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The Truth About WMDs in Iraq

The Truth About WMDs in Iraq

Sarin gas, mustard gas, enough yellowcake for 100 nukes.

Years after his presidency ended, George W. Bush is still criticized by the media and public for his so-called lies that led to the invasion of Iraq. The left has claimed that Bush fabricated a story about Saddam Hussein having an active weapons of mass destruction program in Iraq as a way to gain permission to launch an a war in Iraq.

The source who state Iraq was interested in buy Uranium was discredited, and uproar ensued.

The fact is, in an under-reported story in 2008, about 550 metric tons of yellowcake concentrated uranium was shipped out of Iraq. This massive amount of uranium is believed to be the last existing part of Hussein’s nuclear program within the country.

Douglas Hanson, reporter for American Thinker, wrote “Professor Norman Dombey, professor of theoretical physics at the University of Sussex, England, has confirmed that Saddam Hussein had more than enough yellowcake uranium to make over 100 nuclear weapons.”

Despite this discovery, the press has never really publicized that Bush did in fact have justifiable reason to invade Iraq. One would think that finding enough material to make 100 nuclear weapons in the Middle East would be headline news, however 8 years later, many people are still unaware that it even occurred because the media has never talked about it.

In fact, between 2004 and 2011, American and American-trained troops in Iraq repeatedly found and were wounded by various chemical weapons that had been left by Hussein’s government. In total, troops were reported to have found over 5,000 chemical warheads, shells and aviator bombs, although this information is largely redacted in official documents.

To put this in perspective, Hussein’s stockpile of yellowcake was so large that it required 37 military flights to transport it. Even if it was never used to create nuclear weapons, its sheer existence is dangerous because of radioactivity and the risk of it falling into the wrong hands. (Can you say “dirty bomb”?)

Many have argued that just because the yellowcake existed does not mean that Saddam had an active weapons of mass destruction program, but does it matter? Whether or not the program was active, the truth is Saddam was more than capable of rebooting it at a moment’s notice, giving us just reason to invade Iraq and end the rule of this tyrant.

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