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Trump Bans Travel from Europe over Chinese Coronavirus

Trump Bans Travel from Europe over Chinese Coronavirus

President Trump announced tonight that to fight the Chinese coronavirus, he would ban travel from Europe for the next 30 days, starting this Friday. Great Britain was not included in the ban.  These restrictions are already in effect for China, Japan and South Korea.

Trump noted that while his early travel bans on China prevented large scale incursion of the virus into the U.S., pockets of virus outbreak have been caused by travelers from Europe.

Additionally, President Trump said that he is exploring ways to mitigate the damage from public reaction to the virus. He is asking Congress to consider an immediate payroll relief measure and will ask the Small Business Administration to make low business loans to small businesses negatively affected.

In the meantime, public events are being canceled left and right. The NBA announced the rest of its season would be postponed after a player was found to have the Chinese coronavirus. San Francisco and Washington State have banned public gatherings over 250 people.

It has been clear that Trump’s early measure to restrict travel from China has saved many lives, and he has extended that caution according to the advice from the Center for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health. Quick reactions to contain outbreaks have limited infection, however the virus is expected to continue to spread.

Coronavirus is comparable to the flu but has some key differences. One commentator noted that the disease has not killed anyone under the age of 30. While a person with the flu is expected to infect 1.3 people on average, a person with the coronavirus is expected to infect more than 2 people. The death of the coronavirus is approximately 10 times the death rate of the flu.

A vaccine for the virus is expected in about a year.


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  1. Craig Michael Vandertie

    The CDC is wrong when at minimum it takes up to 14 days for someone infected depending on how much time they spend in crowded areas shopping malls and libraries for instance I project they could infect as much as 10 people considering the virus can be transmitted aerobically.

    Here in northeastern WI where you have all those arrogant born to rule ignoramuses from Chicagoland up this way I hope they either become infected with a strain that incubates much faster or it is those spoiled elitist Illinoisans who are quite likely Illini as well who whine about high their property tax is in Illinois while owning vacation houses in Door County, WI get infected and Door County quarantined for at least 90 days.

    Who knows what instructions the Chinese tyrants gave their Virologists in engineering Covid-19 its incubation period could actually get longer allowing the infected to walk around infecting even more people.

    • Big Red

      As a Chicagoan, I take great offense to your remarks 🙂 But Door County is very nice…

      • Nathan Bedford Forest

        Fuck you. All democrats should be lined up against a wall and shot.