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Trump Addresses the Nation – offers DACA relief in exchange for the wall

Trump Addresses the Nation – offers DACA relief in exchange for the wall

President Donald Trump went on camera at 4 PM today to address the partial government shutdown, now in its 29th day, caused by the Democrats refusal to fund $5.7 Billion to construct a wall at the border between the U.S. and Mexico. Negotiations between Trump and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have faltered as each side has dug in.

In a very brief speech, Trump’s proposal is outlined as follows

– $800M in urgent humanitarian

– $805M new equipment

– 2000 new border agents and law enforcement personnel

– new court judges to address a backlog of 900,000 cases

– a new system to allow Central American minors to apply for refugee status in their own country

– $ 5.7Billion for strategic deployment of the wall, which will cover 230 miles this year in the most urgent areas

Trump noted that all of these measures had been supported by Democrats in the past. Not much movement in this part of the proposal, these are measures he has approved in the past.

His new offer to Democrats is 3 years of “legislative relief” for DACA recipients, allowing them to get work permits, licenses, and have protection from deportation. He noted that 300,000 of the estimate 700,000 total are about to have their status expire and they will have more time.

Additionally, Trump committed to weekly bipartisan meetings on immigration reform to produce a finished product that will solve all of the problems in the long term.

Editor’s note: I have a bad feeling the Democrats will shortly blast this as not sufficient. If I am not mistaken, this same deal, or actually a better one, was on the table last year and not accepted by the Democrats.

It is particularly telling that all of the measures in his proposal have been supported in the past. Perhaps the goal of President Trump to show that the Democrats are less interested in immigration reform and more interested in hurting Trump.

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  1. David Woodstein


    • mark morgan

      if he calls a national emergency guaranteed that kamala harris will do the same thing about guns,wow then what do we do!!!!!!!!!! it’s amazing the childish bull sh*t that goes on in politics,i thought they were suppose to be there for us the PEOPLE

    • Dallas

      Thank you. The back stepping BS Trump has displayed in the last 6 months is revolting. DACA, deport everyone the gutter trash, rapists, murderers pedophiles etc. Another ass kissing to the liberal demonrats. Ihe ass kissing is enough to make anyone except piglosi and her demonettes.

    • Jed Stuart

      What the people want? LOL

    • Norma Roberts

      Dems need to support/stand behind their own programs and be willing to negotiate to make this work. Instead all they want to do is block Trump from making progress and have open borders to further bankrupt the country and welcome drugs and terrorist.

      All they have done since the criminal Clinton’s lost the White House is disrupt the government. Pelosi and her minions need to be tried for their terrorist activities and buried beneath the prion walls

    • Grover Syck

      there would be so many law suits filed, so fast, Trump would be in injunctions up to is neck.

  2. jim


    • Mjoy

      Yes yes yes

    • Richard Paul

      Agree, Schumer and Pelosi need to retire or be impeached. Just look at the most recent Facebook and Twitter postings from We the people. Not in their favor, just ask their Democratic colleagues.

  3. Bruce Devido

    How about 2.8 Billion today and show where it went. If you need more later, give House detailed explanation with request. You gave billionaires and corporations trillions in tax savings last year. You could have built The Great Wall Of China several times over with all that money

    • Bob Thomae

      2017 Tax reform let taxpayers keep their own money….not a giveaway….let that sink in…..

  4. Lotte Johnson

    So true. Democrats don’t care whether billions of illegals enter this country as long as they don’t jump over their fences
    and invade their privacy.

  5. Danny Lanning

    Trump has provided a way for them to save some face and not do a Biden and stick foot in mouth. Trump has presented them with what Traitor Obama un constitutionally signed and is heading to court where it will meet with a negative ruling against them. If Witch Pelosi thumbs her nose at the offer it shows she will not negotiate, cares not about the furloughed workers, cares not about the safety of the citizens nor our country. She would turn her fellow demorats against her including a lot of her supporters and fall into President Trumps trap to prove Witch Pelosi and her followers are directly responsible for the government shut down.

    With invaders at the border and thousands on the way to invade our country forcibly flying foreign countries colors would leave Trump with one alternative is to declare a national emergency and send the military with live ammo to the border to protect our country with the full blame should bloodshed occur full responsibility on the demons shoulder.

    • Dallas

      Not on this BS. Used to back tracking lies. that will never happen. I see him turning against the MAGA more every day. DACA really shit on our head again and once again the liberals win the battle. It is alwayhs so transparent that we are being lied too. Payed as he gives into every issue piglosi wants.

    • Ken

      Is this a literal translation from Russian? Your English is not quite correct.

  6. Gregory Hauenstein

    Trump should list all the benefits that illegals could get if the democrats would fund the wall then put a timetable next to them which would represent when those offers would expire. Then he should ask the illegals themselves to lobby whomever they can to get things started so they won’t loose their options. He should also tie the reductions in American government employment to these timetables so there would be more incentive to get it moving.

  7. Diana Fisher

    The do say the daca recipients need to apply in their own countries. What does he consider their own countries? Will the government say they cant apply here? Which means do they have to go to their parents country and apply ,then maybe and thats a big maybe they will get approval in a few years or not at all then they are stuck there. This is a big loop hole in trump tards great plan. Also for the wall funding democrats should specify that the funding should only be paid in increments. Buy the land then put up that little bit of wall. Then purchase more and so on and so on. This is because land never costs as little as they budget it for . Its always 3 or more times more expensive. Bush tried putting up a wall once . Got stuck in endless lawsuits by the owners that wanted true cost for the land not cut rate prices that the government wants to pay. In 2016 there were still nearly 700 lawsuits in the courts pertaining to this very thing. Land that they budgeted for 300 thousand cost the gov 750 thousand. The wall sounds good for trumpites but its not doable or even needed. Big waste of money . Most illegals and drugs come through boarder crossings thru payoffs of the guards. Why doesnt he clean up the IRS. When citizens of this country have their ss number stolen by an illegal and send in their tax form the IRS gives them another number to put on the tax for with the stolen ss # to identify them separately from the true holder of the ss# . They dont report them to the authorities and the true american cant get the information on who this person is from the IRS. And for the rest of their lives have to deal with the fall out of this violation of their rights. This is unacceptable. How about fixing this. Why is our government allowing the IRS to shelter these criminals? There are so many ways this government could help reduce illegals in this country that are cheaper and more effective. How about charging these employers with employing illegals and making them serve jail time for repeat offenders who continuely do this. Like farmers, resturants, lawn care, and construction owners. We all seem to be fine and willing to look the other way when our groceries, resturant food,lawn workers and construction projects are cheeper. Oh and the hotel workers also. You cant have it both ways.

  8. Carol

    If using the military is what it will take to accomplish the end goal then just do it. Dems are stuck on open boarders too tightly to ever build the wall.

  9. Helen

    Just because the democrats hate Trump doesn’t mean they should hate America. Build the damn wall and protect this country. If the democrats don’t like the offer on the table then Trump should use the emergency money and get the poor folks back to work. Trump should take away Congress’s salary and give it to where it would be needed.

    • Jed Stuart

      10,000 25 foot ladders are ready to go. LOL

  10. James Clawson

    Deport the intransigent Democrats!

  11. Jeff Harmon

    I think it sucks that PELOSI and SCHUMER rejected the President’s proposal before he offered it. I think President TRUMP should go with the EMERGENCY PACKAGE. The country can go back to normal , and we get the WALL, ALL WITHOUT THE HELP OF THE DEMOCRATS
    Democrats should be ARRESTED for TREASON, then placed in GITMO.

  12. Jim

    Our Country is going downhill fast. Whats even scarier is these extreme leftist don’t give a chit! Amazing we want a wall to curb drugs into the country while most states have fought legalizing marijuana! What the Hell? Where is the sanity?

  13. Pam Corpuz

    If the pitiful Pelosi and Schumer agree pretty dog gone soon I say do the national emergency because way too many of them are trying to come over and like the one person said the ones that need impeachment are those two idiots , I.can not believe that we pay them , totally disgracefull for our country to pay Pelosi and Schumer they need to get the he’ll out of Washington TERM LIMITS TERM LIMITS ALL THE WAY GET THE HELL RID OF PROPLE LIKE THEM

  14. kathleen carroll

    democrats should give him the wall in exchange for gun control

    • Jeanne Stotler

      NO GUN CONTROL that means taking away citizens right to defend themselves and family, 2nd Amendment.

  15. kathleen carroll

    democrats should work a deal where trump gives us gun control in exchange for his wall (more checks & ban on assault rifles)

    • Dave

      I have a better idea kathleen, lets deport your liberal butt to Mexico, where you can live with all your Mexican buddies!

    • Knobby

      Mexico is overrun by criminal elements. Their law enforcement personnel are paid more by the Cartel than by their employer, (state or federal). If they had gun laws similar to the US, the law-abiding population would be able to keep the criminals from taking over their towns. The Mexican example is the future of the USA with strict gun control.
      What we really need are mental Health solutions. Way too many people are out there that need help and are being drugged into a vegetated state or left to prey on the rest of the population. Either by panhandling or violence..

  16. Rose

    PLEASE build the wall already. Pelosi and Schumer should go down in flames for their UNAMERICAN behavior.

  17. Larry

    All congressman & congresswomen should not get a dime while the government is shut down. They live behind walls; why not a wall along our border?

    • Knobby

      Re: Larry
      Yes! Exactly!

      Not just the elected types but their 30-40 person staff (per elected type) as well. Maybe those staffers would have to find another job, but in the mean time the elected types would actually have to read the legislation they are voting on, instead of reading the Party interpretation and talking points.

      While we are at it, how about ending their sweet retirement and health plans and knock them back down to SS and Medicare like the rest of the Citizens? That may force some changes to voting priorities come budget time. Amen?

  18. Norma

    Corrupt Nancy and Chuck should resign or impeach. Web the people stand for America;s security and border wall.not these filthy rich politicians who did nothing but obstruct and receive paychecks from taxpayers. Thank God we have a President who is really a true American working for Americans..

  19. JB Stelly sr

    5 Billion is nothing for US government,for it takes in that amount one hour during during regular work day.I personally don’t know how Trump is holding up under these circumstances

  20. JB Stelly sr

    Build the dam’n wall sir.The demorats don’t care about us,only when it is time for votes.They don’t have this Black man in their pocket,I escaped long time ago.

    • Lynda

      Good for you sir.

  21. Vernon

    Instead of impeaching Pelosi and Schumer we need to hand them each a pink slip and fire them for not doing the job they were hired for. Representing the people of the United States. This way they would lose their benefits and pensions as well. This is what would happen to any federal employee not doing their job and especially taking vacations not scheduled far in advance with your supervisor.

  22. Jeanne R Stotler

    Gun control is a violation of 2nd amendment, we have the right to defend our homes and families. Statistics have proven over and over that MOST criminal do not use legally obtained weapons.

  23. Daniel Coltea

    All the democrats are accusing the president of saying that “Mexico will pay for the wall”. Mexico is paying already not only for the wall but for more other things, because of the new trade deal. Why nobody is calling out Obuma when he said ” YOU CAN KEEP YOUR DOCTOR”? Remember? Or the witch Pelosi when she said ” LETS APPROVE IT THAN WE WILL SEE WHATS INSIDE”? Please build the wall Mr. President. Now.

  24. Grover Syck

    I agree with most of the proposal.
    the $5.6billion is a non starter.

  25. Katee

    If the democRATS don’t accept this, now is the time for all of that party to figure out they are backing a bunch of criminals only interested in lining their own pockets and their message, even to their own, is screw you! They have supported the wall and everything else in the past, but penalizing the workers just to “gotcha” the President, is unconcienable! You lost the election, get over it!

  26. Jed Stuart

    I am glad Donald Trump was elected. It was the worst thing that could have happened to him. BEFORE the next presidential election his name, his family, his reputation, his business, will be destroyed, largely by his own mental illness and he will richly deserve it.

    • P Miller

      Hot his mental illness – yours.

  27. T sutter

    Pres Trump!!
    I like it , thumbs up to step up to the plate and hit a gapper, Democrats are out of touch, no new ideas, screw the people that put them in office, We the people of the United States have a leader who is setting the world straight that we are a Global power like we were in Reagan days, My question is , do we want to go backwards in 2020?, Border walls, steel slats, see through fencing , steel vanity beams WORK!!!!!!!!
    I’m proud to be an American and should all people of race and color that come here legally…
    Thank You for free speech and our for father’s who drafted the constitution to signify the trouble they saw in the future, may all test in peace

  28. Swa5055

    Just think, if Obama hadn’t flown $175 BILLION in the middle of the night without congresses approval or even knowledge I believe to Iran, we could have paid for a LOT more than a wall. I have yet to hear the whole logic behind that decision except that Valerie Jarret’s mother is some big wig in Iran. Wonder where all that money ended up? I’m afraid the Obama administration did sooooooo much more damage to our country than we will ever understand for generations to come.

  29. Michael Hughes

    DACA exists because the previous President took it upon himself to legislate something that the Congress was not doing fast enough to please him. The Constitution does not give the executive branch such authority. Therefore, DACA is an illegal declaration of policy, illegal not because of its content, but because of its source. It should not be part of any bargaining between conservative and liberal groups because it should not exist in the first place.