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Trapped With ISIS: US Denies Nun a Visa

Trapped With ISIS: US Denies Nun a Visa
According the United Nation, nearly 24 thousand people have been killed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, a group consisting of over 4 thousand religious extremists. The majority of those 24 thousand deaths are Christians, Yazidis and Shiite Muslims, but the Christian population has been specifically targeted in recent months, with numerous videos being released of ISIS members killing large numbers of Christian inhabitants.
Today, despite the White House rhetoric regarding protecting the innocent, many minority groups are still facing the constant threat of ISIS. One of the potential victims, an Iraqi Dominican nun known for her advocacy  of religious groups and charitable works, had her visa application to describe the crisis in her own country rejected by the U.S. State Department. 
Sister Diana planned to speak with other representatives of persecuted minority groups in the region, including Yazidis and Turkmen Shia Muslims, at Washington venues in mid-May. Despite letters of recommendation by United States Congressmen, Sister Diana was rejected from entering the United States. The endangered nun had previously fled from her convent in Qaraqosh, Iraq, when Islamic State soldiers overtook the city.
The State Department has not commented about the details of their rejection of the Christian nun, stating that any explanation would be a breach of privacy. Every member of the team which orchestrated 9/11 and both bostom bombers had approved visas. The rejection of a Christian nun, paired with the numerous extremists allowed into this country, has made many question whether our system is working.

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