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The State Department Restarts Investigation on Clinton's Unprotected Email Activity

The State Department Restarts Investigation on Clinton's Unprotected Email Activity

Although the Justice Department announced Thursday that Clinton would not suffer criminal charges for her reckless use of an unsecure email server, the Democratic presidential candidate isn’t getting off just yet. The State Department just announced that they will be reopening the investigation 

In January, the department found 22 emails from Clinton’s activity on the private email server to be “top secret.” And her poor judgement could have had dangerous consequences.

When the investigation was officially launched about six months ago, a set of the emails were eventually deemed highly classified. The State Department said they were in the process of determining if the emails were classified at the time of transmission. However, the State Department put its investigation on hold to allow the FBI to look into the matter.

Who knows what US enemies may have had access to these top secret emails. Fortunately, the investigation on Clinton’s irresponsible behavior is far from over.  

“We will aim to be as expeditious as possible, but we will not put artificial deadlines on the process,” said John Kirby, State Department spokesman. “Our goal will be to be as transparent as possible about our results, while complying with our various legal obligations.”

Republican lawmakers are also demanding that the FBI further investigate if Clinton lied to the committee. But the FBI Director, James Comey stood by the government’s decision to not prosecute Clinton over the careless email activity when she served as the secretary of state.

While Kirby said Clinton, along with other former officials could still face punishment or repercussions. The investigation will be looking into Clinton’s former confidants– including Cheryl Mills, who was the chief of staff at the State Department, Jack Sullivan, who was the former policy chief and Huma Abedin. There has been speculation that these individuals may continue to have roles at the State Department in the future, especially if Clinton wins the presidency.  

Except these officials, especially Mills, could potentially lose security clearance and this would have an effect “assuming that individual still needed the clearance to work in another federal agency or something like that,” said Kirby.  

Author’s Note: Clinton should not get away with her reckless behavior as the former Secretary of State. If she doesn’t get punished for her wrongdoing, who says she won’t do something foolish like this again because she can? Our future President needs to be able to make wiser decisions and take the country’s protection of top secret information much more seriously.

Editor’s Note: This may have little effect, political appointees have diffferent rules regarding security clearances. Some of Hillary’s people may pay a price, but if she becomes President she will have the power to protect them. It is also doubtful any results will be available before the election.

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