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Three Words You Can't Use to Describe Hillary

Anti-Hillary Clinton signs have appeared all over Brooklyn, especially around Hillary’s campaign headquarters. The signs, which use words such as ‘secretive,’ ‘ambitious,’ and ‘entitled,’ also include an unflattering, black and white sketch of the controversial candidate. While the former New York Senator had considered Brooklyn her “home away from home,” this recent outcry from Brooklyn natives calls that claim into question.
The signs are speculated to be in response to a group known as “The Hillary Rodham Clinton Super Volunteers,” which had launched a campaign aimed at journalists to prevent the use of sexist language when covering Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential candidacy. 
Calling  the words inherently sexist, the pro-Hillary groups in their campaign is seeking to deter the media from using a wide array of language. 
The group believes a female candidate should not be called secretive, even when they have been proven to delete emails relating to the death of an American envoy. The mostly female constituted HRC Super Volunteers are yet to comment on whether or not their endorsement of Hillary is sex motivated. 

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