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The Threat From Below

There is no ISIS camp located in Mexico, despite prior reports of the terrorist organization being operated a mere 8 miles from the Texas border. Numerous US law enforcement agencies have denied there was any truth to the allegations, and ABC-7 received similar denials from multiple federal border agencies. Although many news agencies have backed away from the false story, many in America are wondering why such an outrageous story seemed believable.
Although the American Military and Police have made great security strides since 9/11, our gaping 1,989 mile border with Mexico still leaves America in great peril, according to security experts. Despite the efforts of many brave servicemen and volunteers, despite all the technology and databasing used to identify terrorists, anyone with a few dollars is able to hire a coyote (a term used to describe someone who is paid to funnel illegals across the Mexican border) to bring them bring them into America. 
As long as America has a nearly 2000 mile hole in its security, there will be many Americans who worry about what will pass through the porous border. Contrary to the Democrats in charge of this country, fear of criminal organizations and terrorists who have vowed to destroy America should not be considered racism against Mexicans. 
Under the Obama administration, less than two decades after the attacks on 9/11, many in America have once again decided that terrorism does not exist.
Even if this particular threat turned out false, our country has the responsibility to investigate any situation that could potentially harm innocent Americans. Given the lack of transparency this administration has displayed throughout the Obama era, no one should be surprised when people doubt their personal safety. If anyone one 

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