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Trump Calls Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal a ‘Mere Traffic Ticket’

Trump Calls Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal a ‘Mere Traffic Ticket’

The five-year-long federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s crimes came to an expected end this week – a slap on the wrist – as Joe Biden’s son reportedly agreed to plead guilty to income tax evasion with a special agreement to a third charge of illegal gun purchase – which is usually punishable by at least a year of jail time. The news of the sweetheart deal sparked instant and widespread criticism from the conservatives.

President Donald Trump, who is running again in 2024 while being targeted by Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) with multiple criminal charges, called Hunter Biden’s plea deal a “mere traffic ticket” as he reacted to the news of the deal on his Truth Social. President Trump wrote that the case shows our broken system.

Click here to see what Donald Trump posted on Truth Social.

The 45th President is facing dozens of federal criminal charges pressed by Biden’s DOJ in the handling of classified documents case and has pleaded not guilty. His trial is set to start in August this year shortly before the first round of GOP presidential primary debates. Both President Trump and prominent conservatives in politics and media have called the case a political witch-hunt. 

Commenting on Hunter Biden’s plea deal, conservative commentator and former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson said in his new video on Twitter (posted June 20) that it makes America look like a third-world country:

“As in most of the developing world, it’s safer to be the president’s son than his opponent.”

Carlson also touched on the GOP-led House probe of the Bidens, which has lately seen incriminating documents long hidden by the FBI from the public as well as congress.

The documents show millions of dollars paid to the Bidens as a bribe by a Ukrainian national, Mykola Zlochevsky, who is the co-founder of Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma. Hunter Biden served on the board of Burisma from 2014 to 2019 and got paid over $83,000 a month despite no experience or qualification in the natural gas market.

Conservative radio commentator Dan Bongino called the Hunter Biden plea deal a scam to finish off all the scams. In his words:

“Hunter Biden getting off today, in a scam to end all scams.”

Bongino added that the deal was meant to provide cover to the corrupt Department of Justice as it goes after President Trump.

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  1. frank stetson

    I just gotta love “Biden’s DOJ.” Because if it’s Biden’s DOJ, then it was Trump’s DOJ that let Trump escape criminal convictions all during his Presidency while he, the Pardoner in Chief released anyone, except Michael Cohen, that mistakenly got convicted for lying, scamming, and working with foreign agents. It was the Biden IRS/DOJ that caught Hunter; the Trump IRS/DOJ is still working his audits…..

    Previously, federal offense executive clemency requests were directed to the Office of the Pardon Attorney. in the DOJ for review. In the Trump DOJ, this was obliterated for for well-connected convicts who got their “immaculate pardons” by Trump himself. He pardoned more friends than any President in history but far less clemency in general than most Presidents. IOW, he stiffed the common man but his friends all got “get out of jail free” cards. A number of Trump officials actively pursued fees to lobby the President for clemency. Finally, Trump opened a new US factory —- the Presidential pardon factory.

    Fact is the plea agreement is, according to Forbes: “While the GOP has sought to cast the plea deal as a lenient penalty, legal experts have noted that first-time tax offenses and lying on a gun form—which constitute Hunter Biden’s charges— rarely result in prosecution, let alone jail time. “This is if anything harsh, not lenient,” NYU law professor and former Justice Department attorney Andrew Weissmann tweeted. Prosecution for lying on a gun form is relatively rare, the Washington Post reported, citing Justice Department stats from the 2019 fiscal year, when Hunter Biden bought his gun, which show that federal prosecutors filed just 298 cases for lying on the background check form, out of 478 referrals.”

    The guy who prosecuted the case was a Trump appointee that Biden allowed to remain whereas most President’s off these partisan appointees asap. He was a Trump appointed special prosecutor with one job: get Hunter. And now he will have no job so what’s the point of him pulling in his horns? So he can be fired with dignity? Get his next job in Trump world? A Biden payoff to live in a DOJ closet in silence, by yourself, no friends in the entire Biden DOJ? Not bloody likely.

    He paid the taxes, albeit late, but not exactly your normal tax scammer. I mean how bad can the penalty be if you already paid the tax before they bring the case? He tossed the gun two weeks after purchase. When was the last time the DOJ tried someone lying about drug use to get a gun? Never? Rarely? Just recently a precedent was set in Federal Court where a person convicted of a nonviolent crime was still allowed to get the gun. Hunter could probably win or win on appeal the gun case, but opted to bail with the plea. This is probably a harsher verdict than if he skipped the deal.

    So, give us a break and move forward with your facts about the Biden crime family, with Joe as the Don. Millions of dollars in Joe’s hands so China, Russia, and the Ukraine can get what they want. Roll it out, we’re waiting. We hear you got em cold. We’re waiting.

    Crickets still?

  2. Darren

    Frank, everything you pointed out is a HUGH SLAP IN THE FACE of every person who knows someone who :
    Ever got sent to Jail for income tax evasion or was forced to Pay.
    Ever was rejected from any social setting for being a so called Scumbag.
    Ever went to Jail for Extortion.
    Ever went to Jail for Drugs.
    Ever went to Jail for mistreatment of a Fire arm.

    And by the way, Who throws away a GUN, No one unless it was used in a crime!
    Has anyone compared Ballistics with that gun?

    I bet throwing it away was nothing compared to what he did with it!

    Do not compare Trump with the Biden’s.
    Trump is a Billionaire who made is money through business prior to taking office, Biden is a two bit shake down scammer.
    If he worked at a Carnival, I would not trust the rides!

    • Tom

      Darren, you may have some good points! Here is an Independent’s point of view:

      But caution on Trumps worth. That billionaire figure comes from Trump himself where he values the potential earning of his name to be multiple billions. His actual net worth according to independent sources was around $251 Million. When confronted about the discrepancy over his statement of worth versus the independent analysis of his worth, Trump’s response was that his name was worth 4.5 Billion. This was documented in many news articles. Just look it up!

      By the way, Trump and his company were convicted on income tax evasion in NY several month ago. I did not see where Trump did any jail time. This is documented in many news articles. Just look it up.

      A GOP NC congressman named Madison Cawthorne. The news paper, CHARLOTTE – Former Congressman Madison Cawthorn has pleaded guilty to trying to bring a loaded gun through security at a major U.S. airport.

      Cawthorn, a Henderson County Republican, entered the plea on May 5 in Mecklenburg County District Court. He was fined $250 and does not have to forfeit the gun. i will give you this one at ** Enjoy the article!

      Notice also that this GOP congressman got no jail time! He has been arrested three times all total and never served a day in jail.

      So the GOP fits your description of “HUGE SLAP IN THE FACE” to all of those unfortunate convicts you listed and their families.

      And as far as I know, Hunter Biden never seemed to do anything with the gun. Most likely he bought the gun for protection while he was handling all that influence money. But this case is still pending, its not over for Hunter yet! You still have a chance to get your wish but I doubt if you do that he will occupy the same jail as your relatives would.

      • Tom

        By the way Darren, according to news sources, In 2016, Trump paid $750 in federal income taxes. The following year he again paid just $750. In 2020, he paid nothing. Read how he did it at **

        Do you think this is a slap in the face to you and all tax paying Americans? I bet you paid more! I bet Frank paid more! I know I paid more, many times more. But that is because I cannot zero out my income like Trump does.

        Trump makes a lot of money off of claiming loses and bankruptcies. And he thinks his name is worth 4.5 B dollars. He was caught red handed inflating property values for loan purposes and deflating their value for IRS tax purposes. That is illegal. He never did a day in jail.

    • frank stetson

      Trump got his money from his Daddy after stiffing a number other family members. If he had put Daddy’s money into T-bills or CDs, he would be worth more that he is today. He went bankrupt six times. Six times. Daddy bailed him out of few times, once getting slammed for buying $1M in chips and then destroying the chips so Don could get some cash flow. Got some sanctions too. The US taxpayer bailed him out. Wilber Ross bailed him out of the AC bankruptcy and later got Secretary of Commerce as a quid pro quo which worked fine.

      What’s a HUGH SLAP, is Hugh your gay friend? Nice. And let’s call it slap your face and call you silly. I am not sure what you are so upset about, except in general, but frankly, slapping people who know people who did all the crimes you say they did — sure, why not.

      Myself, I have been called by the IRS a number of times, many times with penalties and interest. Every penalty was removed, must be three of them by now. Interest I am only too happy to pay; I make more on the cash anyway. The biggest was over $200K in non-payment, it was HUGH. But alas, not that rich, they base equities sales at gross, not net, and I sold many with only a point or two of profit —- cleaning up the options —- So, the value came way down. And then, many of the payments already came out of my W2 so in the end, only one sale was not W2 covered, of course it was the biggest sale. But they felt bad after the misread, and forcing me to do all that investigative work, so they erased all the penalties; a high five digits worth.

      The first time was the best though. I was young, recuperating from awful auto accident, poor, when I got my tax notice that I owed $347.17 which was a lot of money then. And the same amount I had paid which seemed odd. And a penalty added on top which was also $347.17. I found the process and said, “fuck this.” Living outside DC, I called the commissioner on a Spring Friday, first sunny nice day since winter, at noon. Amazingly he was out for the afternoon, so I pleaded my case why I called. Sounded like Alice’s restaurant and finally she says hold. Next thing I know I am in “the division of special problems,” or something weird like that where I get my personal investigator who says: “I will be in touch” and hangs up. I am scared. Two weeks later, I get a call and he says it’s all fixed. I say great, send me the report and he says NO. I say what, he says “it’s done, do you want more?” I say, “no, but let me ask you —- I live in DC, it’s ez to call, no LD charges (which were expensive back then), but what if I lived in bumfuck minnesota, what would happen.” He says: “oh, you would have found us sooner or later……” That’s when I realized the only rule there is is that THERE ARE NO RULES. But no penalty and no interest either.

      Bottom line: you can argue the law, but these penalties were not out of bounds, not a slap on the wrist, but pretty standard fare for these crimes by this type of criminal (first timer). And it was a Trumper that got them, I rest my case.

      Sure, influence peddling, bribery, even access should be punished IF it is unlawful. This chapter is over and has absolutely nothing to do with the Chinese connection, this was more Burisma, if even that. Except perhaps as a character witness yet I doubt we needed it to prove Hunter’s character, or lack thereof.

      As far as your evidence, I have told you that yes, Biden family members got money. Now what? They are calling Joe BIden the crime family Don, and there’s no money, there’s no quid pro quo’s —– just allegations so far. Always willing to look but you have yet to show us any real beef. As far as I can tell, buying Hunter’s art may break the ice at a White House function, but not sure it’s gonna gain any favor beyond some Presidential sarcasm about their intelligence.

      So, try again —- you got the proof on JOE BIDEN? Roll it.

      • Tom

        Frank, you love asking for proof. And then when I give it to you, you ask for proof. So first read this stuff for a freaken change!

        Here is Sen. Grassley ** But this is not all.

        Here is what Greene said at ** and you would think that is it, but its not, there’s more.

        Biden family has generated 150 SARs (suspicious activity reports), now let me ask you: Statistically what are the possibilities that Biden family, and Joe Biden are innocent and all of these reports are nothing burgers? So here is Comer on the SARs at **

        Now be a good investigator and actually read these reports instead of just asking for more proof. Biden changed the rules on what can be reported. The rules changed favored him and there is more to come and the investigation goes on.

        • frank stetson

          I ask for proof because I like the backup. People have been know to misstate things. Is that wrong? You gave me your proof, twice, I told you I read it, it makes no firm, factual conclusion that Joe Biden is the head of the Biden crime syndicate. You did not respond to the outages I indicated but instead keep core dumping and saying I need to read. Well, I read Grassley twice now and nothing changed.

          For this round, I will start with the Grassley/Johnson joke where I take delicious delight in hearing them say: We requested to interview Hunter and James Biden about financial dealings. If they had nothing to hide they could have volunteered to come in and sit for an interview. Man, that sucks and we know exactly how you feel. Really sucks, don’t it. Republicans made ducking a common practice, remember. Their silence speaks volumes you say. Wanna see my 25-volume set of Encyclopedia Team Trump Testimonies? And the 100-volume set of “they couldn’t be bothered to talk, on the record, only to Fox?” It’s even worse when they talk but only lie or plead the fifth; these guys say “silence speaks volumes.” How about ten volumes of the fifth —- what does that speak to? OR how about the epilogue to “we caught you.” It’s called the Pardon Papers……there’s a lot of them.

          Tom, as I said, Hunter is a cad, he took money from the Chinese, which — by definition — gets you near the Party. Like Jared, he gets paid for things he has no experience in. Not sure the illegality of that. They are looking for access, but to what? As I keep telling you, there is no proof anything illegal was done and zero proof that Joe Biden is involved, much less being some Biden Crime Family Don. IF they were buying Hunter to get to Joe, is 2017 the best year to start that? Hell of a multi-million dollar gamble? And they kept paying in 2018. Lobbying for Delaware beach passes? Guess they knew Joe would be king someday? Like he had pull with Trump administration. So, not sure if Hunter broke the law, don’t see even a hair of Joe involvement, and it’s 2017. Besides that, I think you got Joe cold, (sarcasm alert)

          I will do the details in a bit, but this is what I keep telling you. It’s proof Hunter is a cad, people pay for funny reasons, I mean who is funding Santos? Why give Jared billions to invest when is not experienced? Why give Ivanka 18 Chinese trademarks right after Trump becomes President to top off the 30 odd some she got for the year.
          Why did Trump Hotel fail once Trump lost power and left DC? But like these fine folks, I am not sure Hunter has broken laws, probably not announcing foreign agent stuff, but don’t know. But, as I keep saying, I do not see proof that Joe Biden has been bought or granted access for money, or most certainly —- some crime boss in charge of the Biden crime family.

          I do take even more delight watching these guys shoe-horn in every slander Trump has felt as Biden archetype actions. Some are really funny.

          • Tom

            Frank, this is an ongoing investigation. One of the articles mentioned how the Biden administration has made it more difficult to get the evidence. This is what came out today. Frank, you are a smart man. All of this together says something. I do not have to be looking at a dead fish to know that there is a dead fish in the area.

            Article says,

            Comer further revealed that more evidence is forthcoming. He mentioned that they have received bank records showing potential financial transactions from multiple countries. While China and Romania have already been disclosed, Comer suggested that there are more Chinese transactions that have not yet been revealed to the public.

            Highlighting the ongoing investigation, Comer stressed that the Biden family, including the president himself, has received substantial sums of money from foreign adversaries. He argued that these transactions remain unexplained, leaving unanswered questions about how the money was obtained.

            In addition to Comer’s revelations, last month, the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability released new evidence discovered during their investigation into the Biden family’s involvement in influence peddling and questionable business deals. These records exposed significant financial transfers from foreign nationals, concealed through a complex network of business entities established by Biden family members.

            See full article at **

            Stay tuned!!! As an independent, all I can say is that I think your boy is in trouble.

          • frank stetson

            If Joe Biden was in trouble, they would release the evidence.

            “One of the articles mentioned how the Biden administration has made it more difficult to get the evidence.” Really, two impeachments, how many investigations, and you are amazed that criminals hide the truth? Even the toad Barr said: “this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him,” in regards to obstruction. I am surprised you are surprised.

            Yet, like Trump, feel free to investigate. Yet proving your case in the press with allegations, inuendo’s, and stupid guesses did not work for us and these guys are doing a much worse job trying to manage that. It’s been six months — where are the FBI whistleblowers testifying as to weaponization. Where is there even a single tie to Joe BIden, the Biden crime family, and the money.

            As I have said: the current status is Hunter, James, and others got money from Ukraine and China. Who on Team Trump has not? And they all were pardoned. So, keep looking, please limit the media lies, and good luck.

          • frank stetson

            And now you roll a Newsmax – Comer interview, undated, which I gather is June 2023. In it, Comer finds Joe Biden totally guilty in a court of Newsmax without a single shred of evidence. Comer says (again, reader’s digest version:

            “ whistleblower Gary Shapley, an IRS agent, testified that Weiss indicated he did not have the final say on whether charges against Hunter Biden would be filed. Expressing his dissatisfaction, Comer…..called for Garland’s resignation….Comer further revealed that more evidence is forthcoming… records showing potential financial transactions from multiple countries…..more Chinese transactions…..

            ….Comer stressed that the Biden family, including the president himself, has received substantial sums of money from foreign adversaries.”

            First, the DOJ says they did nothing wrong; Shapley’s allegations, supported by an unnamed testifier, are serious and could result in Garland’s impeachment. I hope the committee brings this to ground as we are in a he-said, they denied, status without more hard evidence one way or the other. Time to bring the Trump-appointed Special Counsel to blow the doors off, one way or the other.

            Comer’s statement that the president received substantial sums of foreign dollars is unsubstantiated, unprofessional, and there should be calls for censure at minimum. Remember, the money we are talking about is from 2017 time frame, so what am I missing here as motive to bribe Joe Biden, ex-VP under Obama leaving office 1/21/2017. “Have you no shame, Mr. Comer.”

  3. Tom

    Frank, I think its the perception here that matters. Facts are people rarely do jail time for not paying taxes on time or under-reporting income for taxes. I do not know enough about the gun violations thing to comment but my feeling is he only owned it for two weeks. And then he threw it away is what I understand. So to me, this is not a big deal. Its all about perception of a two tiered legal justice system. It sure would be nice if the DOJ defended itself and corrected the perception.

    I am more concerned about selling influence. I have given you documents regarding what was shared by the Chinese on money paid to Biden family accounts. Also I posted an article of MJT comments after she reviewed bank documents and financial alerts triggered by deposits into Biden accounts. So I am waiting to see what becomes of all of this. Yet I wonder about how many congress persons have Chinese investments and are subject to Chinese influence when making decisions!

    I still think the DOJ ought to be moved to under the SCOTUS as a branch independent of executive and legislative branches. I see no reason why we can’t vote on a US Attorney General just like we do the president and vice president. This whole thing about weaponing of the DOJ appears to be a shortcoming of system design where the AG reports to the president instead of being equal to the president.

    And this whole issue of pardons has just gotten way out of hand. It was originally intended to right political wrongs is my understanding, but it seems lately it is out of hand. Now Trump thinks he can pardon himself, and Biden will be sure to pardon his son! So I just want you to know Frank, that if you or Larry ever get in trouble and I am POTUS, I am going to pardon both of you!!!!

  4. frank stetson

    Tom, here’s my “reader’s digest” version of the Grassley/Johnson HUGH announcement. Two parts, part one is Grassley. He seems to be complaining about Trump’s treatment and he is using Hunter/James salve his sores. Seems like whining to me. I have stripped it to the essentials but added nothing, just edited it down to get to the salient facts presented. First the Grassley……

    “Once again, we’re going to make public and describe new financial records relating to Hunter Biden and his connections to the communist Chinese government. Most of that focus will be on his connections to CEFC, a company that’s effectively an arm of the Chinese Government. But first, we must go back to 2015: Hunter Biden: board of Burisma: tens of thousands of dollars each month: owner corrupt Russia-aligned Ukrainian oligarch

    CEFC announced an agreement Northern International Capital Holdings China One of Ye Jianming’s companies majority shareholder. Northern International purchased $123 million worth of CEFC. Hunter investor and manager Hudson West Three also involved Chinese nationals connected to the communist regime. Hudson West Five, Hudson West Three and Owasco, Hunter Biden’s firm financially tied for energy projets.

    So, what this tells us is that Hunter Biden and James Biden linked up with companies connected to the communist regime to assist them with finding projects for global and domestic infrastructure and energy. Some energy project explorations between the Biden Family and China were here in the United States…

    “For the avoidance of doubt, CEFC China Energy Company Limited or any of its Affiliates shall be deemed as an Affiliate of Hudson.”
    Directly connects Hunter Biden to CEFC. The major project fell through. Hunter Biden was financially connected to CEFC, a company that was an arm of the communist Chinese regime, for the purpose of advancing its energy interests. This Agreement shows two additional findings: First, Hunter Biden’s responsibility to advance Hudson West Three’s interests as of August 2, 2017. Second, Hunter Biden’s close association with Hudson West Three, CEFC and its affiliates as of August 2, 2017. This is a bank record showing an August 8, 2017, wire transfer from Northern International Capital to Hudson West Three for $5 million. This is $5 million from a company connected to Ye Jianming and CEFC and its affiliates, which are essentially arms of the communist Chinese regime. And that transfer took place after Hunter Biden became closely involved with Hudson West Three as the LLC Agreement shows.

    So, what was the money for? As noted, Hunter Biden was working with Chinese nationals linked to the communist regime to help them explore energy projects.

    Hunter Biden paid $100,000 per month. James Biden paid $65,000 per month. And Hunter Biden will be paid a one-time retainer fee of $500,000. We now conclude this with respect to James Biden: James Biden was financially connected to CEFC, a company that was an arm of the communist Chinese regime, for the purpose of advancing its energy interests.

    This is a Hudson West Three bank record that shows a wire transfer on August 31, 2017, for $165,000. Notably, this is the same month as the $5 million wire from Northern International. It’s also the same month Hunter Biden signed the August 2, 2017, LLC Agreement.

    So, I say this to the liberal media and our Democratic colleagues who tried to smear our work all those years and accused us of peddling Russian disinformation: Are these official bank records Russian disinformation? To our Democratic colleagues and the liberal media, we deserve an answer. Because you made several efforts to smear our reputation as we were starting this investigation two or three years ago.”

    I am not sure what Grassley is asking, but I do not see a Joe Biden connection. I see Hunter and James making some cash; I see the year is 2017 so I am foggy on what influence was expected from out-of-office Joe Biden. Not even sure if there is anything illegal in working for others overseas. Where’s the beef Tom?

  5. frank stetson

    Part two: Then Grassley whips out his Johnson to reveal the hard truth about Joe Biden, Biden crime family Don. Here’s Johnson’s spew in readers’ digest form again.

    “Hunter Biden and James Biden received millions of dollars from companies connected to the communist Chinese regime. But, frankly, it’s worse than that. These companies were effectively an arm of the Chinese Government. These are hard fact bank records that prove just how connected the Bidens were, and now how compromised President Biden probably is. Pay Hunter money to represent Patrick Ho. Patrick Ho was arrested by U.S. authorities in November 2017 for international bribery and money laundering charges. This arrest occurred in the same month that Patrick Ho’s company, CEFC, is wiring $1 million to Hunter. He contacted James Biden. Ho’s decision to call the Biden family around the same time he got arrested is revealing, particularly in light of the fact that the same month a million dollars just happened to be transferred to Hunter Biden’s company.

    Oh, one more tidbit. In a recently uncovered audio extracted from his laptop, Hunter Biden referred to Patrick Ho as the “[expletive deleted] spy chief of China.”

    OK, that is the smoking gun. Hunter gets money from a Ho; now, that’s news. Ho is bribing Hunter in 2017 to get access to an ex-VP Joe Biden. I not only fail to see any connection, but in 2017 I am hard pressed to find a motive in this to gain control of Joe Biden. For what?

    Like I said, I applaud folks investigating. Keep looking but quit wasting our time with allegations, inuendo, and swags. It did not work for us, there is potentially blowback that’s far worse and impacting beyond this specific case, and so good luck with the mud flinging. I only wish we could take some of our back.