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The Russia Smokescreen

The Russia Smokescreen

The press and the pundits are reporting about how Russia may be interfering with our elections. Why are we focused on this and not on the (latest) real scandal which is the blatant and criminal manipulation of the Primary elections by the DNC? 

Because this is a smokescreen that shows how masterfully the Clinton’s manipulate the media and how the media really WANTS to be manipulated.

I’m sure the Russians are puzzled at all this, having not done anything at all to warrant the attention. Remember NO ONE has actually linked the Russians to anything. The “suspicions” we keep hearing about are purely guesswork, either there is proof or there is not. And there is not.

Here are the facts:

1. The DNC and Hillary’s State Department were downright moronic in leaving sensitive and classified information open to hackers. And they were caught in major wrongdoings.

2. The Russians, the Chinese, the French, the Germans and a hundred random hackers have all stolen this data (because they can).

3. Donald Trump chided the Democrats on this by suggesting the Russians might be willing to provide the missing emails, since Hillary and the FBI seem unable to do so. There are no indications the Trump is in contact with the Russians, this was political rhetoric only.

There is no proof the Russians are the source of the Wikileaks email set, in fact it seems unlikely to me. After all they are professionals who protect their sources and methods (unlike some State Department officials we know, whose initials are Hillary Clinton).

Do the Russianns have the data? Of course they do. Their intelligence services are professional and thorough, to assume anything else would be foolhardy. The Chinese are good too. Yes they have the data. The French and the Germans? Probably, it was certainly within their reach, and its a standard colleciton requirement. They would have it unless someone told them to avoid it (yeah, right…). 

Why am I so sure?  Have you ever looked at the log of your firewall? It used to be you could see realtime display of attempts to communicate with your computer. If you ever looked you would see that every few minutes your firewall blocks “port scanning” or other communication attempts which are automated hacker programs attempting to access your machine. They don’t do this manually, they have scripts running on “zombie” machines that systematically scan IP addresses to look for vulnerable machines.  If you know how to sign up, a certain service provides a daily list of 30,000 or so available zombies from which to run your scripts. Terry McAulliffe, Governor of Virginia, who is leading the efforts to secure data systems for States, said Virgina government systems have faced over 53 million cyberattacks this year so far.

Do you doubt that any system with a vulnerability wouldn’t be found, exploited and ripped within 24 hours of its going live?  Hillary Clinton, as former Secretary of State should be very aware of this, since she read intelligence reports from the CIA and NSA on a daily basis, containing precisely this kind of information. She should have known better.

As a former intelligence officer, I have met some of the folks in CIA who worked this kind of target. They are wicked smart. Their counterparts in competing intelligence services (Russia, China, France, Germany, Al Qaida, Iran, etc) are also the best of the best.

The whole point of the Russia angle is to cover up that the DNC has committed a crime against Bernie Sanders specifically and the Democratic Party generally by manipulating an election. 

And yet the mainstream media would rather chase shadows of Russia. I guess its working, do you know of anyone investigating the DNC for manipulatingg the primary election?

I’m sorry to say this, liberal media, this isn’t plain stupidity, you have to WANT to be this naive.

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