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Transgender Fad Rises in Primary-School Aged Children

Transgender Fad Rises in Primary-School Aged Children

The popularity of the transgender fad is rising quickly, and which age group is mostly affected? If you thought adolescent or young adult, you would be wrong. The number of primary-school aged children beginning to “transition” their genders is on the rise in countries like the UK.

Mermaids, a charity who assists families with transgender children or teenagers has said that about 80 primary-school aged children per year are expected to begin the transition process, with some as young as four years old already in the lengthy process.

What’s the cause of this sudden rise of transgender children? It turns out it may be a cluster effect. Mermaids has noted that there appears to be a trend of children at individual schools following one another after one begins the process to transition. It could be further caused by teachers or administrators at the schools who have pro-transgender beliefs.

Mark Zucker, a researcher at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, Canada recently completed a study that showed the transgender fad was more popular among kids who were surrounded by adults promoting transgenderism. This makes complete sense, given that the children in question are not fully developed and still at an impressionable stage in life.

Because studies show that the majority of children who have transgender thoughts at a young age will lose these feelings as they mature, it’s important for children to wait until they’re adults before they begin the process, if at all.

As the rise of these transgendered children continues, expect to see news of conflicts between parents and teachers in the near future. One such issue that occurred in England revolves around a school that will not accept a request from an eight-year-old student who was born a girl to be treated as a boy.  

The question that must be raised is why parents are allowing children to make such a life-changing decision at such a young age. Susie Green from Mermaids says, “We have parents reporting back saying ‘my kid is so much happier now, they are attending school now, they are making friends now.’”

But is the transgender process really the answer?

Editor’s Note:  This is the worst possible child abuse.

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