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Trump Announces $3B Defense Deal with India

Trump Announces $3B Defense Deal with India

Speaking to a cheering crowd in Ahmedabad on Monday, President Donald Trump announced plans to sign a series of massive military deals with India.

India’s government has already approved the purchase of 24 maritime helicopters from Lockheed Martin for $2.6 billion and the US State Department has approved the potential sale of $1.8 billion in rifles, missiles, and other weapons to India.

Perhaps these new deals will convince India to abandon plans to purchase Russia’s S-400 anti-aircraft system, a giant radar that threatens to undermine US operations in South Asia.

“We make the greatest weapons ever made,” said Trump during his recent visit to India. “We make the best and we’re dealing now with India…this includes advanced air-defense systems and armed and unarmed aerial vehicles.”

During his trip, Trump participated in a “mega-rally” alongside Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, toured the Taj Mahal, and visited the former home of independence leader Mohandas Gandhi. 

“We are in the early stages of discussion for an incredible trade agreement to reduce barriers of investment between the United States and India,” added Trump. “And I am optimistic that, working together, the prime minister and I can reach a fantastic deal that’s good and even great for both of our countries.”

Author’s Note: This is great news. Former US presidents have avoided military deals with India based on the nation’s longtime conflict with NATO ally Pakistan, but Trump understands that we need India on our side to balance China’s new military aggression.

Editor’s Note: This is a brilliant geopolitical move on Trump’s part, moving toward an alliance with India is a foil to China. China has ambitions of world domination, they already realize they are in a population war for the resources to feed massive consumption. When it finally comes to war over these resources, the massive Indian population will counterbalance China.

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