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Ticket Seller Squashes Ads for Conservative Event!

Ticket Seller Squashes Ads for Conservative Event!

Conservative censorship and cancel culture hits a new low as well-known concert and event ticket retailer, Eventbrite, has yanked down a post advertising an upcoming watch party that will feature a showing of conservative commentator Matt Walsh’s documentary “What Is a Woman?”

The post, which was put up by the Western Kentucky University chapter of Turning Point USA, was removed, though the conservative student group still plans to show the Daily Wire movie that delves into radical leftist gender ideology.

“Eventbrite removed our event to watch @MattWalshBlog ‘What is a Woman.’ The event will still be happening. Show up and let’s show Eventbrite that their censorship will not stop us,” Turning Point USA WKU tweeted.

TPUSA field representative Maggie Fuchs posted a screenshot of a message in which Eventbrite claimed that the event advertisement had run afoul of its rules.

“We do not permit events, content, or creators that promote or encourage hate, violence, or harassment towards others and/or oneself. In this instance, we have determined that your event expresses views that are in violation of our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service and is, therefore, not permitted on the Eventbrite platform. As a result, your event listing has been removed,” the message stated.

“While you may continue to use Eventbrite for other events, if we become aware of any future event that violates our policies, we will remove it. Please note that severe or repeated violations of our policies could result in your account being terminated,” the notice added.

But Drag Queen Events for Kids are A-OK!

Matt Walsh, creator of the documentary in question, was quick to point out that the company is currently allowing posts about drag queen events for children to remain on the platform.

“So @eventbrite has banned screening events for What Is A Woman and yet will happily provide a platform for ‘all ages’ drag shows. Conservatives should keep this in mind before giving this company their business. They’ve made their priorities clear,” Walsh tweeted.

He shared screenshots for several “Drag Queen Story Hour” events as well as an “All-Ages Drag Show” event, which are currently posted on the platform.

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