”? By the way, 146 Capital Police were injured that day. Sounds like a bit of a blood bath to me! So how is this Independent/Unaffiliated voter supposed to take his words when he has inciting this violence in his background?

    Ashley Babbit was a former USAF officer who acted foolishly that day and was shot by a Capital Police who was doing his job and felt threatened. How is that Democrat’s fault ???

    If the Dems would in your opinion be the first to start bloodshed, then tell me why so many GOP were yelling “Hang Pence” while Dems were no where near any of it?? Isn’t a hanging a form of bloodshed to you???

    Darren, do you see how this TDS is affecting your judgement?

  6. Darren

    Any person Wronged as much as Trump has been Wronged and still get up to Kick Ass gets my Vote!


      Darren, not just you, but either you folks are really mean terrible people who hate your fellow citizens to the point of being blinded by these disinformation mavens for money, which I doubt, or you are frustrated to the point of letting lies deceive you. But you believe these lies when it is not hard at all to find a better truth. You basically say you will vote for the guy because he can take a punch. Perhaps he can, but he is not being persecuted, he is being prosecuted by a nation of laws. Not one prosecution or investigation has been persecution. He got off on Russiagate, but he deserved the investigation. Too much smoke. Now, he has no choice, he is literally running for his life to, as President, short circuit the prosecutions from the Federal courts leaving only the State initiatives in New York and Georgia. I say he’s a grifter, a crook, a liar, a cheat, and a rapist who speaks in tones and words that no other President in history has done. Most say they will attempt to bring America together; Trump says he will take us further apart. And he means it.

      Guns were found amongst the armed insurrectionists on 1.6.2021 sent to the Capitol after a Trump rally to stop the steal that never was. Strangly, not one person was arrested that day so no one was searched. They arrested many BLM-ers on the spot in those riots. They arrested no one on 1.6.2021 amongst the white, middle-aged Trumpers breaching the Capitol building to stop the work of Congress as Trump watched on TV, doing nothing for three hours.

      You were safer holding a gun at the Capitol than you were when you hit the DC streets.

      Before the rally, remember, if you were serious about what was about to happen, you knew the strict gun laws are in DC. Nonetheless, among the tens of thousands of people who did go through the magnetometers, the Secret Service is on record as confiscating “269 knives or blades, 242 canisters of pepper spray, 18 brass knuckles, 18 tasers, 6 pieces of body armor, 3 gas masks, 30 batons or blunt instruments, and 17 miscellaneous items like scissors, needles, or screwdrivers.”

      In DC, it’s pretty easy to park with minutes of the rally and come back to the car for the guns.

      Then there’s the pipe bombs found very close at the DNC and RNC offices. Those offices are one or two blocks from the Capitol.

      Before the insurrection: Three men in fatigues from Broward County, Florida brandished AR-15s in front of MPD officers on 14th Street and Independence Avenue. Later, MPD radioed that some guy was possibly armed with a “Glock” at Fourteenth Street and Constitution Avenue. The radioed that another was possibly armed with a “rifle” at Fifteenth Street and Constitution Avenue. A half hour later, the National Park Service detained an individual with a rifle.

      A rifle in DC is pretty unusual. The only animals were at the Capitol wearing MAGA merch.

      A Three Percenter posted a video of himself outside the Capitol wearing body armor and a gas mask and carrying an AR-15-style rifle. It’s in the court record, he blames Trump on the record too.

      A Maryland man in body armor said he intended to take over the Congress was charged with holding arms. An Indiana man carried a pistol and expressed intent to harm Nancy Pelosi. The douche bag jpg’d in Pelosi’s office had a 950,000 volt stun gun. All in the court record.

      Christopher Michael Alberts of Maryland was arrested on Capitol grounds on the evening of Jan. 6 while carrying a Taurus G2c 9 mm handgun with one round in the chamber and a full 12-round clip. He had a full clip in his pocket and was carrying a gas mask, pocket knife and first-aid kit.

      Lonnie Leroy Coffman of Alabama was arrested after cops found two firearms as well as what a federal judge referred to as a “small armory” in his truck parked by the Capitol where the law found “a loaded handgun,” “a loaded rifle,” “a loaded shotgun,” “a crossbow with bolts,” “several machetes,” “a stun gun” and “11 mason jars containing a flammable liquid, with a hole punched in the top of each jar.” Surveillance footage has him “in attendance at the events at the Capitol,” but not breaching.

      Cleveland Grover Meredith of North Carolina had car trouble and was arrested the next day for assaulting a man in D.C., in a traffic-related incident where he made death threats against Bowser and Pelosi. They found in his possession “a Glock 19, nine millimeter pistol, a Tavor X95 assault rifle and approximately hundreds of rounds of ammunition.” His text messages said he “relished in the carnage of January 6th.” All of this is in the court records.

      Samuel Fisher posted photos of himself, along with a rifle and handgun, in D.C., on Jan. 6. He posted he was leaving things in a parking garage, “maybe except pistol,” and added, “if it kicks off I got a Vest and My Rifle.” He was not arrested with weapons though. They were close by.

      Nolan Cooke, told FBI agents that he “brought one or more firearms” to Washington, D.C., but he did not bring the weapons to the Capitol itself.

      Bargar pleaded guilty to one felony count of entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds with a deadly or dangerous weapon.

      Just across the river was a stockpile of arms in a hotel to be used when martial law was called by Trump. Tom has covered those.

      That’s just a sampling from the court records to show you that indeed, there were guns on the premises that day. The fact they were not pulled is a miracle. The fact that one had to be used is a tragedy.

      And the word on DC guns was out, instead they were heavily armed with everything from flag pole spears, to tsars, to chemical sprays, battering rams, you name it. There were all not just protestors gone wild. Many came for a fight, some had guns, an armory was established in a hotel room across the river. And a few came for an insurrection, were armed, trained, with pre-planning and organization. Like I said, the fact that this did not go farther South is a miracle.

    • Tom

      Darren, you have it twisted around. Trump was the one doing the wronging. And he incited others who are now in jail. Trump belongs in jail with them only his wealth and lawyer team has kept him out by employing a delay by endless motions strategy.

      Darren, Trump needed those 1.6 fools. I listed to interviews with his inner circle where they admitted they were planning on staying in the White House – which is illegal when you lose the election. They were planning on suspending the constitution because of mass protests by the 1.6 fools. Then they were going to use the military to step in and take control of the peace and of all voting machines. And this would have kept him in power for God knows how long, like Putin. What happened was the Capital Police thwarted his effort and moved him and his staff out.

      Darren, as a Vietnam Era veteran, I can tell you that what Trump was trying to do (by the way, he took 4 draft deferments) was not why I risked my life, put my life on hold and hardly ever saw my family. I do not know if you were ever in the military but I can tell you that we veterans expect our civilians to live up to our sacrifice!!! Trump wiggled his way via deferments out of his sacrifice so he does not respect and honor the system. And he is convincing people like you to do the same as him – they only seek to profit from the system. .


    shit……Horist’s NATO piece has banned all comments, and I finished mine.

    So here tis it…….

    I think you can believe Trump that he will change our relationship with NATO. He may pull out, who really knows. But he did say that he would not defend NATO members that don’t meet defense spending targets just after he suggested he would tell Russia to attack NATO allies he considered delinquent. Judge, jury, and executioner.

    In 2016 Trump said “ I think NATO may be obsolete. NATO was set up a long time ago — many, many years ago when things were different. Things are different now. We were a rich nation then. We had nothing but money. We had nothing but power. And you know, far more than we have today, in a true sense. And I think NATO — you have to really examine NATO. And it doesn’t really help us, it’s helping other countries. And I don’t think those other countries appreciate what we’re doing.”
    When asked directly about getting rid of NATO he said: “ It’s possible. It’s possible. I would certainly look at it. And I’d want more help from other people. The one thing definitely — we’re paying too much. As to whether or not it’s obsolete, I’ll make that determination.”

    Pulling out of NATO is on the table. Always has been, always will be with this guy.

    Many Trump advisors said Trump very nearly removed the US from NATO at the alliance’s 2018 summit in Brussels.
    In 2018 he again stated that if he said the UhosehS would not leave, then they wouldn’t pay their bills (even though they don’t have bills). So he told them “Yes, I will leave you. You could see those checkbooks coming out….”

    He added: “How about if we got into a conflict because a country was attacked? Now we are in World War III and protecting a country that wasn’t paying its bills” which is a slight twist over inviting Putin to attack those behind on their “bills.”

    I guess the prosecutor will have little issue with seizing Trump’s assets when he can’t come up with the scratch this week. And did other countries look at our payments before helping us on 9/11?

    Nikki Haley told CNN that Trump “talked many times about getting out of NATO behind closed doors and publicly. So that’s just a fact.”

    “NATO would be in real jeopardy,” John Bolton, Trump’s former national security adviser, agreed. “I think he would try to get out.”

    “The point is, he saw absolutely no point in NATO,” Kelly said in his book. “He was just dead set against having troops in South Korea, again, a deterrent force, or having troops in Japan, a deterrent force.”

    In the book, “The Return of Great Powers,” multiple advisors recount in detail how Trump very nearly removed the US from NATO at the alliance’s 2018 summit in Brussels.

    While what comes out of Trump’s mouth is not what Trump does, it often is. And like a dog with a bone, he always swings round to the same twisted ideas. Separating kids from parents, deporting everyone, banning Muslims, saying some white supremacists are good people, leaving NATO, dumping any climate agreements —- this shit keeps rolling around his toilet of a brain and never gets flushed. There will be no guardrails if he re-ascends the throne. He will be surrounded by sycophant yes men, he will hollow out the government to a cadre of loyalists, at least at the highest levels to begin with, and he will pursue his enemies — foreign and domestic, perceived and real.

    Horist and others must see it: RINOS will be high up on the list.

    Will he end NATO — he can. He said he might. He has said it before. I think it’s a distinct possibility and, more important, take this man at his words and quit making it up so you can feel better about your vote for a corrupt, criminal, rapist, business cheat, defamer, tax cheat, charity fraud, cheating husband, as duly adjudicated in a court of law.

    • Joseph s bruder

      NATO and the United Nations are forerunners of the Antichrist

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        The previous message is from a FAKE JSB. Of course, it’s been going on for a long time and PBP won’t do anything about it.

        • Boone halsey

          Go eat shit Joseph You post bullshit and then lie about it.