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Trump and GOP Forced Biden’s Executive Order on Immigration

Trump and GOP Forced Biden’s Executive Order on Immigration

With the race to the White House staying at a toss-up, Trump has forced Joe Biden’s hand to enact an executive order on the border that echoes the ex-president’s own former immigration policies.

In 2020, Biden attacked Trump’s border policies as cruel, “un-American” and inhumane. The then-former VP campaigned on a “more humane” approach to the border crisis and continued that as he rode into his first term as president. 

But that was a then and Joe Biden was a very different president. Never was it clearer than today, when Biden signed the most restrictive immigration order of any modern Democrat, setting the stage for much of the southern border to close at midnight on June 4.

After taking a pounding from Trump over immigration and flailing on the issue in the polls, the Biden administration will seal the U.S.’s southern border entirely once illegal crossings reach 2,500 people per day. And with daily totals already exceeding that number within the past week, it will go into effect right away. The border will only reopen to asylum seekers after the number of illegal crossings dips under 1,500 per day for a sustained period of time.

If that sounds familiar, it should. The severe regulations are practically identical in scope to former President Donald Trump’s November 2018 decision to suspend asylum rights on the southern border, an initiative that was ultimately blocked in court.

Why Now?

Biden’s actions are only the latest reminder of former President Donald Trump’s success in reframing the political debate around immigration and Biden’s need to reshape administration policy in response. People on both sides of the aisle agree that Biden is taking this kind of action so late in his presidency, and one that is such an about-face from his border policy during most of his presidency is purely politically motivated.

So will the executive order really do any good or is it nothing more than a “Hail Mary” political stunt five months out from the election?

At the border in Texas, Biden’s plan was met with condemnation from elected officials of both parties. While their reasons may differ Texas Republican leaders and some state Democratic officials and even progressive interest groups found little to like in the executive order.

“This is a conversion based on the proximity of the next election and sinking poll numbers,” U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, told reporters in Washington after details of the president’s plan were released but before the formal announcement at the White House. “This executive order is just political cover, and the American people aren’t going to be fooled.”

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, perhaps Biden’s most vocal critic on immigration and border matters, called the initiative “a smokescreen.”

You would expect Republicans to find fault with Biden’s border EO, but they were not the only ones.

State Sen. Roland Gutierrez, a Democrat whose district includes a stretch of the Rio Grande from northwest of Laredo to southeast of El Paso, said Biden’s “actions do little to solve the situation.”

“We all want safe and secure border communities, but there is a smart way forward that works — without cruelty and inhumanity,” said Gutierrez, an immigration attorney. “We must have border solutions that protect women and children and strengthen our economy. Real lives on both sides of the border are going to be affected in a detrimental way.”

And left-wing progressive advocacy groups said that the measure will present an “immediate danger to an already vulnerable population.”

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  1. Hammon

    His “executive order “ was nothing designed to prevent illegal wet backs out. It’s all for show. If , God forbid, the commiecrats stole the election again. Would retard joe open the borders even wider? Hell yes!!!

  2. Tom

    This is “Sheridan’s Folly”, an attempt to be like Larry Horist the master spinster!

    MAGA: We forced Biden’s EO.

    Biden Team: We had to issue an EO because after the GOP Co-authored the recent Border Security Bill, Trump phoned McConnell and Johnson and told them to change their vote to nay. Trump wants an issue, not a resolution.

    From an Independent/Unaffiliated point of view, GOP lost this issue when they voted nay on the Border Security Bill. GOP continues to thwart meaningful border security reform and as long as Trump is their puppet master, the GOP will continue to obstruct border security efforts.

  3. frank stetson

    Here’s a really cool one that supposedly takes the poll data and extends it to an electoral college view.

    Pretty close with Trump having the lead, by a nose….. It’s a May 31st view.


    • Frank stetson

      That would’ve been more pertinent on the right thread…..

    • Tom

      Well polls change so often. Yesterday a couple of polls said Biden is ahead of Trump in four battleground states by just a smidgen. I think Trump and MAGA have more problems than they realize and the MAGA folks are willing to acknowledge. The only polls that matter will be the Nov 5th polls.

      Plus a recent psychiatric doctor panel of three analyzed Biden and Trump speeches over the past 15 years looking for dementia clues. What they found was that Biden does have age related dementia which will progress slowly; but Trump has dementia related to other forms of dementia that have a much steeper/faster progression curve. And they were stunned at the amount of progression over the past 4 years. They are predicting Trump will not be able to finish his term due to his dementia.

    • Tom

      As an Independent, I predict as Trump campaigns more, his appeal will go down and his poll numbers will slip thus asymptotically approaching his base numbers.

      I am remembering 2019-2020 and all of the times when Trump criticized Biden because Biden used note cards and teleprompters. Well if you look at the Trump speech yesterday, 6/9/2024, Trump’s teleprompter did not work thus his speech became a rant on the contractor that set up the teleprompter with little to no policy substance. Gee, so now, without a teleprompter Trump does not seem able to give a coherent speech about his policies. I guess Biden’s idea of using cue cards from his pocket is not such a bad idea! At least he can deliver a meaningful speech! LOL

      I still think Trump will get some jail time. And Biden needs to get pics for commercials and also super charge his currently boring message and outline for people all of his improvements post Trump. I predict this election will be more about Trumps psychosis and derangement than Biden accomplishments.

      Since the Hush Money trial I am now thinking gridlock may not be best because of Speaker Johnson’s performance in NY along with all of the MAGA legislature and senate minions that came to NY to impede the “rule of law”. I now think the only way to really save this country is to hold the nose, and vote out all MAGA or MAGA sympathizers. I think you will see more Independents breaking this way, especially those that did not like 2022 MAGA/Trump and those Dems that did not like the far left and joined the ranks of Independents.

      So I am now predicting a Nov 2024 Red trickle like 2022.

      • Frank stetson

        Johnson is a dick. Evangelical that thinks spanky sex adultery is so cool he’ll sport a red tie for support.

        He’s not a johnson, he’s a useless rubber.

    • Tom

      Again, the map is interesting but in NC, it will be close but I think Dems might be able to take it.

      • Frank stetson

        I’ll Raleigh round that flag pole.

  4. Frank stetson

    Well after the NV shark attack speech, I’m an amputee, lost at sea, there’s a slaughter in the water and that’s a Trump electric boat shark attack.

    All I know is Trump calls soldiers sacrificing, he called them losers and the convicted criminals who stormed the Capitol are patriot heros.

    The shining light on the hill has gone out. He actually said he doesn’t care about his voters, just their votes. Listen to the speech, he said it. This is one disturbed guy. A bundle of grievances looking for revenge and anyone expecting 2017 all over again is wrong; he’s now Trump 1.6.2021.

    Wonder why FOX didn’t air his first speech since his felony conviction for rigging the 2016 election with hush money to stifle free speech from a porn star he had spanking sex with. He’s off the rails now.

    I’ll take demented over deranged. .

  5. Tom

    Yes I agree, demented with good back up in Congress and Senate beats deranged with MAGA mob back up any day of the week for me and many Independents. Like I said, Trump spewing lies and hatred speech is MAGA cocaine. They are addicted to the vitriol spewing from Trump. They like the high that anger gives them. They will not change. So Independent will have to ensure Trump loses and his MAGA minions lose as well. After what I have heard in the last month, I think its the only way to begin the process of deprogramming MAGA addicts.

  6. Tom

    Interesting comment from an interview with a man who’s church turned against him when he spoke out about Trump:

    1) Trump is unrependent, and the evangelical church is his power center. In the Evangelical Church, they believe God selected Trump to save America. So speaking out against Trump is speaking out against God.

    2) Jesus said when your enemies harm you, take up your cross and bear it and forgive them. Christian Nationalism espouses making crosses so you can crucify your enemy – and there is no need to repent because you know you are right. How satanic is that!!!

    • Nancy

      If you know so much about God and His plan why ain’t you a televangelist? Idiots like you and Frank don’t stop and think about how our country will be so screwed with Biden back in office. But voter fraud is still alive. And I’m among the rising numbers of people who refuse to obey any laws from the democrats

      • Tom

        Well Nancy, the reason I am not a televangelist is because God has not directed me to do so. He has directed me to speak the truth in all arenas and to love my enemies that will be many because I speak the truth.

        Now a question for you; where in my message did I state that I knew God’s plan?

        I never claimed to know God’s plan. Heck, I do not even know his whole plan for me, let alone the whole USA.

        Now when it comes to drifting spiritually which is what MAGA has done (they have drifted from Jesus”s command to take up their cross and follow him, they have drifted to to making crosses for others. They have drifted from love thy enemies and do good to those who harm you, to hate your enemies, seek revenge and retribution, and crucify them. Trump even claimed this week that Jesus endorses his Trump bible) For this reason God has written in Romans 1: 28-32, “Since they thought it foolish to acknowledge God, he abandoned them to their foolish thinking and let them do things that should never be done.”

        Indeed, current MAGA thinking is delusional and warped thinking. They do not acknowledge by their behavior the truth of God’s word but have instead re-interpreted God’s word to justify harming their neighbor. Christian Nationalism is indeed warped interpretation of scripture and the mission of Jesus which was reconciliation.

        Nancy, I hope I have answered your questions. Please write if you want to know more.

  7. Frank stetson


    Which law from the democrats have you disobeyed? Do I hear crickets?

    What voter fraud? Have you actual proof because beyond Don being convicted on felonies for paying hush money to a porn star he had spanking sex with to limit free speech for her story where he rigged the 2016 election.. Or where a bunch of his lawyers pled guilty to trying to rig the 2020 election in GA? Cuz certainly it can’t be anything from the over 65 failed cases from the 2020 election or the half dozen failed recounts, by Trumplicants no less.

    So, whatever boter fraud might you know of?

    Biden has not screwed the country for me. I am sorry you got screwed and are not smiling.

    • Tom

      Frank, Nancy is a typical MAGA attitude. I have heard what she said over and over. She is obviously frustrated. Most likely life has not gone the way she wanted it too. She blames the system. She feels powerless. She feels betrayed. Trump is her savior. So she lashes out, at Dems saying such things as “I’m among the rising numbers of people who refuse to obey any laws from the democrats.”

      I think your question is a valid one, but I would not hold any breath awaiting a response.

  8. frank stetson

    Tom, yes, Nancy, frustration, however, I can’t really say it’s totally misplaced. However, “lock and load,” feeling totally screwed by Biden, rampant voter fraud (all by the left, cuz all we catch is the right?), and “rising numbers of people abusing law IF they think Democrats are behind it” would indicate she’s a bit farther than disillusioned and frustrated. And that she feeds and feeds off the web — thus she knows of so many others just like her.

    Lock n load. Voter fraud. People disobeying laws because Democrats voted it. Ain’t free speech grand? I mean voter fraud is a fraud, proven, and the only rigging going on is by Trump and his friends. Disobeying laws cuz you don’t like the author? And feeling it’s so bad you need to be armed and dangerous? People like that SHOULD be on a list. Because if they ever do get power, like Trump, they will put you on the list.

    Of course, they could be just people like me just funning her…. Ya never know with that there internet.

    But it’s nice that Gilbertson invites the reality handicapped here to tell us these crazy thoughts as if they speak the truth. Sometimes it gets a little Tower of Babel-y.

  9. frank Stetson

    FYI: Daniel Oliver’s story on Tranq is important but severely dated, probably because he avoids the truth by avoiding MSM.

    The NYTimes ran those quotes, from the poor women, in September of 2022.

    Tranq has been replaced by other drugs although still may be used a well. But the phenomena continues to spread, both by geography and by ingredients.

    If Oliver had looked farther than FOX, a professional journalist would have uncovered this, and much more, versus rehashing a 2022 story that finally trickled down to the blogosphere.

    • Hammon

      Yes, voter fraud was proven but the cowards in the courts refused to at least hold hearings. And some of the judges were GOP. But threats and bribery really worked. But don’t do it again.

      • frank Stetson

        Hammon, that’s just a fake rationalization to support your fake fact. You got 65 bites at the court apple and, face it, you just suck. You couldn’t get it done. Then you got a half dozen bites at the recount apple where you used your own people to do the counting, and, face it, you just suck. Do you see a trend in this?

        Then you stormed the Capitol where you did indeed stop the vote for a few hours showing us your frustration and inability to have anything better than a suck plan implemented by suck people for a suck result as we arrest, indict, convict and jail many who whimper “but Trump made us do it, he told us lies” as they suck pondwater from the muddy bottom of the Trumplicant pond.

        And now you tell US “But don’t do it again?” Why not? So far, the giant sucking sound comes from your end of the stick

        Meanwhile: we put much of Trump’s 2016 campaign management in jail for various crimes. Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, went to prison. Trump’s former campaign vice chairman, Rick Gates, went to prison. His personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, Trump’s campaign aide, Roger Stone, White House national security advisor, Michael Flynn, campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos, all worked on teh 2016 campaign and all when to jail. And then he pardoned them all solely because they are the President’s men. Law and Oder President.

        And then Trump himself is a convicted felon for paying hush money to a porn star for spanky sex with a stranger while preggo wife is untouchable in order to stop free speech of this news hitting the electorate just before he squeaked by Hillary and ending his run. He rigged that election, his felony proves it.

        The Trump Organization’s former CFO, Allen Weisselberg, was charged, convicted, and will spend a few months behind bars. His business is a corrupt enterprise with multiple felonies for cooking the books. He is liable for millions for false valuations in order to get loans or better rates on loans cheating others who play fair from accessing those funds. He got caught defrauding Trump University Students. He got caught stealing from his own foundations. Fuck, this turd is accused of peaking at teenaged beauty show contestants. Yech. And I thought the spanking was sick.

        For the 2020 election, Trump’s former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, was charged with wire fraud and money laundering and will go to jail for Congressional contempt. Elliot Broidy was the vice chair of Trump’s inaugural committee pled guilty to federal charges related to illegal lobbying. Two of his lawyers, Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney Powell, have pleaded guilty to election-related crimes and will testify against him about his attempt to rig the 2020 election. His personal lawyer, Rude Ghouliani, owes over $145M for spreading Trump’s lies.

        All in all, Trump’s top management got close to 30 years in prison with 11 knocked off by his fraudulent pardons, like the one he gave to Kushner’s crook of a Dad.

        But wait, there’s more. They felt that Trump sent them when they went to the Capitol. He told them to go. He told them to fight. His friends stood next to him and told them to make war and he did not protest. He watched them on TV attacking, damaging, and taking over our Congress, Capitol, and voting process, and did nothing except munch on some burgers for over 3 hours and even then, someone else made the call to bring in the troops. Over 1,250 have been charged, over 750 guilt’s, 250 felonies and over 460 sent to jail. Many not in jail have house arrest and the bracelet. Approaching three million in damages, these fucks raised the Stars and Bars in the Capitol while they pissed and shat in the corners. While 22 years is the highest sentence so far, these folks will spend hundreds of years in prison. For Trump lies. And yes, if he’s elected, he will set these felons free just like all the other felons that are on his team, his friends, his family, that he has already set free. Law and Oder.

        Voter fraud. You can whine. You can whimper. But you have tried and you have failed to prove it. We found it, we proved it, and we put you in jail for it. That’s just the facts, jack, and don’t look back. Because you can tell us you are lock and loaded, that you are watching, and that you will not let it happen again, but the truth is —– you can’t find it and you can’t get it done and we are doing you left and right BECAUSE we are a nation that lives by the rule of law and we have proved you are breaking it.

        Bring it on. We will respond just as we have.

        • Archie

          Bloody great idea. Suit yourself Things will be done differently next time.

          • Tom

            How is that Archie? What will be done differently? Please explain!

            Let me ask you, if you do it differently next time but the results are the same as the first time, then will you admit to the Trump lies?

      • Tom

        Great HAmmon. I am an Independent willing to listen. Please provide links to your proof! I do not take comments at face value. Show that you are correct.

  10. frank stetson

    Tom, Hammon, like many, is living the dream. His fake reality has taken over and soon he will join Trump’s army in some ill-fated affair that gets them all put to jail. Just like most of the people that work close to Trump. Just like his 1.6.2021 army that descended on the Capital, locked and loaded many to stop the US Government and the people’s votes in their tracks.

    Soon Hammon will have to come up with yet another pseudonym to bury the shame of this new one. Wonder if the next one will be as Jewish as this one. Probably thought it meant something else.


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