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The Obama EEOC Wins Lawsuit, Man Must Be Allowed to Use the Women's Bathroom

The Obama EEOC Wins Lawsuit, Man Must Be Allowed to Use the Women's Bathroom

Earlier this week, a judge ruled in favor of a transgendered man versus his employer. The employer was sued by Mr. Austin, also known as “Britney,” along with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC,) for not allowing him to use the women’s bathroom.

Austin was hired as a man at the Phoenix offices of Deluxe Financial Services, the largest check printing company in the country. But, he claims that when he announced his gender change to the company in 2011, his supervisor told him he could not use the women’s community bathroom. At this time, he had already changed his name and started dressing as a female. Austin also claimed that they refused to change his name to Britney on any of the company records and that the insurance provided by the company did not cover cosmetic surgery to appear female.

Once the EEOC heard about Mr. Austin’s treatment, they saw it as another opportunity to support the gender-confused. This is the third lawsuit where the EEOC has defended the trans agenda. The employer, Minnesota-based Deluxe Financial Services is being forced to pay a settlement of $150,000, along with other terms. These include paying for his transgender care, writing him a reference letter, implementing a strict company policy against transgender discrimination, instituting training programs regarding transgender discrimination, and providing annual reports to the EEOC showing compliance of these terms.

“Obama has stacked the EEOC,” Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth told LifeSiteNews. LaBarbera is one of the many who believe Obama is trying to settle as many of these cases while he still can. These cases seem to be relatively unnoticed. “Our concern is that these social issues are not even being discussed in this election cycle,” said LaBarbera. “Perhaps these transgender rulings can be reversed when we have an administration with some sanity to it, but we have to talk about these things. Where is the debate on this in the public square?”

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