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Trump Adds 65,000 Stories of Censorship to Big Tech Lawsuit

Trump Adds 65,000 Stories of Censorship to Big Tech Lawsuit

A new amendment to the massive lawsuit filed by Donald Trump against the big tech companies of Facebook, Twitter and Google this week piles on the additional testimony of 65,000 American citizens speaking out against continued censorship. 

Taking submissions from the people of the American public, the America First Policy Institute has been accepting stories of censorship for the past month since the initial filing of the lawsuit on July 7th. Since that time, tens of thousands of Americans have shared their stories of being censored by the big tech giants, with nearly 65,000 chosen to be included in the lawsuit itself. reported the news with a statement on their website, saying that, “Late last night, Amended Complaints were filed in the Big Tech lawsuits against Facebook, Inc., Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter, Inc., Jack Dorsey, Google LLC, and Sundar Pichai. Since the initial filing on July 7, 2021, nearly 65,000 American people have submitted their stories of censorship through America First Policy Institute’s (AFPI) Constitutional Litigation Partnership (CLP) at”

Within the statement online, it continued to say that, “The Amended Complaints include additional censorship experiences and incorporates additional class representatives, including Dr. Naomi Wolf and Wayne Allyn Root – individuals on opposite ends of the political spectrum who highlight the bipartisan need to protect the thoughts and voices of all Americans, regardless of political affiliation.”

The addition of American stories from all trains of thought from both sides will surely strengthen the force of the lawsuit moving forward. Despite the Big Tech lawsuit being filed by Donald Trump, the inclusion of all American voices further reveals the absolute need for reform when it comes to the power of big tech over the speech of American individuals. 

It has long been argued that independent companies have the right to censor as they please and should be able to keep whatever speech on their own platforms that they deem acceptable. With this in mind, many believe, as companies that built their business and created profits from American ground, that these companies should be held accountable to the American Constitution first. All American companies, public or private, should be held to the same standard as public and private citizens, where all must adhere to the Constitution of the United States. Just because an American company is capable of making money around the globe does not mean that an American company does not have to abide by our law and order to support the American people first. 

With this in mind, the lawsuit aims to correct all of that. Trump has said himself that the lawsuit is not seeking settlements or money payoffs for their faults in action, but rather is looking to create an ultimate change in the way the companies are allowed to function by eliminating the potential for censorship and the manipulation of available information on all sides. 

Trump said in a press conference after the initial announcement of the lawsuit that, “We’re demanding an end to the ‘shadow banning’, a stop to the silencing, and a stop to the blacklisting, banishing and cancelling that you know so well.”

The lawsuit claims that the big tech giants had violated Donald Trump’s First Amendment rights by shutting down his access to social media platforms while he was the sitting President, effectively disconnecting his capability to communicate freely to the American people. The suit charges that Facebook, Twitter and Google are “state actors” by collaborating with the federal government in deciding what information is declared misinformation, selecting what and who is subject to censorship. 

These claims have been further verified by recent statements from White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who confirmed in a recent press conference that, “I would say first, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that we’re in regular touch with social media platforms – just like we’re in regular touch with all of you and your media outlets – about areas where we have concern, information that might be useful, information that may or may not be interesting to your viewers. You all make decisions, just like the social media platforms make decisions, even though they’re a private – sector company and different, but just as an example.”

She continued to support the Trump claims by adding, “A couple of the steps that we have – you know, that could be constructive for the public health of the country are providing for – for Facebook or other platforms to measure and publicly share the impact of misinformation on their platform and the audience it’s reaching, also with the public, with all of you to create robust enforcement strategies that bridge their properties and provide transparency about rules. You shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not others – for providing misinformation out there.”

 It has been revealed directly that the federal government, White House, big tech and media outlets actively work together to decide what Americans can and cannot share with one another based on what is declared information worth sharing and what is decided to be misinformation that must be eliminated from public thought. This train of thought, in itself, is a direct violation of our First Amendment rights as Americans. No business company or government force in America should have the right to censor the free speech of any individual. Especially when they are taking massive profits from the American people themselves. Both government and business would not exist without the American people first, so the American people should always be put first in ideology and action. 

Here’s to Donald Trump continuing to support the voices of the American people, even those who do not agree with him, for the liberty and justice of all by the call of a return to the foundations of our law and order.

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  1. Ben

    * subject to terms and conditions.

    What obligation does a PRIVATE company have to let you spout BS in their web site or store?

  2. Joe S Bruder

    Trump told 22,000+ “stories” while he was President. What makes you think there’s anything to these? When you lie on average 15 times a day about things that can be documented and fact-checked, what’s another 65,000? Just because a) people refuse to listen to your opinions; or b) private companies refuse to repeat your opinions, does not mean that it’s censorship. It means that you’re an idiot and people are tired of conspiracy theories and outright lies. Stories? Yes. Merit? No.