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Top Democrat Donor Dumps Biden to Support Trump for 2024

Top Democrat Donor Dumps Biden to Support Trump for 2024

If Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign was about hiding in the basement, his 2024 race is about driving away his supporters. The latest name to drop Biden from his voting and donation list is Jacob Helberg, whom the media calls a top Silicon Valley donor.

On May 17, Jewish Insider featured a story on Helberg’s political shift from his 2020 choice when he first started making major donations to political campaigns. He chose Biden and the Democrats in 2020, donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to their campaigns. But after seeing what the Democratic Party has become over the course of time, Helberg has switched to conservative principles and has donated $1 million to President Trump’s 2024 campaign.

Coming from a Jewish family, the Democratic Party’s indifference toward Israel has seemingly become a turning point in Helberg’s view of America’s political divide. When the story of his donation to the Trump campaign made news, Helberg shared the link on X (formerly Twitter) with the message, “This one’s for Israel.”

On May 21, investigative journalism group Project Veritas posted an undercover video of Biden’s National Security Council Advisor Sterlin Waters admitting that Biden is holding on to openly denying support to Israel until November 2024 when he hopes to get reelected. Helberg reposted the video with a note of concern that Biden’s reelection will set an anti-Israel precedent that will last for a generation.

Helberg’s story was featured in The Washington Post and Yahoo Finance and they add that Helberg’s spouse Keith Rabois is a long-time conservative.

Helberg’s shift to Trump and Republicans follows that of Bill Ackman, American billionaire hedge fund manager, who is also of Jewish descent. Ackman has usually supported Democrat candidates but in January this year, he stated that Biden needs to step aside the presidential race. As cited in Yahoo News, Ackman said:

“If the Democrat party wants to have a chance of putting up a candidate who can compete with Trump, it needs to quickly get behind a strong, credible contender for President, and Biden needs to step aside.” Last month, Ackman announced that he is open to voting for Trump in 2024

In recent weeks, quite a few reports have made news showing that the support for Biden has also been on decline among the Muslim Americans, owing to his failure in stopping Israel’s bombing of Gaza. On May 14, Newsweek published results of a New York Times/Siena College poll showing that Trump leads Biden among registered Middle Eastern, North African, or Muslim voters in the swing states.

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  1. Jim wampler

    Frank and Tom as well as other people who post on this site needs to wake up and realize that Trump is going to be re-elected. Like it or not. The poles ain’t in Biden’s favor and he’s bleeding support. The weaponized courts and witch hunts are going to fall apart.

  2. frank stetson

    It’s polls, not poles Wampler…..

    On the money, Biden was down for the month but still doubles the-man-who-is-so-rich-he-funds-himself’s cash accounts whether by campaign, by PAC, or by SuperPAC.

    Sorry Jim, but your expected victory won’t be based on the money, Jewish, Christian, or non-deity affiliated.

    • Archie

      You and Tom keep kissing Biden’s ass.

  3. frank stetson

    Way to stick to the issues Archie. Just not sure why you are so fixed on the gay stuff. Do you like kissing guy’s asses? You talk about it so much.

    If Tom and I were not here to provide you a personal target, I am just not sure what you would have to say. But you do know a lot about ass kissing. Makes sense, you’re the party of ass kissers. Ask Halley. Ask “you called my father a terrorist, my mother a whore” but I love ya Cruz. Or sweaty Rubio chumming for VP….. OR how about the crew that turned up in matching colors at his NY trial. Wearing Trump colors, brownshirts I guess, they flanked each other on the press stage. The best was evangelist Mike don’t-have-no Johnson supporting an adjudicated sexual abuser in yet another sexcapade case, this time with no condoms, short stint, and some magazine spanking for compliance. Twas the ass-kissed-one’s request. Now, that’s some ass kissing all paid for by the US taxpayer. And if you don’t KISS ASS, you get Cheney’d in your party of no compassion, no inclusion, no consideration, and no compromise.

    • Tom

      Exactly Frank. I have observed that in the GOP, a candidate is either willing to kiss Trump ass, or suffer primary challenges. What I cannot decide is whether the GOP is the party of ass kissers or the party of spineless jellyfish.

      • Snicker

        What do you call the dumbocrats that go lockstep on every single issue?!

  4. Rick

    This is why Biden is so stupid. Do the right thing and people will stand with you. He lets other people make decisions and he pays the price. What a fool.

    • Totally Fed Up

      That’s correct Rick ,
      Most of us have known that Obama , Soro’s and Clinton’s were telling OS”Biden what to do. He can’t write a sentence ,much less an Executive Order. Biden slipped and said it at his speech in Michigan. Just like years ago he said, they Had the best voter fraud in the History of our country and it started with Obama ! They tried to say , he got confused and said it wrong. No he said it correctly and was bragging !!
      Obama wanted More time in Office so he’s doing it through OS”Biden.
      The only way OS”Biden gets so many donations is from Soro’s paying people ! Just like he’s one of the ones that funded All the Bad Protests and paying to get the Illegals registered to Vote ! They ALL need kicked out of our Country permanently !!

      President Trump truly Loves our Country !

      MAGA 2024

      • frank stetson

        “Most of us have known that Obama , Soro’s and Clinton’s were telling OS”Biden what to do. ” Except you can’t prove didley.

        “President Trump truly Loves our Country !” And porn stars. And playboy models. And strangers. And someone the doorman knows.

      • Snicker


  5. Tom

    I do not like either candidate and I have repeatedly said this. I have also repeatedly said I am an Independent/Unaffiliated voter. I like truth. And the truth does not reside with Trump – he is presently consumed by his own lies.

    And by the way Jim Wampler, if you look at the average IQ of each party’s membership, the Dem party has the higher IQ and most college degrees – and your spelling of “poles” instead of “polls” proves that you are in the correct party! 🙂

    • Snicker

      Exactly what lies. Please pray tell specifics.

  6. Tom

    As an Independent / Unaffiliated voter, I feel that these rich guys are free to waste their money on whatever campaign they want. I really do not care. I do not know anything about Jacob Helberg. But now I at least know he will bless insurrection, adultery, cheating, rape, lying, degradation of veterans, exposition of state secrets and documents, marginalizing minorities and women – all for the sake of Israel. But he is an idiot because:

    1) Bibi Netanyahu and Trump hate each other – I doubt he took this into account.

    2) The vote against Israel military aid was 37 Dem and 21 GOP – so there is plenty of anti-Israel sentiment within the GOP, and this will grow because Trump and his right wing is/are isolationists.

    3) His money would have been better spent to help good Dem candidates in primaries to defeat anti-Israel candidates. Instead, he dodged the real fight and threw his money to a fool who really does not care much about Israel.

    • snicker

      1-FALSE. 2-FALSE. 3-FALSE. SMH

  7. Tom

    And by the way, this also means Mr. Helberg is anti-Ukraine and does not mind Russia taking more ground. Does he realize how Russia has a long history of persecuting Jews? Does he realize that Russia started on Hitler’s side in WWII? Maybe he does not know the history of Jews in Russia and should beef up on it at ** . Again, he is clueless because Trump will partner with Putin’s Russia and Jews will not like it. But you know what they say, “A fool and his money are easily parted.”