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The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!

The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!

If the headline looks familiar, you are either very old, a movie buff or happened to click on TCM (Turner Classic Movies).  It is actually the title of a hilarious 1966 cold war movie with an all-star cast – headed up by Alan Arkin, Carl Reiner, Jonathan Winters, Eva Marie Saint and Brian Keith.

The basic story is about a disabled Soviet submarine that beaches on the shore of a nearby small American town.  The locals believe it is a Russian invasion and organize a ragtag militia.  If you like a good laugh, check it out.

No … I have not taken up a new career as a movie critic.  I was reminded of the old movie by the latest news out of the Kremlin. 

You may recall that the United States purchased Alaska from Russia in 1867 for $7.2 million. I would say that President Grant got a pretty good deal.  You can hardly buy a successful upscale restaurant for that amount today. 

Weeell … Russian dictator Vladimir Putin wants Alaska back.  No, I am not writing for the satirical publication, The Onion.  We all know that the Madman of Moscow is yearning to reassemble the ancient Russian empire.  Most observers were inclined to believe that Putin was thinking about the old Soviet Union that encompassed portions of Europe and Asia.  But he apparently has eyes on more.

He has already crushed the independence of Georgia (the country, not the state) and has launched a full-scale war to try to get Ukraine back.  He has extended hegemony over Belarus and has his eyes on Moldova. 

But no one – no one – had any idea that Putin had Alaska in his demented mind.  And it is not just some romantic thought.  He actually signed a decree declaring the sale of Alaska to the United States to be “illegal.”  He is the first Russian leader in more than 150 years to have come up with that bit of absurdity.  However, before we dismiss this as a Putin wet dream, we need to appreciate man’s madness.

It is not just an off-hand complaint.  The chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin – a Putin flunky – said that “Before Americans seize our properties abroad, they should remember, we also have something to claim.”  Volodin was responding to U.S. sanctions on Russian for invading Ukraine. 

In terms of Putin exercising his claim to Alaska with an invasion is remote to the point of zero (at the moment).  However, signing a document that starts a process of international grievance is not a nothing burger.  This is the same language Putin used to reclaim every other former piece of Russian real estate, such as the Crimea.

The location of Alaska creates the same paranoid anxieties Putin suffers over any potentially adversarial land that is on the border with Russia.  His long-range plan for keeping adversarial nations off his border is to keep taking over those nations – which, of course, puts the next adversarial nation on his new  border.

Alaska is just a short swim from the Russian border – and the United States would not even need its longest ranged missiles to hit Moscow.  Alaska is the home to traditional Air Force bases and the American Arctic Military Forces.  America could launch an attack on Russia – including nuclear weapons – within seconds. 

Even though the idea of Russia invading the United States — or Alaska – is absurd by today’s standards, Putin is playing a propaganda card –mostly for home consumption.  He is adding another grievance on the stack.  That does not mean Putin does not consider the possibility of taking back Alaska at some time in the future.  For now, he is too busy gobbling up less formidable nations.  While Putin is a ridiculous as the movie, he is not as funny.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Dan tyree

    Put retard joe in for another term, or allow the democrats to steal the election again and Putin will take Alaska back without any consequences. Don’t doubt me. The plan is, through the democrat party, is to make America part of the Russian empire. Under the hammer and cycle flag of course. One of the Soviet leaders in the 1950’s or 60’s said that America would be taken without a shot being fired. So keep the commiecrats in office and surrender on the 2nd amendment and see how that works out. We as Americans had better get serious and try like hell to warn the people. Look like a tin hat nut? Maybe. I don’t give a damn. This election will determine if we can remain free. What say you Larry?

    • Tom

      Judging by your comment, I never knew detox was so rough buddy! You really got a case of the nervous jitters! No Dem or GOP would agree with letting Russia take Alaska legally or militarily. As a person who spent time on a little rock in the Aleutian Islands called Adak, Alaska I can tell you that we have quite a few layers of early warning and deterrence in place should Russia ever attempt an invasion. It would be a disaster for them that would be ten times the size of their Ukraine disaster! And the weather and seas are horrible, not invasion friendly! The Japanese found that out in WWII when they took a chunk of Alaska and could not hold it. An invasion would be very difficult. Your energies would be much better spent worrying what will happen to you if Trump loses in 2024, the collapse of MAGA world, and where you will go to escape those deplorable Dems that want to make us all Communists! LOL

      • Dan tyree

        My point is that the so called president is weak , a coward and lack’s cognitive health. But he’s the democrat’s hero. So anything can happen. The democrats don’t care about protecting our country. Only power to trample on our rights. They are the true enemies of our country

        • Tom

          Well at least now you are sounding much more settled down and sensible now. This is the Dan I am used to!

          Yes Biden has a different style than Trump but I have learned that it is much harder, and a person must be much stronger to show restraint. Bullies are often the weakest. We are in a very geopolitically complex world where the old rules of just go kick your neighbor’s ass does not work well anymore. Biden is not every Dem’s hero. There is significant pressure for him not to run due to age and low ratings, but mostly age. Right now, I view both parties as unstable, but at least the Dems are unified. I doubt that unity will occur with Trump like the unity of the Dems. Like I said, I will vote grid lock and not let either party run the table. That is the only way to mitigate the uber left and right. Both are ripping apart this country and making it a hard place for an moderate Independent to live. I think Dems care about protecting the country. I have not heard of any shortfalls in military equipment or soldier pay by them. As far as I know, no foreign country has taken us over under either party’s tenure. The Dems institututed a social pension called Social Security – so I do not view them as my enemy. And if they are, they are the only entity that has ever paid me. LOL

          As far as rights, I have not noticed any of mine missing. I am curious what right you feel got trampled or is missing? What right or rights did they take away when I was not looking? Please explain?

          Nice chatting with you Dan.

          • FRANK STETSON

            Tell you the truth, if Halley wins, I would seriously consider a vote for her. I may regret it on the policy, but I don’t think on the budget I would be disappointed, and that’s the higher priority for me, right now.

            Another reason for maga fools to hate her. I might vote for her :>) :>)

            And another 83.3M appeal for the Don. My, he will be in court for the rest of his life. As it was, as it ever shall be. Can’t wait for NY to come in, it’s going to be YUGE. YUGE i tell you. And wait, there’s more…….

        • Old SARGE

          Don’t be so sure. I wouldn’t put anything past Biden.


        Sounds like one of the few guys who got a shitty gig in Alaska; all those men, lonely rock, oh no (just kidding). My relatives took the tour as a perk but on the mainland. TY for your service, as in the services, not in service. If you know what I mean, if you catch my drift, wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

        • Tom

          Yeah, and talk about shitty gigs, one of my stays there was in February! Darn snow blows sideways at 40 mph! The barracks was freezing! Our biggest thrill was visiting Adak National Forest. Its three pine trees someone planted long ago and they grow about 1/2 inch per year. Growing season is rather short! Our worst time was going there. The little plane we took was like a noisy tin can with a propeller and engine. LOL

          • FRANK STETSON

            Sorry Tom, in Buffalo we call that Spring….. And we Boy Scouts camped in the snow in tents. Like 3 feet of the stuff.

            Not really better than Buffalo, 40mph is pretty bad, in blizzard territory, yet I have seen rain come through the drywall on Lake Erie and the house was sound. I have been on top of a mountain for skiing at like 30 below with the wind. Boy, you skied off that top FAST. Was better after the first drop. So bad they gave us heavy clothe capes to wear on the lift, open on both sides. Of course we opted to ski with them, they turn, then open, and you become the flying nun except it strangles you and down you go. Now you have to carry this 20lb blanket…… Only two runs to the top that day, stayed down below out of the gale for the rest of day.

            I put in Dawn Redwoods at 3 feet a year and have a primeval forrest now. Now I am “bonzai” ing five of them, in their second year next year, so far, so good, and it will be weird. I also have 30 year old “arbor day” spruces that are under 3 feet at 3e0 years, you do the math. They are under the canopy, under the lower cover, and only 5 out of 100 have survived. But that’s what got me thinking about dwarfing the redwoods. They are next to my deck, so can’t let them get too big. For some reason, they love coming up in stone like the gravel next to garage, and landscape rocks next to the deck. But not in the best black soil in America, billions tried. Dawn Redwoods are really cool trees — literally — because with feathery translucent branches, you can sit under on a hot day and a huge draft of cold air comes down the tree as it respires. Like nature’s AC. The secret, which I learned in a bar in Dallas, another story, is to prune them up from the bottom to get a perfect trunk. Naturally, unpruned, the trunks bulge out and really look ugly. I know, TMI. But I’m doing taxes, lost last years in a pc-security-breach, not sure IRS will send me back copy in time and it’s a real PITA so I need the breaks.

    • larry Horist

      Dan Tyree … Since you asked. obviously, there is zero chance that Alaska will be returned to taken by Russia now or in the foreseeable future. The move to nullify the sale to America is a propaganda move — and part of Putin’s madness. The pipsqueak despot has visions of grandeur. I think there is a legitimate concern that America is evolving into a more social authoritarian state. The growth of the federal government with expansive regulatory powers consolidates in the hands of an elitist establishment is what we conservatives push back against. Dictatorships tend to fall in revolutionary violence. Republics slowly devolve — unless the are conquered by authoritarian empire builders. Putin is taking advantage of a divided America — and he is stirring that pot with meddling. And he is not the only one. No matter what you think of Trump, his election will not end the American Republic — as the fearmongers say. But the evolution of greater power in Washington will. It will just take more time.

      • Tom

        Well said! I agree!

  2. Frank stetson

    You can’t prove election interference. A half dozen recounts, 65 court cases, all abject failures. Yor opinion defines insanity at this point. No wonder you don’t care, you’re bonkers.

    I can prove election interference as adjudicated in Georgia proves as three Trump lawyers admitted their guilt. Adjudicated in a court of law; guilty, guilty, and guilty.

    You are looking like a liar. It’s been 4 years, no viable proof yet. Trump lied. Rudy lied. They all lied to you and you say: “please sir, can I donate some more?”? Smell the coffee, face the truth, you fucking lost but you don’t have to be a sore loser.

    • Harold blankenship

      STFU dickhead. Don’t try it again. We mean it.

      • Frank stetson

        HB: now that’s mature. Don’t try what again? The thing you can’t prove so you whine and cry like a baby? Man up, put the big boy pants on. Either do it or move on but quit your yammering about how you mean it this time. Like you didn’t mean it last time. Your dog don’t hunt and you won’t do anything except cry in your beer.

        And we will not try it again, we will do it again. Because we did nothing wrong, you can’t prove that we did and you can’t do anything about something that didn’t happen.

        WTF do you mean? Who cares.

        • Harold blankenship

          You’ll care asshole. And people like you like to shoot off your mouth. So you dickheads would stand out in the crowd. But so would we. But at the end of the day your crowd doesn’t get to govern the true patriots. And that’s not you.

          • Frank stetson

            HB: what are you sven talking about? We have the Presidency, the Senate, if we aren’t governing you, then you are not American living in America.

            And no, why would I care about shit you spew but will never do. If you really feel as you spew, you would already be doing it.

            Why make this stupid threats that you never follow up on. You say, watch out next time using 2020 as the first one you pussied out on. Well, you pussied out on the 2022 midterms where we beat all expectations. Where were you then?

            Feckless, fact-less, fraidy cat. Big talk. Talk, talk.


    Hmmm, I would have picked 70’s for this flick, and yes, it’s cute.

    Re the story, another good one, interesting, had not see that.

    These autocrats like to chum the waters tossing pieces of bait out to see what nibbles or not. They tend to say it often hoping it becomes truth, or at least urban myth, through repitition and time. It’s a typical Trump tactic too.

    The funny part is that would seem to indicate that Putin thinks he will liver forever and is still thinking far into the tuture. Putin is 71 so that’s tell you he’s getting more unstable every day. A little Queen to examine the point:

    “But touch my tears with your lips
    Touch my world with your fingertips
    And we can have forever
    And we can love forever
    Forever is our today
    Who wants to live forever
    Who wants to live forever”

    • Harold blankenship

      Who said I threatened to do anything? Are you trying to get me to post threats? Nice try. But I still won’t be governed by commiecrats. They are not genuine citizens or patriots. Let’s just wait and see what happens. We aren’t stupid like antifa or NLM. Or the people that stormed the capital. They meant good and I hope that Trump gets to pardon them all. But don’t panic. Retard joe might be elected. There’s still plenty of fools like you around.


        HB: I said: “Why make these stupid threats that you never follow up on. You say, watch out next time using 2020 as the first one you pussied out on. Well, you pussied out on the 2022 midterms where we beat all expectations. Where were you then?” It was me, Frank Stetson. I was the one who said that. Get it now? I was the one saying you were making stupid threats. Let it sink in. Frank Stetson noted that HB makes stupid threats.

        I said that after you belched: “STFU dickhead. Don’t try it again. We mean it.” What did you mean? What did you mean to do if we did whatever you are crying about again? Since we never did anything you think we did, one would think we will do that nothing again in you mind, and then……

        And then you spewed: “You’ll care asshole. And people like you like to shoot off your mouth. So you dickheads would stand out in the crowd.” A much weaker taunt, unintelligible by most, but yet, another threat.

        And then you topped it off with: “Let’s just wait and see what happens. We aren’t stupid like antifa or NLM. Or the people that stormed the capital.” Really? You think people that stormed the Capitol in the nation’s capital are as stupid as antifa or BLM? And for the second time, you replace the B in BLM, which is short for Black with the N which is short for something else. The first time I gave a mulligan for typo and the proximity on the qwerty. This time it’s pretty obvious you mean it as a white trash racist term which is just not appropriate in America and one you are too afraid to use in public. So, add me calling you a racist piece of white trash for that.

    • Tom

      Ahhh God bless Freddie and Queen. He was queer as a $3 bill but I enjoyed his performances. I saw him live at the Spectrum in Philly back in 1973.


        That’s cool Tom. I am a Bowie fan, hetero, so I did exactly jump on Queen….except for the Bowie “Under Pressure, ” although I like his Andy Lennox version, and the version he does with his bassest, Gail Ann Dorsey, who really does a bang-up job too. But it was bad enough taking the abuse for being a Bowie fan. I liked the Mercury movie though they probably soft-peddled the partying demise of Mercury. But after following Bowie to show after show, picking up Queen seemed redundant…… Saw Bowie at the Vet in 87 for Glass Spider Tour but not much else in Philly. I do go to Penn’s Peak near Jim Thorpe a lot. Todd Rundgren will be there this April again, it’s a fav, like seeing him in a High School gym. For a guy who’s 75, he does shows that make Springsteen tired. He’s got a hit in almost every genre and tells really funny stories about his lovey-dovey songs as being his bread n butter. First time, I have my favorite box where I can stand, dance, etc. at NJPAC, and two guys, an obvious couple in matching sequined jean coats, one old, one young, yech to that, but they flip around and say: “he’s the white prince.” I’m like whatever, turn around, leave me alone, and Todd comes out —– does like 4 all-time hit songs and then comes to the mike, announces he was late, shouldn’t do a show Memorial Day weekend traffic, he has a new show for us, and here we go. Oh, yeah, and he always kicks off with four top hits so you won’t feel bad if you don’t like the rest, ha ha. He then does 22 songs in a row, no breaks. No breaks. He’s dancing, he’s doing hard rock, reggae, crooners, jazz, hip hop, and rap. Prince. I get it. White Prince — that’s a prince who tries to dance and can’t. I get it. And it’s all good and I’m tapping the guys in front of me saying “you’re right, he’s the white guy version of the guy formerly known as Prince.” And he did it again the next night in another venue nearby. I would have been in bed for a week. Hell, I was in bed for a day after just watching. It is amazing. His band members must love or hate him for this work ethic.

        Every show is differnt, if a show is 20 songs long, his band has to know 60 to go on the road like this. Since he takes few, if any, breaks, the shows naturally have more songs. Legend has it after a show he drags the band to a bar to jam. The man is an rock animal who also sings love songs. Great date night show for sure but you get to rock too!!!! The guy produced The Tubes, he can do anthems too. He’s 75, alive, and still touring, loves the smaller venues, and pack a lunch —- you wil be there awhile….. One of his rock friends has a house near where you grew up, and Todd, and others, pop in to jam on his covered deck over the pond. It’s on youtube and quite the good series. Todd is a Main Line guy growing up. He will be in Charleston NC in May.

        • Tom

          Wow! Sounds like a wicked good time! Charlotte NC is May 17, and Charleston SC is May 18th. I checked out Todd’s schedule. I might check him out! I will be up in your neck of the woods in mid May for a class reunion on May 18th. Let me know if you are available before or after, best would be after. I might visit my sis in Philly, and a friend in Atlantic City. Also may take a few day in NY to visit the USS Intrepid Museum, and maybe some Chinatown food.

          Yes I followed Queen, and Bowie. I did not specifically follow Todd but heard a lot of his music on WFIL Philly and WRAW in Reading. I liked his music! My favorite Bowie album is Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. I can still play it on 8 track. LOL Of course, my favorite Queen is anything Queen. LOL

          Did you see the Freddie Mercury movie that came out a few years ago. I still have not seen it. Is it worth viewing?

          • FRANK STETSON

            Sorry, I don’t do in person….nice idea though. another loss for me. And meant to mention the movie since that’s how I re-found Queen. I have no albums, etc. but love Rami Malek’s work, always edgy, so I was mesmorized by the film. Tell you the truth though, I only noticed the partying the second time. Goes right over my head except I noted, eh, that’s a soft-soap job I bet. Great flick I thought. Here’s a good one: play the Live Aid scene from the movie and then jump to same on Youtube. It’s really funny. Who need’s AI when you got a Malek.

            Bowie — yeah, Ziggy hooked me in high school when released and my soon-to-be BIL and best friend, said put in on and read the message: “to be played at maximum volume.” Another friend, destined to be small bore pipe engineer for nukie plants, yes, three mile, helped me build my speakers — four foot high bass-reflexive monsters with an in-line 24-incher topped by dynamic tweeter, and a bass port to blast it off the rear wall, like a Bose. I cranked it and the rest is history. Sure, favorite, but have many other songs like Young Americans, Station-to-Station, when feeling blue The Bewley Brothers. so many. Also a Ronson fan and youtube his montage to see the natural raw talent, one wah-wah with a brick on it, jimmy hendrix sort of talent, but british white-boy blues. (the man is from Hull, after all). So many shows, but missed the first Ziggy run so Ronson, just once. Ronson got used when the Spiders broke apart, they dressed him to look like an italian sailor gigalo or worse. He’s a landscapper from the blue collar workingman’s Hull, give him some jeans…. Then he played for Dylan, Mott-the-Hoople, and is responsible for Jackie and Diane from JCM. He is a gifted producer, arranger etc. Too bad died young of prostrate cancer. Would love to see how he handled the new technologies. His licks are pure. Bowie was a bit on an ass when he dropped them. Worked out well for him and Ronson though. The other two: meh.

            Some really funny stories like these three guys from Hull meet Bowie, decide to play, when he explains the get-ups. They rebel, he says something to convince, they do the show, get the feedback, and then next show are clambering over each other to get to the make-up. Apparently the “chicks” really dug it. But is was a costume for these boys from Hull, and for Bowie, he did not want to front man, but couldn’t figure out how to get out of it, and to do it he needed a mask. And the rest is history. It’s fun to watch the earlier “masked” stuff, whether in costume or in words. And then see the mature stuff, when he was comfortable in himself and could be real again. I pretty much always thought he was fibbing a bit out of just being nervous. Apparently, he’s kind of a kookie, nerdy, bookish, introvert/extrovert mannic, who’s really pretty funny. Took me 50 years to figure that out, but like I said, I am a fan.

            Two things on my bucket list: meeting Bowie and skiing Tuckerman’s Ravine, never gonna happen. Too bad because I met Timothy Leery and figured I could break the ice with that.

          • Dan tyree

            I would love to play fiddle for them

  4. jboo7

    Frankly, who is this STETSKO fellow here?
    Oh – he’s just wearing one of those oversize hats.
    Why? There’s not that much brain to cover – and from what?


      jboo — glad to provide a target for you folks to vent your frustrations over your life choices.

      Let me know when you have something, like a cogent argument supported by actual evidence, to say. Until then, you are just hot air.

      • Americafirst

        Frank, we believe HB made a typo and meant B, not N for BLM. B is next to N on the keyboard. I have noticed a few dumb mistakes you made lately, even today. Heck, I even make them, though I do try to reread what I typed. And it’s not easy for me with Rheumatoid Arthritis. People are human. We make mistakes, same as you. Que sara. And so what? It is what it is. Please stop bullying everyone for anything you can. IT’s not making us think you are a grown up.

      • Americafirst

        Ditto, Frank!

  5. Tom

    Larry, I do remember the movie and saw it first run. It was funny. Ahh the sweet days of school nuclear war drills! It seems to me that Putin says many things to enhance his position with his people. Such ridiculous Putin assertions only show his nervousness. As long as we are strolling down memory lane, do you remember “Duck and Cover”? Just for fun, here is a video from back then at **

    I also seem to recall from history class that the Alaska deal with the Russians was called “Sewards Icebox”, and the Russians thought they really took us on that deal. Well, who’s cryin now? Putin! To bad, so sad, too late.

    Like I told Dan, “As a person who spent time on a little rock in the Aleutian Islands called Adak, Alaska I can tell you that we have quite a few layers of early warning and deterrence in place should Russia ever attempt an invasion. They can’t fart without us knowing it! It would be a disaster for them that would be ten times the size of their Ukraine disaster! And the weather and seas are horrible, not invasion friendly! The Japanese found that out in WWII when they took a chunk of Alaska and could not hold it. An invasion would be very difficult.”

    I do believe you are correct that Putin wants to build the old empire back that existed under the Czars. He want to supplant Peter the Great as the greatest Russian Emperor, Putin the Great. I think he is running out of time, materials, and soldiers.

  6. spaceman spiff

    You know what I wish for? I’d love to see an election for President with a REAL choice for the voters. Instead, we keep getting old partisan hacks, nitwits, crooks, and the Clueless. I’d love to go to the voting booth and be able to choose a nominee without holding my nose. Used to be like that, but not anymore. And what would I not give to see real, no kidding COMPROMISE in the House and Senate without the “My way or the highway!” crap that BOTH parties go with. I’d love to get the extremists out of there and get some folks in there who actually give a shit about the people voting for or against them and stop being so self-serving.
    Sorry, Frank… Just had this attack of dementia. Now, what was I thinking?

    • larry Horist

      Spaceman spiff … You have touched upon what most voters feel — and have expressed polls. The vast majority of Americans don NOT want to see Biden and Trump as the top choices. It is the result of a very divided nation, a biased media, and broken primary systems that are manipulated and often rigged by those who control the process. I was enthused over Reagan. I could see Clinton in an objective light — thought he did well with the economy and what became known as the “third way.” Personally, he was not admirable. I was more opposed to Obama’s leftwing policies, but thought he was a good person. But in 2016, I faced two people — Clinton and Trump — I did not get excited over. Same in 2020. And it looks like a rerun in 2024. Apart from the policy differences, it is not easy to point to any one you be proudly and happily support. It is always the lesser of two evils. I will stick with Trump in the General Election because of policy. In terms of governance, policy trumps personality — at least for me. I think of it like choosing a heart surgeon and there are only two choices. One who works medical miracles in the operating room, but is an out and out assh*** personally .. or the guy who the sweetest person in the world but has 90 percent of his patients die on the operating table. For me, choosing between Biden and Trump is not a happy choice, but not a difficult one. I keep looking past today for that future leader who has good policies and is someone to be admired — a unifier.

  7. Frank stetson

    spiff: like. Compromise, common ground, consensus, congeniality, consideration, compassion, instead of just being a bunch of c-words, different for each gender.

    As far as choice, ntworry, these guys can’t run against each other; they can’t run at all 😁