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Trump and His Supporters Ignoring DeSantis, Proving His Irrelevance

Trump and His Supporters Ignoring DeSantis, Proving His Irrelevance

When popular Florida governor Ron DeSantis announced his bid for the White House, he seemed a threat to President Trump. This was evidenced by the quick and sharp attacks from the former president and his followers and surrogates on DeSantis that started almost as soon as the Florida governor announced his campaign. But now, many months later, those attacks have all but stopped, which only serves to prove that DeSantis is now irrelevant to Trumpworld.

Two months ago, one of the leaders of the pro-Ron DeSantis PAC “Never Back Down” assessed what a really troubling scenario would look like for the candidate who seemed to have been anointed as GOP’s savior.

“What would concern me,” Chris Jankowski, the PAC’s CEO, said in a July interview with The New York Times, “is if I woke up one day and Trump and his team were not attacking Never Back Down and Ron DeSantis.”

“That would be concerning,” Jankowski continued. “Other than that, we’ve got them right where we want them.”

In the two short months since saying that to the Times, it seems that Jankowski’s doomsday scenario has come true.

As the Florida governor runs out of time to mount a serious challenge for the nomination, the biggest pro-Trump trolls have begun to look at him less as a threat and more as another grave in Donald Trump’s cemetery of GOP political rivals.

“He still comes up in conversation, but the fire is gone because he’s already toast,” a Trump adviser said of DeSantis. “It was fun nuking him, though.”

A second Trump adviser compared DeSantis to the former Arkansas governor in the race, polling at an average of 0.4 percent.

“It doesn’t take Einstein to see that DeSantis has shrunk so low in the polls that, at this point, he poses as much of a threat of winning the GOP nomination as Asa Hutchinson does,” this adviser said.

As to the bar of DeSantis’ irrelevancy to Trump being set at the level of attacks against him, in a Sunday interview with NBC’s Kristen Welker, Trump only mentioned DeSantis by name once. And more to the point, the most recent ad from the pro-Trump PAC is an entirely conventional commercial comparing the former president’s economic record to President Joe Biden’s.

“He went down like an injured bird out of the sky,” Trump said at a recent speech in front of the Concerned Women for America Summit in D.C., an increasingly rare reference to the man who was once his biggest GOP threat.

At the beginning of the year, before he launched his campaign, DeSantis was neck-and-neck with Trump in some polls. Now, he trails by an average of more than 40 points, according to FiveThirtyEight’s poll tracker.

While DeSantis’ poll and fundraising numbers may be the most directly threatening data points for his campaign, the disappearing interest that MAGA influencers and the former president himself have in attacking their hated rival captures how the primary has settled into a smooth Trump coronation.

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  1. Dan tyree

    It’s a shame. He would be a great president if elected. But trump is the greatest

    • bill

      DeSantis only rose to fame as Florida governor thanks to Trump! He became tougher during the pandemic and probably would make a good president but not right now. We need Trump back in the WH to finish what he started and this time it will change the tide for our country like no one ever thought possible. Trump will not only secure our borders, but the “deep state” will suffer a blow that will end the ambitions of Obama and company to transform our country into a banana republic. The military will be fixed, we will have energy independence and EV’s will be on the back burner. The economy will once again be booming, and the deficit will be deleted. We only have one chance to get this right or our country will end.

  2. Michael Burnett

    I will say it isn’t a shame at all! He would never make a good president.
    I live in Florida, I live in Crystal River, Florida.
    He has done absoutly nothing for the recover efforts of Hurricane Idalia.
    My famil and I lost everything we owned with over 5 1/2’ of water inside our home.
    I have even personally reached out to governor deSantis by email.
    There is an article in the new your times regarding my family and the recovery efforts that had to be done.
    While DeSantis is basically make it a criminal act to be an illegal immagant to be in Florida, who do you think cleans everything up after these storms?
    I will whole heartedly say I am a republican through and through.
    But, immigration should based off merit. Vetted properly to people whom want to work and provide a better life for themselves and their family. Based off of hard work and dedication, and the willingness to help someone selse in need.
    I understand there are a lot of succubus people that are coming into bringing in drugs, sex trafficking, and all troupes of horrible people. We can find someone on a sari lite with our technology that the US government has, but, we can bet someone to see if they are a good person or not?
    Instead we have a free open order and governors that have so much discontent for another human life that they can’t see past their own nose to have discovery of how something like this should be handled.
    I would love nothing more than to express my feeling on a national platform.
    There has been nothing but, anger and resentment in the county since Joe Biden took office.
    He is an evil person.
    I applied for FEMA after the storm, my family and I litterally lost everything we have ever owned in our lives.
    I was told by FEMA that the only thing that they could do for me is to offer a SBA loan. So because I and my family lost everything we know are told the only help that can be provided is to have me be in debt to the federal government to get my families life back on track after losing everything we own?!?
    DeSantis is a bad governor, he is a bad businessmen he can’t see past is own ego. It is truly truly sad!

    I will continue to speak out and speak my mind on any platform that won’t shun me for doing so.
    I have worked my entire life for anything and everything I have ever owned! I have been working since I was 7 years old.
    I grew up with very little, broken home, etc… it just goes to show they don’t give a flying rip about anyone but, their own ego wapeacillt Sesantis! He isn’t worthy of being the POTUS! The only one that has in the last 2 decades has been Trump! Look how much better everyone was off when he was in office!! All of these corrupt, greedy, unethical people have no place in this country and they are the ones that should be deported to god knows where send there ass to Siberia or something just so people don’t have to deal with there lies and deceit and lying to the American public. ,

  3. Tom

    Trump and his minions have all but destroyed the GOP.

    • bill

      You are not welcome to post here so take your Obama/Biden remarks someplace else. Trump was and is still the greatest president in my lifetime. Biden is the reason for what is happening in Israel, he just gave the Iranian’s $8 billion dollars, and do you know who put Hamas in Palestine? The Brotherhood, which is also the group that started ISIS, so all deaths are on Biden’s head.