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The U.S. and Europe Move to Turn Off Russian Gas – But Wait…

The U.S. and Europe Move to Turn Off Russian Gas – But Wait…

Finally, a move that makes sense, President Joe Biden and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen pledged (?) to ramp up liquefied natural gas (LNG) into Europe in order to reduce its exposure to Russian control of its energy.

But wait.

Unfortunately, energy experts say that the LNG industry is already near its capacity. And it is LNG they talked about because they want to make sure to reach their climate change goals.

Shipments to Europe have doubled since the beginning of the year but at the expense of Asian customers who hold long term contracts. Biden officials have said they “can’t speak to exactly where the 15 [bcm] is coming from.”

But wait.

The amount of LNG they were talking about is only one tenth of the 150 billion cubic meters Europe imported from Russian last year.

My takeaways:

1. Europe cannot and will not wean itself from Russian energy. They are massively exposed to Russia, Russia can send Europe back to third world status whenever it wants (albeit with temporary hardships to itself.

2. Stiffing Asian customers is a massive mistake by the Biden administration.

George McMillan has commented on this, control of the pipelines (i.e. controlling and securing the territory they travel through) is a major reason for this invasion. But Russia has the option of sending its fuel to Asia, specifically China, which needs its badly. McMillan predicts that pipelines will stop being built east to west and will start being built north to south to reach its Asian customers more easily.

By stiffing the Asian customers, those customers are forced to seek energy any way they can get it. Getting it from Russian may mean joining the Russian/Chinese coalition that seems to be forming quickly.

This move is a step toward a new cold war, with the world bifurcating along the lines of energy availability.

3. America’s security is threatened. Biden is still unwilling to increase the production of oil at home, citing climate change BS. If Russia is able to shift its markets away from Europe quickly, the shortage will hit all of the West. We already see a massive increase in gasoline prices. Any third world countries we consider our allies will be hit hard and may be prone to distance themselves from us.

4. Biden’s willingness to “put lipstick on that pig” never ceases to amaze me. Anyone who reads any of the articles produced by mainstream media outlets with even an ounce of integrity will know that Biden’s moves accomplish exactly the opposite of what he intended.

The propaganda coming out of the Biden White House, supported by mainstream media has grown to shocking levels.  

Do we still live in a free society?

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  1. Tony Bell

    Can there be any doubt that Biden is a poser a true Manchurian implant into western government? Biden has been a sell out to American interests from his first day in office nearly fifty years age, history proves this fact. Now with his talk of leading the new world order, he does not even hide his intent. Wake up America, evil is ruling you.

    • Butch

      Yes Tony. The truth is coming out

  2. StealthFighter

    We need another John Wilkes Booth!!!!

  3. martin Keller

    No doubt. Biden is the spokes person for the New World Order. He expects to carry the flag for these lovely people as they take your values, hopes and dreams away with them. I can only wonder what his reward will be if this works out. Any doubt about the election being rigged?

  4. Michael Edward

    Biden is operating to destroy America.

    As soon as that is realized and understood, the sooner we may destroy this so-called ‘democracy’ and return to our constitutional republic.

  5. KEren

    Just open up the United States pipelines and let’s call it a day!!! What the hell is wrong with Biden????

    Just because he shut the pipelines doesn’t mean he impacted the use of gas and oil!!

    He has been lying about the United States oil companies not willing to drill when he knows the leases are on land that have no tested oil and gas and they don’t have pipelines.

    If Biden really cared about going green which to me is a complete waste of time since going green still means we are relying on oil and gas to get energy from electricity,, that he would have been developing alternative energies before turning off the gas!!!!!

    No one quit their job until they have another job waiting for them in the wings.

    Biden’s sense of reason is completely in the negative.

    • Ben

      What’s wrong with Biden? He’s a moron

      • Biden

        Whats wrong with Ben. He’s a moron.

  6. frank stetson

    What’s wrong with moron, he’s has ben.