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Tips for Working from Home

Tips for Working from Home

During the pandemic, many people have discovered that working from home may not be as great as it sounds. It is especially true if you have children at home that demand a lot of your attention. Mastering your time at home and accomplishing all you need to is required if you are going to get things done.

Reduce Distractions

One of the first things you need to do to get more done at home is to find out those things that most easily distract you. This can be almost anything. You will have to determine to eliminate checking out your favorite social media, news, and playing games on your computer. Emails can be another big distraction.

You can prevent these things from eating away your time while you should be working by scheduling in a specific time slot for emails, posting to social media, and more. In the meantime, close your email and social media webpages so that they will not interrupt your concentration on more important tasks. If you are someone who needs to keep your email open for employees – or bosses – it will not be an option to close them down.

Aim for Greatest Concentration

Most likely, you know that you can focus on something more clearly during a certain time of the day. Schedule those activities that require your best concentration during those hours when you can do your best. Save other tasks for those hours when you are less focused. This might include checking emails or making phone calls. Remember that greater focus means getting more accomplished in less time and making fewer mistakes. If the phone is a problem and you are easily distracted by it, be sure to turn it off.

Check Your Usage of Time

It is easier to work from home if you have a regularly scheduled workday. Try to keep the same hours every day. It is even more important if you need to collaborate with other workers. Work in some limited breaks, too, to help keep your mind fresh.

Working from home offers many possible distractions that you may not be used to while working in an office. Tracking your time by making a note about how you spent the previous hour will be even better. As you become more conscious of it, you will be able to gain better control of your time.

Plan Meals in Advance

Going to the refrigerator and deciding what to eat can also lead to considerable time lost. Plan your lunches ahead of time so you know what you are going to eat. You can also make several meals in advance and freeze them – then nuke them when you are ready for them.

Working with Kids at Home

Having kids at home while learning how to work from home can be a challenge. Depending on how old they are, you need to start by setting some rules. Older children can help watch younger ones. Get a private space if possible where it will be quiet. Establish a schedule where you will do something with the children during the day and help them to understand your need for quiet while working. If the children are really young, you will likely have to work during naps and at night while they are sleeping.

Keep a Social Life

Maintaining your sanity while working at home means that you also need to have a social life. You had one while you worked at an office or shop, but now that you are staying at home, be sure to interact with some other human beings during lunch or after work hours. You also want to be sure to work in some time to relax.

Editor’s Note: We thought this article would be interesting for our audience. It was borrowed from sister publication, designed to support and inform small businesses.

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