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The Presbyterian Church Votes Yes to Same-Sex Marriage

The Presbyterian Church Votes Yes to Same-Sex Marriage
The recent decision by the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) to allow same-sex marriages has members of the faith fleeing to other denominations and has spurred celebrities and politicians to speak up. The Supreme Court’s treatment of the issue has others worried about the future of our country.

Many wonder what would happen if the Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage a constitutional right. Potential GOP presidential nominee Ted Cruz believes the Supreme Court is threatening our liberty by “ignoring the law.” He plans to make this issue a priority if chosen to run for president and has a constitutional amendment in the works that would protect traditional marriage by leaving the decision up to state governments.

Others believe a wrong decision by the Supreme Court could signify the end of social conservatism and Christian America. They may be right, considering the Presbyterian Church’s recent decision to amend their constitution and allow pastors to perform same-sex marriages at their discretion. A majority vote was reached just last Tuesday and the phrase “a unique commitment between two people” was added to the PCUSA definition of marriage.

After the United Church of Christ decided to allow same-sex marriages back in 2005, we can only expect other denominations to follow suit. PCUSA has a liberal reputation and seems to be moving in that direction as conservative members jump ship. In the past 5 years, over 400 Presbyterian churches have disbanded as their members seek more conservative faiths.

Other Presbyterians are sticking with their congregations, hoping to promote peace despite the disagreements. The fact that the largest Protestant denomination is recognizing and supporting same-sex marriage is worrisome for those trying to uphold the idea of traditional marriage. Although PCUSA’s decision may represent a public trend of support, the issue is far from settled and remains hotly contested. The PCUSA constitution change will take effect this summer on June 21.

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