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Trump Crushes it In Nikki Haley’s Own Backyard!

Trump Crushes it In Nikki Haley’s Own Backyard!

With no other candidate, including the flamed-out Ron DeSanctimonious, posing any real threat to him, President Donald Trump has solidified his position as GOP frontrunner by drawing cheers in Nikki Haley’s own backyard.

Trump drew rousing cheers this past weekend while upstaging his Republican opponent, Nikki Haley, on her home turf at the Clemson-South Carolina football game. The game, known as the Palmetto Bowl, is South Carolina’s biggest college football rivalry game.

As the ex-president entered the stadium, he was greeted with thunderous applause and chants of “We want Trump! We want Trump!” This despite Haley being a Clemson alumna and current University trustee who was twice elected South Carolina governor!

Trump was a guest of Gov. Henry McMaster, Haley’s successor. The entourage, which entered through a veritable tunnel of Trump supporters on its way to a private suite, also included South Carolina’s senior U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, giving the former president a show of local political force at a game featuring Haley’s alma mater.

McMaster ascended to the governor’s office in 2017 when Trump elevated Haley to United Nations ambassador. Graham and Haley have mostly been allies over the years. But both men now back Trump and the former president enjoys a wide polling lead among Republican primary voters. That includes nationally and in early nominating states like Haley’s own South Carolina.

At halftime, Trump came down to the field with McMaster, drawing more loud cheers and a smattering of boos as he walked around, posed for a few photos, and waved. ESPN’s broadcast on the SEC Network also showed the former president sitting with McMaster during the game.

Hours before kickoff, Trump’s campaign announced that he had been endorsed by “more South Carolina legislators than all opposing candidates combined,” including new backing from six state lawmakers who had previously supported U.S. Sen. Tim Scott before the South Carolinian ended his presidential bid earlier this month.

Trump has enjoyed provoking Haley in her own state before. “In 2016, South Carolina gave us 44 out of 46 counties – that’s not so bad,” he said at a state GOP dinner in August. “I can’t wait to win all 46. We want to win all 46.”

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  1. Tom

    The article says, ” But both men now back Trump “. I did not realize that Haley had changed genders! This is what happens when you allow AI to do your writing for you and you do not proof read it.

    As far as Trump, well he’s just enjoying his free time before lockup. Nice that he got to the Palmetto Bowl. Many of us have dreamed of going to that bowl but will never be able to.

  2. Darren

    If Trump goes to jail.
    Biden will go to Prison!

    • Tom

      I would love to see that Darren! Make it so buddy!!!