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The Utter Stupidity of Hillary's Actions: Verified

The Utter Stupidity of Hillary's Actions:  Verified

A few weeks ago I wrote an article entitled “The Utter Stupidity of Hillary’s Actions” about how Hillary’s unsecure email system likely caused major damage to national security.  Now we have the first proof.

According to a New York Times article  Hillary’s private email provided details of the movements of Americans in Benghazi as the situation deteriorated.  According to the Times:
“Mrs. Clinton’s emails show that she had a special type of government information known as “sensitive but unclassified,” or “SBU,” in her account. That information included the whereabouts and travel plans of American officials in Libya as security there deteriorated…”
The vulnerabilities of Hillary’s unsecure email system have been acknowledge by information security experts.  I am perhaps the only one to assert openly the compromised email system in use by the Secretary of State was absolutely being read by multiple intelligence services, including the Russians, Chinese and others. 
If the information above made it into the hands of the local terrorists (through Russian allies, or some other route), then Hillary is doubly culpable in the death’s of the Americans in Benghazi.  Not only did she abandon her team when it counted most (for details, see this article) her incompetence in keeping information secure may have contributed to the terrorists’ success in planning this attack.
The New York Times currently only has a portion of the emails Ms. Clinton has provided.  It will be interesting to see what other damage her foolish actions have caused.

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  1. LaVerne

    HRC’s stupidity no doubt caused the death of our Americans in Benghazi. She should pay for her lies and actions by spending tnhe rest of her life in solitary confinement. Remember”what difference does it make””?? It makes a big difference to the families of those murdered Americans.

  2. marlene

    Because hillary’s actions brought about her desired results, i’d call them deliberate rather than stupid.

  3. Bones

    Lock Her up.

  4. Ronnie

    Deplorable here lock he up !