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Three 'Narcos' Saved Dozens of Lives during Paris Terrorist Attack

Three 'Narcos' Saved Dozens of Lives during Paris Terrorist Attack

Hillary Clinton and others have ramped up the war on guns in the wake of the Orlando shooting. The following story proves why they are wrong:

France has no “right to bear arms.” French citizens must endure a long, complicated, and restrictive process if they wish to purchase a firearm. Many have questioned these laws in wake of the infamous attacks last November that left at least 129 innocent people dead. 

A new story about that night has been brought to our attention, and it proves without a doubt that the good guys have no hope of beating the bad guys if they aren’t allowed to carry guns.

According to witnesses, three “heroes” blew away two terrorists when they entered a restaurant that night. Those three men were later discovered to be Colombian drug lords, who thought thery were being attack by rival gangs! They were prepared.

In gun-controlled Paris, the drug traffickers were the only ones able to defend themselves. 

While some view these men as “unsung heroes,” it is likely that their actions were meant only to save their own lives. Yes, their self-defensive actions saved everyone else in the restaurant – but that doesn’t change the fact that they are criminals.

The three men were arrested immediately after gunning down the terrorists and are now awaiting trial. Their identities have not been released.

Editor’s note: The whole point of the Second Amendment is that firearms are an equalizer to protect against tyranny. Without the right to bear arms, were are left only with “might makes right” where the craziest bastard is in charge. In this case the terrorists and the narcotraffickers had power. The other people were sheep to be slaughtered at the whim of the victor. If it weren’t for the self interest of the narcos, they would be dead.

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