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Top HHS Official Calls Anyone Who Objects to Transgender Kids a “Bigot”

Top HHS Official Calls Anyone Who Objects to Transgender Kids a “Bigot”

In a statement reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s infamous “deplorables” comment, Joe Biden’s Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services has said anyone who objects to transgender kids is a “bigot.”

Assistant Secretary of Health, Admiral Rachel Levine, received backlash after accusing opponents of gender reassignment treatment for children of “transphobia.” The Florida Department of Health is doubling down on its opposition to gender reassignment treatment for underage patients amidst a major difference of opinion on the matter with Levine.

In its most recent salvo in the ongoing spat between Florida officials and the second-in-command of HHS, Florida officials reiterated in a statement that “experimental and irreversible medical treatments” must not be provided to “children and teenagers” who suffer from “gender dysphoria.” 

The statement from Florida comes after last week’s testimony by Levine — the first transgender cabinet official in history — painted the Florida Health Department to be out of touch and an opponent of LGBTQ equality.

The event that the Admiral was speaking at was named the “Pride Month Town Hall.” It was recently live-streamed by the Democratic National Committee. During the Town Hall, Levine promoted gender-transitioning for minors and referred to transgender treatments as an “age-appropriate” and a “critical tool.” 

It was during that event when the Admiral suggested that the Florida Health Department was against the LGBTQ community and claimed opponents of gender-transitions for minors are “targeting trans-youth to score political points.”

Florida’s Department of Health, which is overseen by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, fired back at Levine while taking issue with her claims that “this makes anyone at the department an “opponent of LGBTQ equality,” also adding that her comments are “nothing more than a poorly attempted character assassination.”

Levine has yet to respond to the latest rebuttal by Florida officials. Meanwhile, Florida’s surgeon general is recommending other states also prohibit children’s access to “disfiguring” gender reassignment surgery.

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    • Ben

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  2. James

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  3. K Sny

    This World has gone crazy, the extremely small minority is trying to get new recruits by
    brainwashing and encouraging the very young to change their sex through operations
    that they will eventually wish they hadn’t had done. They will then face a life of deep
    depression. Most of these people are deeply depressed. Of course those like this
    HHS official will say “you are quite normal” but they are far from normal.

  4. Florida Phil

    He must be one of my youngest brother’s nightmare he called “he/she” from more than six decades ago. Amazing how long a life those nightmares must have!

    • Ben

      But having a trans in the family must be interesting?

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