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Trump Administration Revives Clinton Email Probe

Trump Administration Revives Clinton Email Probe

Having failed to indict Hillary Clinton after an exhaustive probe into her use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State, federal investors are now looking into emails sent by her former aides.

Over the past 18 months, investigators have reached out to 130 current and former State Department officials to inform them that emails they sent to Clinton years ago have been retroactively classified.

Those targeted include: “Ambassadors and assistant secretaries of state responsible for US policy in the Middle East, Europe, and Central Asia,” reports The Washington Post, as well as “dozens of current and former career bureaucrats who served as conduits for outside officials trying to get important messages to Clinton.”

News of the intensifying email probe comes amid impeachment efforts by Democrats, who accuse Trump of attempting to solicit interference from Ukraine in the upcoming election. Critics say the email investigation is designed to distract from the Ukraine controversy and to tarnish the reputation of Democratic foreign policy officials (including perceived political adversaries).

“It is such an obscene abuse of power and time involving so many people for so many years,” said a former White House official.

State Department officials say they are just doing their jobs.

“This has nothing to do with who is in the White House,” said one official. “This is about the time it took to go through millions of emails, which is about 3 1/2 years.”

Republican lawmakers have been urging the State Department to finish reviewing the emails and report to Congress.

“I think that one of the great crimes committed is Hillary Clinton deleting 33,000 emails after Congress sends her a subpoena,” said Trump last Wednesday. “Think of that. You can’t even do that in a civil case; you can’t get rid of evidence like that.”

Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server (rather than a secure government server) while she was Secretary of State, prompted several investigations that overshadowed her 2016 presidential campaign.

In July 2016, then-FBI Director James Comey recommended the case be closed without charges. Comey reopened the case in October, but came to the same conclusion in November.

Clinton believes that Comey’s decision to re-open the case contributed to her loss in the 2016 election.

Author’s Note:

This investigation deserves to be revived, and not only because Hillary has started to attack Trump.

Hillary’s actions were a real crime that caused real damage, and Comey and AG Loretta Lynch’s failure to prosecute was also perhaps a crime.

Editor’s Note:

Hillary’s ignorance of basic intelligence methods coupled with her massive ego caused tremendous damange to her Office and America, and almost certainly got good Americans killed.  For a refresher, read this article

Former Intelligence Officer: The Utter Stupidity of Hillary’s Actions

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  1. Brian Richard Allen

    …. (Missus Cli’ton’s) profound ignorance and lack of common sense coupled with her massive ego ….

    “Massive ego?” — You are too kind. Clinton’s a mentally-ill, deranged and delusional sociopathic simpleton and suffers Malignant Narcissism.

    • madmemere

      Considering her “lifestyle pursuits”, it more likely the lyingbitchofBenghazi suffers from “syphillis of the brain”! That causes “symptoms” of insanity and sociopathic delusion.

  2. Dale Krawczyk

    Violations of several Federal Statues, Not accepting the results of the 2016 Election, Conspiring with several foreign entities to effect the election, Pay to play and gain access for donations to the Clinton Foundation, etc.
    It goes way beyond ego to extortion, possible treason, and greed. The USA would not been the same if she had one. All the “BS” with Comey, Clapper, Brenan, McCabe, etc. would have been buried forever.

  3. Roy Zitzman

    I just don’t get it, anyone else they would have been locked up already. I know Democrats don’t want to hear it but yes there is a deep State and with that being said, Democrats are only in it to make themselves Rich, I don’t know why people backing Democrats can’t see it. Is it because they Finally have a President who actually cares about Americans and not his own pockets. Come on Democratic backers open your eyes Not your ears, see what’s going on not listen to B.S. being spewed.

    • William 04 23

      Roy,,,, dumbocrats have Teflon backs.

    • Bonnie

      It’s so disgusting to see Hillary come on tv demeaning President Trump – with all the corruption behind her. Who does she think she is to criticize anyone for anything with her background? President Trump has worked so hard for us (The LEGAL Americans) and he and his family have been torn apart by the Deep State. How does he manage to go on? So many people would have said “to hell with it” and departed from the political game. Thank you President Trump for fighting for American and making it great again.

  4. Donl Longo

    INDICT her, She broke every Law their was.

    • Michael Riley

      Hillary is old news. Let’s get rid of that corrupt, racist president we have…Donald J Trump.

      • db

        Eho do you presume to replace him with?


      • LDC

        See you want Hillary? Why??¿

      • WTF

        Corrupt? Racist? The funny thing is that after almost three full years of the most powerful system of investigation looking into every cranny of this man’s life… there is no smoking gun? With every passing day it becomes more clear that he’s not the corrupt one but the swamp if full of corruption showing themselves as they try to stop him.

        Hillary? She’s a psychopath. She should really have a doctor look at that and try to help her.

      • Madmemere

        Nah, let’s get rid of trolls like you; happy to exile you to Red China!

  5. Jack

    Another insignificant hateful human being!!!!

  6. Michael M.

    Let’s see, there has been no evidence condemning President Trump of anything, and a veritable “mountain” of evidence against Hilary, and yet it in this person’s mind it is the President who is corrupt. You really have to be dishonest to completely disregard the facts with a straight face.

  7. Linda A DiGiacomo

    I truly and firmly believe she is criminally insane.
    Id like to she her take her dog and pony show inside a mental facility.
    I think she is extremely dangerous

  8. Shelba

    Why bother with the probe, why waste money on this probe, every one knows she broke every law in force by using an illegal server to send and receive classified e-mails yet nothing will be done about her crimes, so again I ask why spend the taxpayers money on this probe unless the DOJ is serious about holding her feet to the fire and prosecuting her for her crimes

  9. Randolph Chin-Quee

    Going after the untrustworthy corrupt liar Hillary Clinton but don’t forget about Barak Obama he is just as guilty so when are you going to attain him. They should both be in prison for their crimes.

  10. larry W. hauger

    My question is, Why is Killery Clinton still free to show her ass spewing out lies after lies. Mr. Krauthmyer (sp) said it right. “She lies so much she doesn’t know the truth from a lie.” My opinion she should have been in prison a long time along with the ones that stated she just made a mistake, and miss spoke. What a joke. Sorry her mom didn’t believe in

  11. Peggy A. Feldman

    Don’t kid yourself…this witch is planning for ‘her daughter’ to be the President after Mr. Trump… She’s taking daughter everywhere for exposure NOW!

    Hell will freeze over when that happens!