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Trump Addresses the Nation, the 2020 State of the Union

Trump Addresses the Nation, the 2020 State of the Union

On Tuesday, February the 4th, greeted by chants of “four more years,” President Trump gave his 2020 State of the Union Address.

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This was one of the most majestic, dignified and best-delivered speeches the President he has ever made. Perfectly orchestrated and with personal stories and demonstrations of the effects of his policies.

He started with what is right, economics, respect overseas, the military is good, borders are secure, lower food stamp and welfare rolls. This was a powerful message demonstrating the sheer numbers of areas that his policies have impacted.

At the conclusion of this segment, Trump stated “The state of our union is stronger than ever!

It was anticipated that the Democratic response would try to claim that the economy was not working for regular American, Trump included some key statistics:

– women filled 72% of all new jobs added

– the net worth of the bottom half of the American population has increased 47% – three times higher than the top ten percent

The event had several guests, including:

– one of the original Tuskeegee airmen, who just turn 100 and who was with his great grandson. Trump promoted him to brigadier general that day.

– a young girl who had applied for an Opportunity Scholarship to go to another school since the government school in her area was failing. Trump announced that she was receiving her scholarship and that he was asking Congress to fund a million of such scholarships.

– a military wife and her two kids were surprised when her husband, who was posted in Afghanistan, greeted her there at the speech.

With regard to health insurance, the President reiterated that he is protecting patients with pre-existing conditions, and also that he will protect medicare and social security.

He talked about how his administration was approving more generic drugs than ever before and that prescription prices had actually gone done for the first time ever (a point the Democrats dispute).

He noted that he just passed an executive order mandating price transparency in medicine. The writer’s own work on healthcare indicates that this is a crucial step in creating competition and forcing prices down.

In a shot at the radical left, he said, “we will never let socialism destroy American Healthcare.

Drug overdoses declined for the first time in over 30 years, and it is a goal to eradicate AIDS by the end of this decade.

Rush Limbaugh, who just announced that he has stage four lung cancer, was in attendance and standing next to Melania Trump. President Trump announced that he would receive the highest civilian award, the Medal of Freedom. It was presented by Melania, then and there.

A lot more was covered in this speech which lasted close to two hours. It was as Presidential as any in history. There was no mention of the impeachment hearing. The Democratic response was thin and weak, every point having already been anticipated.

At the end, you could see Nancy Pelosi ripping up the speech as Trump descended the stage. Can’t say I blame her, on this night at least, her party is toast…

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  1. Fannie Knott

    I saw this and I though it was great and I saw and heard the Dem. They let people know how wrong they are.

  2. Ron Black

    Pelosi made a fool out of herself with her petty tearing of the speech. A fine example of how low the democrat party has stooped. No telling how many votes she turned to the Republicans…Thanks Nancy

  3. Robert Williams

    Thank you to all Democrats in th audience. You have just turned about 40% of the undecided vote over to the Republican side. Once again playing the part ASS, which is your parties mascot, will benefit the strong Republican Party.

  4. beatrice Morgret

    Pelosi always makes a fool of herself we have a President and it is supposed to be the most respected office in our land it’s a shame that the Dems don’t understand that we had to sit back and put up with their presidents and the Obama care Nancy said just sign it and will read it later what a joke but what I’ve always been told is if God is for you who could be against you and we have a president who stands up for the Christian people and he’s got my vote I know they don’t like it and they don’t understand it but people that have any common sense do understand it Trump will have four more years the enemies don’t win

  5. 4USA2

    Pelosi demonstrated her immaturity and temper tantrum rage throughout the entire speech. She didn’t clap, she sucked her lips in and out, making faces, shaking her head, no,, no,no to everything the President was saying —-present and future goals —- and then, her final act of showing how UNHINGED she honestly is, She disgraced herself and the Democrats by standing there tearing up the President’s speech. She should be removed from office immediately. We don’t need tantrum throwing unhinged people holding a gavel! She was a disgrace to the people in this country!! She broke rules by tearing up the speech and those rules accompany, a big fine and removal from her position. It should be done!!!

  6. Tom Oakley

    I watched all the white dressed commies sit there and mope,the minority,un-american,democrat communist party.

  7. Dan the man

    I’m 77 years old and I never dreamed that in my lifetime I’d witness the attempted destruction of America from within, carried out by the Democratic rebellion against all that’s good and respectable. The Wicked Witch of the West has become a symbol of evil and blasphemous words and deeds that might very well end the great experiment of goodness and hope that once was the earmark of America, along with Liberty and Justice for all. The Democrat’s political party has been hijacked by immoral and wanton deviants who’s sole desire is to root out decency and religious values as they plot the destruction of the United States of America. Perhaps the only hope for the future is for States that still abide by the rules of law and order break away from the United States to form individual countries that no longer allow immorality and deviant lifestyles. Freedom only comes from God and the tyranny of the Democratic Party is the work of the devil.

  8. Rick Brand

    Mitt is S___ a wannabe soar loser that thought he did not have to work til the end to win the presidential election. A self absorbed imbecile creating a fake twitter account what is that. He must genuflects in the mirror every day how pathetic.

    I would never vote for this fool and I hope some one runs against him in his next primary.

  9. karl schaefer

    Pelosi should at least be fined if not more.

  10. Blue

    pelosi needs to be in a home somewhere muttering, guess her money-raising ability is what keeps her up there, sure ain’t cause she loves the USA.

  11. John

    Looks like Romney is the only republican to uphold the oath he swore to . Obviously the trump cult thinks be true to ones principles amounts to treason… perhaps it’s time for the “cult” to pack up and move to mother Russia. The cult should be much happier there they won’t need to think just do what they are told and reject anything the cult leader tells them in the manor of 1984 …hopefully mr Trump will go down like every other autocrat ie moussinili Caligula hitler etc