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Trump and ‘Insurrectionist’ Claims: Should His Political Adversaries Be the Judges?

Trump and ‘Insurrectionist’ Claims: Should His Political Adversaries Be the Judges?

The recent decisions in Maine and Colorado to remove Trump from the presidential primary ballots, citing the Constitution’s insurrection clause, stand as stark examples of blatant partisan interference with elections. These actions, taken unilaterally by a Democratic secretary of state, and a Democrat appointed state supreme court have ignited fierce debates about the ability for the opposition to determine a political figure’s eligibility for office.

Should one’s political opponents have the reach to ban a legitimate candidate from an election? In this case, Trump has been labeled an “insurrectionist” without having been convicted of any crime. Can he be labeled an “insurrectionist” just because the term has become popular in mainstream media?

In Maine, Secretary of State Shenna Bellows, a Democrat, made the unprecedented move to disqualify Trump from the ballot. Her justification was devoid of a preceding legal conviction for insurrection, raises critical questions about her motivations and the influence of political bias in such significant rulings.

Similarly, in Colorado, the Supreme Court’s decision to remove Trump from the ballot, also citing the 14th Amendment, further exemplifies the partisan mis-use of legal provisions to sideline a political adversary. The court’s ruling, led by justices appointed by Democrats, adds to the perception of a politically biased judicial process. These actions starkly contrast with the situation in Michigan, where the Supreme Court, following a more procedural approach, allowed Trump to remain on the ballot, and California which declined to remove Trump from the ballot because it (rightfully) just was not appropriate.

And remember these are Democrats disqualifying candidates for the Republican primary.

The label of ‘insurrectionist’ applied to Trump, absent a legal conviction, suggests a dangerous precedent where political figures can be disqualified based on partisan intentional mis-interpretations rather than due process and judicial findings. This trend raises serious concerns about the integrity of the electoral process and the impartial application of the law.

As the legal battles over Trump’s eligibility continue, the role of the U.S. Supreme Court becomes increasingly important. With conflicting decisions at the state level, the need for an unbiased, legal resolution from the nation’s highest court is evident. The Supreme Court’s potential involvement in these cases offers a chance to establish clearer guidelines for the application of the 14th Amendment and to address the issue of state versus federal authority in determining eligibility for office.

As an actual impact on 2024 elections, this is moot. Trump has a substantial lead in the polls and the loss of these two states will not affect his ability to win in the Republican primaries. But if the precedent stands, then it leads to a situation where the party in power can limit candidates for the opposing side.

Much like Putin as done with opposition leader Navalny, and more recently with Yekaterina Duntsova, an anti-war candidate. Navalny has another 19 years to serve, Duntsova is just restricted from running (but Putin will find a reason to throw her in jail, I’m sure).

Are we THAT nation yet?

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  1. Jim wampler

    Trump hasn’t been charged with insurrection or convicted of anything. So next time they will come for us. Stay locked and loaded


    “The recent decisions in Maine and Colorado to remove Trump from the presidential primary ballots, citing the Constitution’s insurrection clause, stand as stark examples of blatant partisan interference with elections.” Seems like we are in a tomato, tomahto point in our history where no matter what you say, I’m against it (to quote the great Groucho)….. and a one and a two and a……

    You say partisan, I say patriotism
    You say interference and I say insurrection
    Partisan, patriotism, interference, insurrection
    Let’s call the whole thing off

    You like Trump and I like Biden
    You like Greene and I like Pelosi
    Trump, Biden, Greene, Pelosi
    Let’s call the whole thing off

    But oh, if we call the whole thing off
    Then we must part
    And oh, if we ever part
    Then that might break my heart (but I will get over it…….easy…quick)

    Fact is that if you believe in State’s Rights, they are following their own to the best of their abilities. State Laws and, like abortion, whattya gonna do about that? Have SCOTUS issue a Row v Wade for Trump? They just got rid of one.

    It used to be pretty obvious when someone crossed the line at the Presidential level. Nixon for breaking and entering, Clinton for being a cad and a liar, and Trump twice, once for Ukraine extortion, the second for the 1.6.2021 Republican Violent Insurrection at the Capitol as in the incitement therein. But this time you guys are like Tammy on crack in your “stand by your man” no matter what gutter he’s crawling through. Defamation — ah, locker room shit. Sexual Abuse, ah, she’s ugly. Digital Rape, ah, who hasn’t done that. Cheating at Business — hey, we told you he’s good. Tax evasion — it’s the accountants. Paying hush money to hookers — come on, Melania was prego fat, everyone does that too. Whatever he does, I am for it tis your mantra. So it tis.

    I mean this guy invites his hoard including OathKeepers, Proud Boys, x-percenters, whatever, to DC on the day the vote will be finalized to tell them to fight to stop it. There, he rants a bit saying go in peace once and fight, fight, fight over two dozen times, then sends them to the Capitol knowing they are armed, have armor, but most of all —————- The President WATCHES ON TV FOR OVER THREE HOURS WHILE CALLS POUR IN FOR HIS HELP AND HE DOES ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING TO DEFEND OUR NATION FROM THE DOMESTIC ENEMIES THAT HE PERSONALLY SENT ON HIS MISSION WHO ARE TAKING THE CAPITOL APART LOOKING FOR PENCE AND PELOSI.

    Ask yourself, what would have happened if they found one of them? Made Hawley ran for his life that day, and he started with a fist pump to those he loves about to commit seditious conspiracy to overturn the election. And later he ran like a little girl. That’s a tape best played with “do the hustle” in the background but replace hustle with Hawley. Yeah, Do the Hawley will never get old. Later, many of those convicted blame Trump on their way to Prison. On the record. Under oath. Dozens and dozens of them. Trump has not sued them for defamation. And the handful that got nailed for seditious conspiracy got over 100 years, combined, I think the top guy got 22 alone.

    So, I don’t really know. I am not from those States. I do not know their laws in this regard and would bet Joe does not either. But I do know something bad happened on 1.6.2021, Trump is at the center of it with The Big Lie, his lawyers already pled out in Georgia for election interference and Trump is top card in that deck of 19, so he’s criminally charged already for similar shit, and his lawyer tossed the white flag. So, sure seems possible and plausible.

    But what I really know is that I am loving this and soon will probably cry me a river as SCOTUS gore’s their ox, Florida Presidential election style, and overturns all of these decisions. Probably will pick up the case fast since the Smith case about Trump screwing with elections appeal fast-tracking got dropped. When that happens, please re-write this article.

    Oh yeah, one parting shot: “Much like Putin as done with opposition leader Navalny, and more recently with Yekaterina Duntsova, an anti-war candidate.” Really, they locked Trump up without a trial? They didn’t follow State Law according to their responsibilities and authorities according to State Law? Hyperbolic much? Where’s Hitler?

    Where was your argument re Fed Law and State Law when Roe v Wade came up? Ironic ain’t it. Two sides of the same coin, my friend. You just got the short stick this time.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      It has nothing to do with state’s rights. It has everything to do with a political opposition making gratuitous assertions to eliminate the probably victor in an election – without due process in a court of law to determine if Trump can be convicted of being an insurrectionist by any definition whatsover.

      And FYI, I am loving this as well, because it is yet another boost in Trump’s stature, and another pathetic, blatantly un-Constitutional act by the Democrats.

      If you actually bothered to read the article, you would see clearly the analogy with Putin. And yes, the Democrats are attempting to lock Trump up.


        Joe, I started my post by saying you see things one way, I see them another, and there’s a lot of that going on. Your response is that my OPINION is wrong, you are right, it’s your way or the highway apparently on this issue.

        From the team that cries “lock her up” before any due process, suddenly, a State MUST put the fucker in jail before they can follow their own State Law. The same team with over 1,000 people breaking the law at the Capitol and now promised pardon by Mr. Law and Oder. We yelled “lock him up,” isn’t that enough :>) I think you protest too much.

        I can understand your point, your pain, but elections are the province of each State and each State creates its own set of laws on how to do that. You got a problem with that? You against State’s Rights when it serves you?

        In the case of Maine, the SoS pulled the trigger based on her reading of the law, 14.3, and her legal right to take action. In the case of Colorado, their Supreme Court mad the decision after a lower court made theirs. Your side made arguments there I believe, and lost. In California, the SoS cannot make the decision, according to State law, and the courts perhaps too so they are not proceeding since the plaintiff withdrew the case for now. For this area of concern, there are 50 States and potentially 50 ways each State Law is written. Just like abortion law is at the State level now, and there may be potentially 50 different ways that abortion law may be written.

        It seems wrong and unfair to you, this State law, in a similar manner as the current abortion bans, determined by State Law, seem wrong and unfair to me, and many others. So it tis.

        So be it, that’s the law. And now you will appeal, The SCOTUS will probably fast track the hearing after they refused the Smith fast track to get Trump in court before the cows come home. If they fast track this one, it will immediately seem SCOTUS politicizing the law to me. But, in the end, the SCOTUS will probably render a decision in your favor that will make me feel exactly as you feel right now. Yes, I feel your pain and I plan to feel it personally soon…..

        FYI: that’s how we do things round here. That’s how you did them in reverse to undo Federal Law granting abortion across the land and place it back in the hands of the State where you feel in belongs. That’s how you miscounted Gore right out of office. Now you want to override the State and State Laws by the very same SCOTUS that pushed Roe v Wade to the States by putting the decision in Federal hands so he SCOTUS decides State Law. Ironic, ain’t it. But that is the due process here.

        So, I hear your argument, can see the validity, but feel my arguments still stands, and can stand along side yours. I do not feel it’s my way or the highway. I am just commenting on how I see it.

        FYI: I did read it and this still is not comparable to Putin locking up political dissidents without due process. Trump is not being locked up by the States. No one is putting him in a Gulag. The chance of actually serving time in a jail is remote, Democrats respect the office too much for that, even for Trump. But, in both cases, people are not being allowed to vote for their preferred candidate, and that happens all the time in America. Otherwise, we’d have thousands on the ballots and Mickey Mouse would be elected. I am guessing folks can still write-in any candidate they want as well so there’s that last resort too.

        Yes, I think by the time this is done, it will be an example of the Federal Government, vis-à-vis the SCOTUS, mandating what the State will do regardless of current State Law. The good news, whether we like it or not, we will get a better definition of 14.3 not defined since Reconstruction..

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        Republicans had two opportunities to remove Trump from office, and whiffed. After initially condemning Trump for the events of Jan 6th, most have shown themselves to be either too stupid or too cowardly to continue to condemn him. For some strange reason(s), they have decided to support a candidate with almost 100 counts of indictments against him. It’s up to the rest of the electorate to make the decisions.

        Trump made no attempt to hide his crimes. The evidence against him is overwhelming and obvious. Democrats made the right choice. Republicans have chosen to ignore the crimes of Trump, and are perfectly willing to let him take down the Party and the whole country with him because they’re too scared to stand up to him. Why? Because he uses the bully pulpit to attack his enemies personally. Trump is a coward leading a Party of even more scared cowards. Republicans could have impeached Trump when it was clear that he was a Russian stooge, and maybe they could have nominated someone honorable and recovered their Party’s reputation. But old senile Mitch chose Party over Country, and let Trump bully his way through the rest of the term. And now the whole Repubican Party bows and scrapes before him, and anyone who doesn’t do his bidding is ostracised from the Party, and Trump doxxes them and sends his nutcase supporters after them.

        As to standing versus the 14th Amendment, it says (leaving out the parts that don’t apply to Trump):

        No person shall … hold any (civil) office, under the United States, …, who, having previously taken an oath, … as an officer of the United States, … to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.

        There is public testimony by the authors of the Amendment that it does indeed include the office of President. And as far as not being convicted of any crimes – there’s precedent for that too. All supporters of the South in the US Civil War were banned, most without being convicted.

        And as far as “analogy with Putin”, why are Republicans supporting Putin/Russia against Ukraine? Because Putin’s stooge has browbeat Republicans into it. Anyone who chooses Russia over Ukraine should be in jail for treason. NATO exists to keep Russia in check, and unless we want to fight Russia directly, Congress should be fully supporting Ukraine with all the money and equipment it needs.

    • Steven Piotrowicz

      Frank I’m trying to figure out who’s a bigger liar you or Adam Schiff. Your whole article is full of lies.
      Total bullshit. You obviously have a severe case of TDS . Trump Derangement Syndrome . You need
      professional help. Maybe go to one of the colleges that’s full of know nothing morons like you and
      maybe they will let you use one of their crying rooms .

  3. Frank stetson

    Jim, way to stay on point avoiding low brow personal attacks. The dog is pissed.

    Speaking of which, when you say seen it, felt it, been there, you’re not running for President, so are you referring to the dog? I talked to the dog and he says he don’t swing that way.

    Someday I hope to discuss issues versus this bullshit.

    • Jim lucas

      We are on point. The democrats are crooked bastards. On point enough? Even Tom agrees with me

  4. Frank stetson

    Jim, Republicans are crooked bastards.

    Just as true as your version.

    No facts. Feckless. Fruitless. If you could prove it, lots of people going to jail. We arrested over a thousand of you crooked bastards after 1.6, we got hundreds chilling in jail, hundred years for the sedition crowd. Now we are continuing to come fake electors at the state level. Chesebro is testifying against all those crooked bustards.

    How’s the impeachment coming? Inquiring still? Maybe you get Menendez. We got Santos already.

    Keep rhe faith baby. .

    • Joseph s bruder

      Democrats are perverted assholes. Even Frank proves it

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        Hey, get your own name!

        • Jim wampler

          Go away asshole. Adults are trying to have a discussion. Except for Frank. That requires smarts

          • Frank stetson

            Go wampler yourself. .

            And your little gay man’s dog too. Not that there’s anything wrong with a little bitty doggie. Cept if dog like man, that’s one ugly little piss-ass stupid mf-ing man.

            Next week Trump will lose some appeals. The case will march on towards the SCOTUS. Jack Smith rules!

            Meanwhile Trump got a minimum of $8m from foreign countries during his reign, 5.5m from China. One company looking to buy US companies took Trump accommodations for over a year. Fucking banana Trump republic.

            Don Jr said he gave it all to charity. Then he said they gave profits to Treasury. All lies. .

            More money will be uncovered soon. Emoluments be damned.

            Hunter starting to look like a cheap date compared to Don and Don jr; the Trump crime family. Not to mention Ivanka’s fast tracked Chinese Trademarks so she could profit from doing business with China.

            No one tougher on China. Wink wink, nudge, nudge.

            Putin cool, but China pays. And the Saudi’s, UAE, Qatar, Philippines, etc. etc. ,

  5. AC

    Hey, you red team sort have no qualms about piling on judgement with adversarial gusto when you project on Biden. Horist has accumulated a sizable commentary trove making Biden the subject and paints with his broadest condemnatory brush all he perceives as “the left”.
    PBP comments questioning diversity in political identification when your guy is under scrutiny.
    Have your cake and eat it too in Trump’s case has been why he is still on the outside. All other folks waiting for indictment and hearing in court would be inside wearing state provided clothing, have bail denied, and held awaiting trial.
    If that was his situation, bless his vote grubbing little heart. his lawyer team wouldn’t working the big stall.
    Mercy on us all, had he been under state lockup care and denied phone access. What a wonderful world this would have been. The separation would surely increase his numbers.
    His base is made up out of sympathy voters.

    • Jim wampler

      Frank you’re a lying bastard. But know this. Trump will be your president. I’ll see you at the inauguration. If you have the balls to show up. And bring your daughter to meet Trump.

  6. Frank stetson

    What lies? I think you’ve wamplered your brains out. Know this? Quit sucking Trump off. He’s a crook. Bigger crook than Hunter. Head of the Trump crime family. Crooks all. Trump was best friends with Epstein, paid Stormy for sex, digitally raped Carroll, cheated at business, sent the mob to end democracy, and caused a larger covid death toll of any developed nation while buying your chesp ass off with a mountain of Chinese debt as they bribed him with $5.5m in his first two years only in office. Guy testified he thought a picture of young Carroll was his wife, can’t remember what city he is in, and loks like a heart attack waiting to happen.

    But takes a loser to pick a con man for his guy. You can have him

    Kamala for President, vote Biden!

    • Jim wampler

      All the more reason to vote for trump. Better than Joe and ho. Paid for sex? Happens all the time. Doesn’t your wife have access to the bank account? lol. But no allegations have ever been proven. Some idiots choose to pile on the accusations just because it’s Trump. But you never have told us what retard joe will do for the country. He’s already broken his oath of office. An no, kumala and retard will never be re-elected. So dream on Alice.


        I bet wampler does have to pay for sex all the time. And he respects a good whore-banger like Trump. At least Bill didn’t have to pay for it like Trump.

        “But no allegations have ever been proven” which is actually not true. I just don’t know what you need. He said it plain and clear what he likes to do. Dozens of women of all ages agree based on personal experience. He is Epstein’s friend an flew the Lolita Express multiple times starting in 93, even with family (was he pimping them out or grooming them) and in 2002 claimed knowing Jeffery, as he calls him, for 15 years. FYI: like Clinton, the documents reveal NOTHING illegal.

        “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life,” and he’s in the newly released documents four times.

        But, on the record, here’s his guilt:

        EJ Carroll — sexual abuse — proved liable.

        EJ Carroll —- digital rape countersuit —- been cancelled, judge declared on the record that the citizens proved Trump a digital rapitist. They jury believed Carroll over Trump as well as other rape victim witnesses

        M Cohen —- pleaded guilty, eight counts of campaign-finance violations, tax fraud, and bank fraud including paying off Stormy. Trump is unindicted co-conspirator number 1 and his trial in NY continues today, but since Cohen is guilty, Trump is number 1, you can guess the outcome. Trial resumes end of March.

        Now, you can say not criminal, but in the case of Carroll, that’s just timing. And he is a digital rapist, perhaps not criminally, but if it was YOUR daughter, would that change anything? But still, you love him, you love what he stands for, so you are ALL IN for this shit. And even more:

        His wife is a communist, raised by a father in the Communist Party who visited the oval office and lives at Mar A Largo just a few feet from the classified documents stored in the secure bathroom. Many spies are Mar A Largo members. Why not?

        Now it turns out Trump got close to 8M in Hunter-dollars from foreign adversaries staying at his overpriced pieces of crap hotels. China in for 5.5M alone with one company staying for a year for over a million. Tell me Trumpy know nothing about a million dollar bill? This fucker blew up the plans to move the FBI hqtrs just because it might lower his DC hotel traffic. And it’s only two years, we still have not seen the last two years of his governmental grift when they were booking.don and don was dialing for documents to sell……

        He’s a cad, you’ve been had, he’s a cheat, you give him treats, but at least at last please look…….. He will never survive all 91 charges and NY and Georgia are getting to look like slam dunk no brainers. NY is not even a matter of guilt anymore, just a matter of the penalties. And they are pleading guilty in Georgia faster than 1.6.2021 convicts pled for their lives.

        • Jim wampler

          Why do you even care if Trump paid for pussy? Would you feel better if stormy gave it for free? I really don’t care. That shit goes on all the time. Not right but it happens. You still don’t know how retard joe is better for the country. Face it. Biden ain’t going to be re-elected. And if I’m wrong he damned sure ain’t going to govern us real patriots. Your daughter might join us.


    Jim: why do you fantasize about my non-existent daughter? You’re wife not good enough? Or is the dog not able to meet your perverse needs? Do you still wampler that thing? Or just wear it as a toupee?

    Unless you have moved to Mexico, you ARE governed by Biden every day no matter what you say. How could you not be? More daughter-infused fantasies? Just go wampler yourself.

    Or tell us how you avoid being governed by the sitting President? That’s got to be a tin foil hat special.