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There's No Such Thing as Transgenders

There's No Such Thing as Transgenders

Great claims require great evidence. If we take brain surgery as an example, many prerequites must be accomplished before a new operation can occur. First, research must determine that a specific abnormality or bodily disease can be helped by such an operation.

Secondly, the danger intrinsic to any surgery must be compared to the danger of living sans-surgery before ethically taking action.

As our medical field has advanced through the ages, we have developed many protocols that result in the removal of organs or organelles: an inflamed appendix; tonsils; even a failing kidney. However, with the Hippocratic oath now trumped by a bizarre progressive agenda, we are seeing doctors perform the act of cleaving off or surgically bastardizing the healthy genitals of a patient claiming to be born into the wrong body.

If you believe such a surgery should have scientific research supporting its use, you’re about to be truly let down by the psychiatric field.

We need to begin by highlighting the true victims of this betrayal by the medical community: the small children now being diverted and coerced into hormone therapy, psychologically damaging therapy sessions, and even the removal or inversion of healthy organs. 

A child pretending to be a monkey does not run the risk of his/her parents deciding to transition the tot into a zoo and remove clothing privileges.

Unfortunately the same logic does not apply for a child playing dress up as the opposite sex.

One would look at the current lack of conversation regarding the abundant use of hormone therapy and reassignment surgery and conclude the science is in on this topic. If someone were to suggest there is no such thing as being accidently born with the wrong sexed brain, which is the claim of the LGBTQ… community, they are likely to receive a slew of insults and maybe even a – I use this term hesitantly – scholarly article.

You will undoubtable receive one of only a handful of weak studies used to justify doctors performing tasks so utterly unnatural they would force a blush upon the cheek of Dr. Frankenstein. 

In the interest of bringing attention to unethical ideologues aiming to shape science into their own perverse image,  Frank P. M. Kruijver and Jiang-Ning Zhou advanced the idea that a small cluster of cells in the hypothalamus is larger in males than in females. 6 male to female subjects were found to have a brain structure more similar to females than to males. This study is the modern basis of all future studies on the topic of transgenders.

 Why no scientist should look at this study and take it seriously:

 1) A sample size of 6 transgenders is wholly unacceptable for a study used to justify sexual reassignment. Even if we were to ignore the possibility that the results of this study were merely a consequence of chance, replication of the experiment is necessary to generalize the data to the overall population. While many articles online claim this study has been successfully replicated, the replication was merely the unethical P.M. Kruiver using the same cadaver samples and coming to similar conclusions. Failure to reproduce the biological findings of the Zhou/ Kruiver work in the last decade should certainly put a final bullet in the scientific paper version of a walking corpse that somehow keeps moving without logical justification.

2 ) If small sample sizes and failure to replicate aren’t good enough reasons to consider Kruiver and Zhou enemies of science, the fact that each of the 6 transgender people used in the study had decades worth of hormone replacement therapy should cause an objective reader to scrunch at the brow. The difference in brain structure could have easily been influenced by the drug therapy, and any credible scientist would have removed these samples to eliminate the chance of a confounding variable, an unforeseen factor leading a researcher to falsely claim a type one or two error. To pile on, later studies have even shown the small part of the hypothalamus in question does not become sexually differentiated until adult hood. Since most transgender people report feelings of being in the wrong body before the age of ten, the very basis of the Zhou/ Kruiver study has been destroyed by actual science. Like a skilled mortician, the American left still pushes out this dead thing, this intellectually void caricature of science, as something deserving proper deference.

As strange as this sounds, men and women constantly enter cosmetic surgery offices requesting removal of healthy parts of their bodies. As the DSM ( the official book of diagnostic guidelines for the psychology and psychiatric fields) states, body integrity identity disorder (BIID, also referred to as amputee identity disorder) is a psychological disorder in which an otherwise healthy individual feels that they are meant to be disabled.

To further expound on this delusion, it is not uncommon for a schizophrenic to self harm due to the false belief that someone or something is taking over his/her body. These people would be turned down by any doctor and possibly committed.

In contrast to these conditions, a person suffering from some delusions can enter a doctor’s office and be put on course to fulfill their surgical fantasy – but only if that fantasy relates to the suffering person’s genitals.

To repeat my opening line, great claims require great evidence – and there is no more evidence that a schizophrenic truly has the devil in him than there is for the claim that men and women can be born with the wrong sexed brain. Would you not consider irresponsible to operate on any person with absolutely zero scientific understanding of the condition that supposedly merits the operation?

Welcome to the 21st century, where belief in the scientific method can result in being labeled transphobic and fascist. I do, however, take exception with the term transphobic – since only the insane fear things that don’t exist.  

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