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Tiny Irish Town Forced by the EU to Take in Hundreds of Migrants

Tiny Irish Town Forced by the EU to Take in Hundreds of Migrants

 Most European communities are still struggling with the migrant crisis and some are being forced to accept the refugees even if it leaves the locals helpless.  

The rural community of Lisdoonvarna, a tiny Irish town of about 300, is about to see a massive influx of migrants that the community isn’t equipped to handle.  

The European Union’s immigration policies are dictating that the town accept these refugees, even at the locals’ expense.  

“We don’t know where these people are going to be from. They won’t tell us what countries they’re from. What religion they’re from,” said Michael Walsh, a resident of Lisdoonvarna on the Breitbart News Daily radio show on Sirius XM. “They just proposed to expand the population of this little village by what? Twenty-five percent? Thirty-three percent actually!”  

Although 93 percent of the resident voted no to turning the local hotel into a refugee accommodation, the hotelier Marcus White still agreed, likely because he will be receiving millions from the government a year.  

Up to 115 asylum seekers could be housed at the hotel.

“People in the village will be welcoming to a lesser number, but not 115. It is not about the asylum seekers coming, it is about the way in which the Government has conducted this, having no consultation and no facilities in place,” said Fáilte Paddy Dunne, chairman of Lisdoonvarna to the Irish Times.  

If the village is not able to accommodate 115 people, so be it. I’m not going to do something to hurt this town,” said White before signing the contract.  

“The hotelier who had publically said ‘if the people of Lisdoonvarna don’t want this I won’t sign the contract’ has signed the contract. He’s now weaseled back on it,” said Walsh. 

Walsh is concerned that his beloved town will be forever changed and he is fearful that his town’s residents will be called racists by rejecting the asylum seekers.  

“Ireland is under the impression that these people will all become Irish, pretty much overnight, and everything will just continue on to be terrific. But, in fact, as history is showing us – in Sweden, France, and Germany – this is not necessarily the case,” said Walsh. “Very many people are concerned, but they’re also concerned about being called racist, and the town is in a real pickle right now.”  

But his opinion, along with his other residents were not considered or was this discussed with the town.

“It has become very obvious over the past week that the community empathizes with asylum seekers but is opposed to them being kept in Direct Provision, which has been widely criticized by human rights bodies and civil society groups,” said Dunne. “Following three well-attended meetings the people have indicated that their main concerns are the scale of the project, the lack of proper community consultation before the decision was made and the wisdom of locating a large group of people in an area that already lacks essential services.”

Walsh expressed similar sentiments.  

“It was all done in complete secrecy. No one knew about this until two weeks ago!” said Walsh.  

The community only found out when the Reception and Integration Agency (RIA) responded to questions with that the contract was already signed and that “the addition of a maximum of 115 persons over the course of a year should not put an undue strain on existing resources and services”. 

With the EU’s new forced relocation plans, the number of migrants making their way to Ireland will likely increase.  

Should Ireland have left the EU with England?

“Apparently there’s no way to stop [the migrants coming to Lisdoonvarna]. The local [politicians] are all wringing their hands about it,” said Walsh. “It’s a good example of how Ireland was a colony of England… and now it’s a slave state again, of Brussels. It’s a very sad commentary on what’s happening in Europe.”

Author’s note: The EU is forcing countries to accept refugees “out of the goodness of their hearts.” But many of the communities just do not have the resources and their cultures will be imperiled by this.

Tyranny, you say?


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