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There's Something They're Not Telling Us About Reid's Injuries…

All the information about the source of Reid’s recent injuries has come from Reid himself. Since he was allegedly alone at his home when he got hurt, it’s impossible to verify his story about an exercise band breaking, spinning him into a cabinet. That already sounds like one heck of a freak accident. 

Then, he changed his story. Notice how in the first press conference he gave, he stated that the band “broke.” In an interview released today, he claimed that the band “slipped.” There was a second change to his story as well- the first time he described the accident, he told the press that the band he was exercising with was attached to his shower door. In the recent interview, he instead said that the band was attached to a “big, metal hook in the wall” in an unspecified room. 

He has so far consistently stated that his Capitol Police security detail was nearby at the time and that they are the ones who took him to the hospital. 

Because the police were involved in the incident and provided transportation to the hospital, although these particular officers were assigned to protect Reid, the report should have become available by now. However, despite repeated requests from news organizations such as Breitbart and other attempts to access the records, Capitol Police has yet to release any reports. In fact, no spokesperson from the department has come forward to confirm that Reid’s injuries were in fact the result of an accident or that his security detail did in fact transport him to the hospital. In fact, Capitol PD has refused to say anything at all, not even the date and time of the incident. Their Public Information Officer, Kim Schneider, promised a Breitbart reporter that the information would be provided to them, but has not followed through.
The whole thing stinks of a cover-up. Could Reid have been assaulted, and if so, why is there no investigation? If it was a simple accident, a cut and dry case of an unfortunate mishap caused by a workout equipment malfunction, why is it such a big deal for Capitol Police to simply say so? 
Whatever the truth is, could it have something to do with his sudden and seemingly premature retirement? 

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