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The Price of Deception: Schiff Faces $16 Million Fine and Expulsion for Russia Collusion Claims

The Price of Deception: Schiff Faces $16 Million Fine and Expulsion for Russia Collusion Claims

In a stunning turn of events, GOP Representative Anna Paulina Luna of Florida has proposed a resolution to impose a hefty $16 million fine on Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff of California for his persistent dissemination of falsehoods regarding alleged Trump-Russia collusion. The sum, according to Luna, amounts to roughly half of the cost incurred by American taxpayers for the extensive federal investigation into this matter, an investigation that ultimately found no evidence of collusion.

Luna’s resolution comes as a resounding rebuke of Schiff, who, throughout the Russiagate saga, found himself embraced by liberal networks eager to promote the Trump-Russia collusion narrative. As chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Schiff held a position of “extreme trust” that granted him access to sensitive information unavailable to other members. However, Luna’s resolution asserts that Schiff “abused this trust” by repeatedly citing evidence of collusion that subsequent special counsel reports unequivocally refuted.

In a scathing indictment, the resolution accuses Schiff of purposely deceiving his committee, Congress, and the American people by disseminating falsehoods. It highlights his role in lending credibility to the infamous Steele dossier, his support for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant against Trump aide Carter Page, and his public accusations labeling Page as a Russian collaborator. Luna’s resolution argues that Schiff exploited his position and access to sensitive information to instigate a fraudulently based investigation, which he then leveraged for political gain and fundraising purposes.

The resolution further emphasizes the financial burden placed on American taxpayers, who had to shoulder a staggering $32 million to fund an investigation rooted in Schiff’s lies, misrepresentations, and abuse of sensitive information. It censures and condemns Schiff for his conduct, deeming it unworthy of an elected member of the House and imposing the significant fine of $16 million.

Luna, undeterred by the potential backlash, has also introduced a separate resolution seeking to expel Schiff from Congress due to his egregious abuses of power and his perpetuation of false narratives regarding Trump-Russia collusion. These resolutions are part of a broader effort to hold Schiff accountable and ensure that the truth prevails.

Schiff, for his part, has defended himself, claiming that the push to fine him and expel him from Congress is merely an act of political payback for his efforts to hold former President Trump accountable. As he vies for a Senate seat, Schiff stands firm, asserting that he will not be intimidated by those seeking retribution and warning that they will go after anyone who defends the rule of law.

The introduction of Luna’s resolutions and the subsequent debate they will undoubtedly ignite in Congress signify a pivotal moment in the ongoing saga of Trump-Russia collusion. As the truth continues to emerge, it is imperative that those who have abused their positions and misled the American people be held accountable. Only through such accountability can the foundations of trust and integrity be restored, allowing the nation to move forward with clarity and confidence.

Editor’s note: Schiff is a slimy b&*tard with zero ethics. I don’t know if these resolutions will pass the house, but nothing that Schiff does is good for America.

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  1. Frank stetson

    Daniel, a resolution not yet passed is like a fart in a hurricane. Why demean yourself by promoting fake news or worse yet fantasy news.

    From LotR; this shall not pass. DOA.

    This idiot Congressional virgin shows how much of a pussy McCarthy is. Pelosi would have benched her like she did the squad. Favoring the Santos school of pubic policy, even her family members call her a liar.

    Don’t take my word, read wiki. Best laugh I gave had in awhile. How the GOP can elect this trash is betond me. Send her back to her old job at the strip club.

    Although this time Larry loves the policy and the person. She’s a hottie.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Somebody will get him

      • Frank stetson

        If misspending taxpayer money is the crime, Trump goes first.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          If lying is a crime, then Hillary and Schiff take the cake. If it is incompetence, the Biden should go to jail. If it is racism and hate, then Obama.

          Don’t pretend that you are making a point.

          • Frank stetson

            Oh Joe, another sucker for a pretty face. Maybe Trump should send another letter to Garland. That’ll work.

            Joe says speaking more gibberish than Luna This trumplicant is now offended by lying. But adjudicated sexual abuse and defamation still will get your vote. eh?

            The bill is doa. Ut shall not pass and McCormick would be a fool to bring it to the floor as Trump gets indicted over and over… Great optics 👍

            She can’t even find a cosponsor. .

            If lying is a crime, Trump wins.

            Luna wins; her own family says she lies. I think she claims to be a Mexican Jew…

            The whack makes MTG look sane. Makes Santos look truthful. What’s wrongvwith Floridians.

    • Boy

      Rep. Luna is right. Adam Schiff is 100 percent a liar. He had no evidence to show to the public. A lot of Good Lawyers doing Bad Thing. They forgot who they are because of Greediness. The Truth Will Always Set You Free.

    • Tom

      I don’t know Frank, I am on the fence with this one. And we both believe in process, so I say let her introduce her resolution, and lets just see if it gets legs or dies. There is a reason they call him Shifty Shiffler. Yet, I actually liked his questions when he was on the 1.6.20 Select Committee. But having said this, if he is found guilty or whatever, and is fined, and is expelled, then it will send a message. The fact that McCarthy did not bench her only shows me, an independent/unaffiliated voter, that he is willing to let freshmen try their wings out, he is willing to share the leadership and give others a chance to rise a little. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. For all I know, McCarthy may be as wise as you and knows that the resolution is DOA so he did not want to waste political capital on it and would prefer the cover of the Dems knocking it down. To me, Nancy was a control freak, yet a very good strategist.

      I am interested if she did time as an employee in a strip club. Especially having seen such racy photos of our dear FLOTUS, Melania. I think we the American people need to know this and see these images. I did take your advice and checked Wiki. Seems like she was a cocktail waitress, not a stripper. I have always liked cocktail waitresses, and as God says in scripture, “All work is honorable.” See this page for scriptures regarding how God feels about work. Nowhere does he say anything bad about work of any type. See **

      Frank, I am a bit surprised at your stance on Luna and her job considering that you fully advocate for LGBTQIA+ people and have in the past defended them. You have also defended Latino immigrants and those at the border wanting to come in for work by using the asylum laws. You had no problem with them. Yet for some reason, this beautiful young Mexican-American hard working woman doing honorable work gets your disdain? Why??? Would she get your praise if she were a Dem cocktail waitress and filed a resolution against Trump or Santos?

      By the way Frank, you did not mention that Luna is also a five year USAF veteran, and a successful internet influencer. Was that just a slip up that you only mentioned her cocktail waitress job? You know Donna Summers (whom we both like) made a song about women like Luna, it is titled “She Works Hard for Her Money”. Also from what I know, she is business smart because she picked her physical appearance and took it to a place where rich people go and made a lot of money which helped further her dreams, she did not rely on an public assistance or free handouts that the Dem party love to get people addicted to. Seems to me, she should be admired, not belittled.

      I think Larry would like her for her position on Shiffler, and her ability to always work hard. Being a hottie would just be icing on his cake.


      Luna served as an airfield management specialist in the U.S. Air Force from 2009 to 2014, first at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri and then at Hurlburt Field in Florida. While enlisted, she appeared in 2013 in’s Friday’s P.M. Hot Clicks and briefly worked as a cocktail waitress at the Red Rose Gentlemen’s Club, a strip club in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. She later appeared as a “Hometown Hottie” for Fort Walton Beach in Maxim in 2014.[1][4][7][8][9][10] Luna gained a following as an Instagram influencer.[4][11]And it said she is an independent or at least was, and I approve of that as well.

      • Frank stetson

        OK Tom, I will admit to a little bit of spin, but I did say she worked at a strip club. You were the one who saw a naked body… Nonetheless, let’s face it, when you’re a waitress at a strip club, you’re one step of being a stripper, you know your tits are hanging out.

        Funny story, in my youth, given my experience, I was selected to hire the talent for a friends bachelor party. First step was to do interviews at the strip club, which is next to the kosher caterer where I worked. We wore tuxedos at the caterer, that we bought from Salvation Army, but when we went through the strip club door, all we could hear was a harsh tone of people saying “tuxedo.“ I brought a friend with me, and as we did the interviews, one of the strippers noted that she could use the extra money because she was moving to Florida live with her parents and return to school. My friend, who we called humble Paul, because he wasn’t, asked: “do your parents know what you do?” She fired back: “I don’t do it on the coffee table honey..” she was hired. But wait, there’s more… we had hired two or three strippers, and one dropped out at the last second. Luckily, a older friends wife’s friend was an ex-stripper and even though considered a bit long in the tooth for a stripper, we had the money, and we said what the hell. A fine time was had by all, police were called, somebody drove their TR6 under a four-wheel-drive, and I ended up taking the keys, throwing them in the weeds, and being marked for death… I finally had to say you can kill me, but you won’t get the keys then. But wait, there’s more… The next day was the wedding. Humble, Paul and I were in the doghouse with any woman in the place. Somebody told. Apparently we had transgress by having such a good time. But the funny part was the ex stripper was attending the wedding and all during the festivities, I kept seeing guys come up to her and kind of go “tch, tch, tch, do I know you?” Priceless!

        I am more woke now but true that it’s just a job. But naking money on her bod was a career.

        And don’t get me started on when we went back to affirm our manhood before the gay xmas party. Another funny night. But not the wheelchair story; that was bad, it was time to stop drinking like that….

        And yes, she does have the military checkbox. She cleaned litter off the runways and change lights. Oh my.

        And for Luna dirty pictures, just go back to her military days. She appeared in Sports Illustrated, hot chicks, and as a hometown hottie in Maxim. I do agree, all work is honorable, but this seems an advocation that she might be using in Congress too. I really think you need to reread that wiki article. This is a real nut job, one brick shy of a wall, with her own family making some pretty nasty comments.

        As far as her vendetta against Schiff,it’s not about him, it’s about getting soundbites on Fox. The allegation on this latest one is that he lied to the American public. If that’s a crime, why isn’t Trump already in jail… how sanctimonious these Republicans are to call foul on Schiff and never on their own people. Santos is still there.

        And Trump made up the name, it’s just another Trumpism and lie just like the rest.

        Nope, she can’t even get a cosponsor at this point. It’s DOA. She is incompetent and unfit to represent us in Congress. If this is the best that Florida can offer, it is indeed the sinkhole state.

        Sorry Tom. Get objective and leave your mental images behind. You would regret the tumble, trust me, I know nuts…..,

        And FYI for Joe the liquor lover; after being being a passenger in the head-on with the mighty oak at 50 without a belt and having to walk 5 miles to a phone one arm totally shattered and useless, I never drank more than a glass ever again nor rode passenger. Dedicated driver for life after that. But another funny story. Especially how I got the money!

        Twas the beginning of my redemption. But I am unfit for Congress IMO; these stories are the cure one 😄. Tuxedo’d waiters have some dilly’s 😄

  2. Darren

    Frank, do you pay attention to anything this administration has done.
    May be you can enlighten us all by telling us what good Biden has done since he has been in office.
    After all, people like Schiff help put him in the White House.

    You may answerer with a long list of the wonderful things Biden has done.

  3. frank stetson

    On the top of my head….and in competition, and only the good side of things, aka Afghanistan was great idea, coulda been done better.

    The American Rescue Plan where Trump suggested drinking Clorox while telling us it would go away next week.
    Infrastructure Act, bipartisan which Trump promised every week for four years
    IRA, including the biggest climate changes in US history while Trump mined coal
    Chips act bringing Chips home that Trump got from Asia
    Ukraine support including NATO coalition where Trump could only ask for a favor as shameless political leverage to provide arms
    Ending our involvement in Afghanistan that Trump sold us down the river on with his flawed negotiations allowing Taliban to prepare
    first major gun-safety act in decades, bipartisan, which Trump only could sell more guns without more safety
    most people working in US history

    passed more bipartisan legislation than Trump or Obama.

  4. Darren

    Trump never said drink Clorox.
    Trump said he wanted chips made in America and not rely on China.
    Biden messed up the Afghanistan withdrawal.
    If you think anything done will help Climate while bankrupting out economy ( you sir are a fool )
    Gun safety act, any thing is better than Obama just giving guns to the Cartels’.

    And I did not ask you what Trump did wrong. I asked you what Biden did right.

    Yea, as I thought. NOTHING.
    How much money did you get from China. 0
    He screwed you as well.

    • Frank stetson

      You are right; it was a Biden mid characterization of Trump re: drinking bleach. Trump had suggested we might inject it.

      Maybe he wanted chips innAmerica, Biden did it.

      Climate changes arei already happening; Texas of all places leads the nation in build outs. Tell your kids to work there; it’s a clean industry with a future.

      I got lots of money from my investments in china, tyvm.

      You blame me for trump compare as you bring in biden in your non-sequiter. .

  5. Tom

    Darren and Frank, you are both correct. Trump did not even say Clorox or any name brand. He said disinfectants and that maybe if they get put on the Covid-19 affected area it might stop the infection. He suggested injection of disinfectants, but not drinking Clorox, this was a Biden false statement.

    Frank, do NOT tell Larry you made bunches of money with your China investments. Just remember how he love bombed my ass over AI when I said I could care less and preferred to stay home and count my money. He labeled me as all that is wrong with our generation!!! And all my money was made with American investments that created jobs!!!

  6. Frank stetson

    Perhaps my Chinese investments did create American jobs. So most certainly did. One did not, and I lost my shirt, apparently they cooked the books as hasc been happening in China. Today, I only have a mutual and it has not been doing too good either since the pandemic. But, the mutual loan creates American jobs.

    As to Darren, whether Clorox, Kleenex, or Xerox, they all represent the entire market of bleach, tissue, and copies, being synonymous with the market. However, I think the guy who suggested they ingested a disinfectant, whether by drinking it, or by injecting it, or by suppositories, I don’t care, is more correct.

    The other guy just said Trump didn’t say it and Trump said he wanted some American chips. Perhaps he meant that the guy was talking about Stormy and getting Lays. Hey, it’s Trump being Trump and Dareen votes for more of some of that good shit. Larry and Joe will too.

    Injuries due to ingesting disinfectants were up over 100% after the Trumpian statement. Guess they heard drinking too. Lies told from high places matter.

    Tuxedo 🤵‍♂️

  7. frank stetson

    People magazine, quoting heavily from WAPO says: “Freshman Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna, the newest conservative firebrand from Florida, is getting a lot of attention on the heels of Rep. George Santos’ political unraveling, after The Washington Post began questioning the veracity of her backstory as well.

    In Santos’ case, many of the initial allegations raised in a report by The New York Times were proven to be true, prompting numerous investigations into alleged ethics violations and fraudulent behavior. But allegations made against Luna last week have been picked apart, even forcing the Post to make a couple corrections in its initial exposé.

    Luna declined to be interviewed for the Post’s article. Her communications director, Edie Heipel, says, “We did not feel that this was an interview. It was an accusatory and disturbing slant of Rep. Luna’s life. … We did not proceed to grant [the reporter] an interview because it was clear based on her text receipts with others that she was not being honest. She had an agenda and you saw that in how the piece was written.” The Post mostly relied on former friends and estranged family members as sources, with some counter-context from Luna’s mother, Monica Luna.

    A spokesperson for the Post defends its sourcing to PEOPLE, saying, “This was a deeply reported story about Rep. Luna’s biography and included ample perspectives from people who have known her throughout her life.”

    In an attempt to sort out Luna’s story, PEOPLE also dug into some records from her past and spoke with the congresswoman herself, as well as Monica, to hear why they believe Luna has been unfairly portrayed by who they call unreliable sources.
    Here are the major claims made in the recent Washington Post exposé and Luna’s responses.

    Anna Luna rallies with fellow far-right lawmakers, including Reps. Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz, between votes for House speaker. ANNA MONEYMAKER/GETTY

    Claim: Luna made conflicting statements about her heritage, including that she’s Jewish
    Friends at Missouri’s Whiteman Air Force base, where Luna was stationed for a time, told The Washington Post that she would alternate between calling herself Middle Eastern, Eastern European and Jewish. PEOPLE sought an explanation for her claiming to be Jewish, which is the most reminiscent of Rep. Santos’ controversies and the one members of the public have focused in on.
    Relatives told the Post that Luna’s father, George Mayerhofer, was Catholic, not Jewish, but Luna and her mother, Monica, say that he converted to Messianic Judaism. Messianic Jews — who believe that Jesus was the Messiah — generally identify with Judaism, but are viewed as protestant Christians by the major Jewish denominations.
    Luna also says her DNA test shows she is a fraction Ashkenazi Jewish.

    Claim: Luna had a grandfather who fought with Nazis in WWII
    While questioning Luna’s Jewish ties, the Post reported that her grandfather fought in Nazi Germany under Hitler’s rule.
    Monica admits that it appears true, based on an old photo his relatives furnished to the Post of him in a German military uniform. She notes that Luna also had two great-grandfathers who fought in WWII for the United States, providing PEOPLE an image of one in uniform and an old newspaper clipping as corroboration.

    Claim: Luna only recently embraced her Mexican heritage, including changing her last name, pronouncing her first name differently and openly identifying as Hispanic
    Luna’s late father, George, was of Mexican and German descent and spoke Spanish and English. Her mother’s parents were Mexican American. Though Luna was born Anna Paulina Mayerhofer, she has used multiple surnames since.
    Luna went by Anna Paulina Gamberzky when she married her husband, Andrew Gamberzky. When she took a job at controversial conservative nonprofit Turning Point USA, she says she dropped her last name and simply went by Anna Paulina to preserve her husband’s safety and privacy, as he was still on active duty in the Air Force. (It was around this time, The Washington Post claims, that she began to embrace her Hispanic heritage, allegedly changing her ethnicity from “White, non-Hispanic origin” to “Hispanic” on her voter registration and including using the Hispanic pronunciation of her first name, according to a former colleague.)
    In 2019, Monica began making plans to adopt her mother’s family name, Luna, after going through a divorce. The future congresswoman followed suit, arguing in a petition at the time that she wanted to both represent her Hispanic heritage and share a name with her mom. By 2020, both of their name changes had been formalized. Monica told The Washington Post in their initial story that she has always known her daughter to embrace her Hispanic side, as well as her American side, hence why there may be discrepancies in how she’s identified or presented herself previously. “I am bi-cultural,” Luna tells PEOPLE. “I hate being forced to choose.”

    Claim: There’s no record of Luna’s father being incarcerated
    Luna has claimed that her father, George, was in and out of incarceration while she was growing up, and that she had to communicate with him through letters and collect calls. The Post reached out to the Orange County Corrections Department and the Santa Ana jail, and reported that no record of incarceration could be found. Records show George had repeated run-ins with the law — numerous traffic violations, possession of methamphetamines and protective orders. Luna’s claim that she could not see her father for a year while she was a teenager because he was in jail was supported by her mother but could not be independently verified by PEOPLE. No publicly available criminal cases included on George’s death record showed that he was given a jail sentence, though many had been purged from the court’s database. A private record for one of his charges was provided by Luna’s team, appearing to corroborate that he’d been sentenced to jail time at least once, though that sentence did not total a year.
    One misdemeanor drug possession case reviewed by PEOPLE also showed that he was in custody around the time of two court appearances, but the case information did not specify the length of his confinement and court proceedings appeared to only last about three months; that charge was later dismissed.

    Claim: Luna did not grow up poor and isolated by family, like she has claimed
    The Post’s reporting cites Luna’s relatives, who said that Luna was “coddled” by her uncle and cousins as a kid and always attended family gatherings. “She had everything,” one relative told the outlet. “What she needed and more.” Luna’s mother refutes the Post’s reporting on their family dynamic, saying that she and Luna were in fact financially unstable with little help from extended family. Monica had Luna at age 20, and says she was also responsible for two younger brothers of her own. A year later Monica’s mother, a long-time heroin addict, died of cancer and was HIV positive, according to Monica. She says her maternal uncles and her stepfather were also using heroin and died. Monica says she enrolled at the University of California, Irvine, to get affordable student housing, and never married Luna’s father, who she says was addicted to methamphetamine and eventually lived in his vehicle.
    “If [those relatives] really were close family,” Luna tells PEOPLE, “why didn’t they help my dad?” Monica says that Luna’s father neglected to pay child support, and part of his small inheritance when his father died was garnished. “It was not a large amount to begin with,” she says. “A huge chunk went to the Department of Child Support.” Never miss a story — sign up for PEOPLE’s free daily newsletter to stay up-to-date on the best of what PEOPLE has to offer. Service members at Whiteman Air Force Base also told the Post that they got the impression Luna came from a well-off family, claiming that she wore designer clothing and mentioned having nannies as a child. Monica says her daughter was proud of a designer coat she bought at a thrift store and was known to wear it frequently, and that the idea of them having nannies is “preposterous.” She sent PEOPLE a photo of young Luna at UC Irvine Extended Day Care in the summer of 1994. “She went to the day care center on campus that was subsidized for single mom students,” Monica says. Responding to an allegation by Luna’s relatives that their grandfather would pick Luna up from day care when Monica was studying, Monica says, “100% lie. This NEVER happened.”

    Claim: Luna fabricated a story about a home invasion during her time in the Air Force
    The Post spoke with Luna’s off-base roommate at the time she was stationed in Missouri to ask about Luna’s past claims that a man once broke into their apartment at 4 a.m. — and not “to see how I was doing.” While telling the story in 2019, Luna expressed gratitude that her male friend was there to protect her. The roommate told the Post that she only recalled a daytime break-in when Luna wasn’t home, and the Post’s initial report erroneously noted that Luna wasn’t mentioned in the police report that followed. (The outlet has since corrected the mistake.) The police report, which was reviewed by PEOPLE, says there had been an initial break-in days before, and that when the subsequent break-in happened, neither of the roommates was staying at the apartment. No details are included about the first break-in that Luna reported — only that she reported one — but Luna claims that’s when her “traumatizing” early morning encounter occurred. She tells PEOPLE that during that first incident, a male guest at the house ran down the hallway and the intruder fled. Alessandra Wesley, a fellow member of the Air Force who was stationed at the base at that time, sent PEOPLE a video statement defending Luna’s break-in story. “That did happen and there were multiple events,” she claims, noting that the women set booby traps with wire and a pot that would break if the door opened and put flour on the floor so they could tell if anyone came in. “The flour had been moved and the pot was broken,” Wesley says. Luna was ordered to move on base.

    Claim: Luna expressed support for then-President Barack Obama in 2008, then took a hard-right political turn in recent years
    Luna, whose current political views largely oppose Obama’s, tells PEOPLE that she did express support for him, but was never a Democrat and didn’t vote for him. “I liked him because he talked like me,” she says. “We need legal immigration done the right way. It’s not xenophobic. Illegal immigrants are sold into slavery. It’s a massive issue with Hispanic women and children — and even men. They are used for labor and sex trafficking.” The same Air Force roommate who accused Luna of lying about a past home invasion also told the Post that she would have described Luna as a liberal, while others who knew her reportedly called her apolitical.
    Known today as a self-described “pro-life extremist” who opposes “radical left-wing gender theory,” props up Trump’s claims that the 2020 election was stolen, and has been photographed wearing a rifle-shaped pin on the job to make clear her stance on the Second Amendment, Luna — who won 53% of the vote in her district in the 2022 election — stands behind her staunchly conservative views and has kept company with Reps. Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz and Santos himself since joining Congress in January.”

    Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t, Republicans gots lots of nuts, Democrats don’t. I mean, sure, we have our squad, we can claim Bernie, but come on man —–> this stuff is bat shit crazy.