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Trump Administration to Expand Family Benefits for Workers

Trump Administration to Expand Family Benefits for Workers

President Trump on Thursday promised to approve a bill that grants federal workers 12 weeks of paid parental leave.

“With more women working today than ever before, we now have a historic opportunity to enact long overdue reforms,” said Trump during a summit on the issue.“We’re going to get it done.”

Ivanka Trump, who has lobbied lawmakers on childcare and paid leave issues, pointed to the bill as an example for corporate America.

“As the country’s largest employer, we must lead by example, and after decades, are finally doing so,” said Ivanka. “Our vision is to give each parent the resources and support they need to make the best choice for their families.”

President Trump has also promised to make quality, affordable childcare more accessible by increasing federal grants, removing regulations, and doubling the federal child tax credit. Lawmakers are reexamining the Childcare and Development Block Grant Act to increase flexibility and options for parents.

As it stands, the United States is the only industrialized country that does not guarantee paid family leave after a birth or adoption.

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  1. Bob Coffey

    Sorry, Mr. President, I generally support you but this is an outrage. Federal employees are worthless parasites whose wages and benefits are already way out of line with those of the average taxpayer. What you should be doing is slashing their wages and benefits, not adding to them.

  2. Angel

    Yes the president keeps his promise again for the working woman with kids. And family. Something ratical Obama never did for woman. All he did is give you speech and brain wash the people.

  3. Laurie Forrest

    Great job president Trump and Ivanka! Always working for every American!

  4. Walt

    I’m with you Bob. The federal government doesn’t need half of the people that they “employ,” and they produce nothing. They don’t know what customer service is or even who their customers are. No one is accountable for anything and it goes all the way to the top. Trump is the only president that could fix this situation.

  5. Derek Blurb

    Unintended consequences will be that employers will avoid hiring premenopausal women, even the single ones. That’s the way corporate works. But our multiple gov’ts will fill the gap.