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Trump's Ambassador to EU Ted Malloch: Euro on Brink of Collapse

Trump's Ambassador to EU Ted Malloch: Euro on Brink of Collapse

Trump’s pick for EU Ambassador – economist Ted Malloch – believes Europe’s largest currency is in serious danger. 

“I think it is a currency that is not only in demise, but has a real problem and could in fact collapse in the coming year, year and a half… The one thing I would do in 2017 is short the euro,” Malloch told the BBC.

Malloch points out that many others, including World Bank economist Joseph Stiglitz, share his opinion. 

Malloch, a Brexit-supporter, says he expects a “clean” separation from Britain, after which the UK can dodge “the bureaucrats in Brussels” and craft a free trade deal with the US. In the meantime, Brussels has ordered the UK to refrain from trade negotiations until it leaves the EU.

“I had, in a previous career, a diplomatic post where I helped to bring down the Soviet Union. So maybe there’s another union that needs a little taming,” said Malloch. 

Comments like this have led European MPs to believe that Malloch seeks the dissolution of the bloc – and many have asked the EU to reject him if he is named ambassador to Brussels. 

Malloch currently works as an economics professor at Henley Business School in Reading, UK. Past positions include professorships at Yale and Oxford, a seat on the executive board of the World Economic Forum, and policy positions in the US State Department and the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. 

Malloch’s grim forecast for the euro and the EU is an unpleasant reminder of our own predictions.

As I wrote in a previous article, Punching Bag has theorized that the repeated terror attacks in Europe are part of a larger plan to rip apart the EU and to transform Europe’s large (moderate) Muslim population into an insurgent force.

Brexit only makes the situation more tenuous, and the repeated attacks in France have already taken a serious toll on one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

Here, PB’s Sean Gibbons outlines how and why France will be consumed by terrorism

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