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The NY Times Claims a 2nd Whistleblower

The NY Times Claims a 2nd Whistleblower

The NY Times has reported the existence of a 2nd whistleblower, who will supposedly corroborate the story of the first one.

As with the first whistleblower, at this early stage we only know the existence of this official and that they “have first hand evidence.”

Inspector general of the Intelligence Community, Michael Atkinson has apparently met with the whistleblower and “substantiated his account.” The whistleblower may or may not file a report.

Authors commentary: The NY Times has taken this occasion to provide a highly speculative development, but writing an entire article about what might be revealed and how it might affect the President. This is propaganda at its best.

If you recall, the story of the first whistleblower was headlines for 3 days before we had any details at all. (We didn’t even know “Ukraine” for that long).

Extra: I believe I have made some headway into the whole attack pattern on President Trump. Watch for tomorrows column for the first of a two part article.

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  1. Mike

    So when does this nonsense end?

    There will be a 3rd, a 4th

    Hey Dems… start working for the people!!!!!!

    • Terry

      Yes you bunch of do nothings when are you going to start working for the American people who put you in office to work for them instead of trying to impeach the best president we’ve had in the past 20 years!!

      • John john

        they have passed over 100 billsmoscow mitch will not put one on the floor for a vote

        • Rich

          Are the Dems running out of Post Offices to rename?

      • Charles Arokiasamy

        They have passed over 200 bills that Mich will not bring up for vote or discussion

    • Joe

      I am sure there will be a 2nd term of Trump as President. I would also like to see a 3rd and a 4th term like Roosevelt. But unfortunately that won’t happen because after Roosevelt, terms were limited to 2. Trump need 4 terms to clean up the swamp, build the Wall and undo everything that Barry the Kenyan screwed up.

      • Charles Arokiasamy

        He is the wamp

  2. Damian gaffney

    Good luck to this new whistler and the Boston red sox!!!

    • Terry

      Is whistle blower a new name for snitch?

      • John john

        so that’s what cons call americans who report a crime?

    • Joe

      I want to know how the New York Times even knows about a 2nd leaker, I mean while blower. Who is the leaker from the CIA or FBI or DOJ or whatever department it was leaked from. I hope the leakers are found and spend some time in prison.

  3. Desert Fox

    The never ending losing battle! The stench from the dago palooooozi, her sidekicks, adumb schitt, chump scummer, nutless nooodler, and the rest of the lying demented dimwit obstructionist demoncrats, is infecting the country with their hatred all because the crooked lying crunt, the trash lady from Arkansas, that they put up as their standard bearer lost the election. We want action and the action we want is to see them charged, prosecuted, and jailed. Their crimes are the real ones. As for jerky Joe, he couldn’t win a one-man race.

    • BooDaddy

      :^) Might I suggest ‘Nadless’ and ‘Quid Pro Joe’ as alternates to your otherwise very good labeling of these traitorous idiots?

    • Christel

      Guessing it will be a cold day in .HELL before the DemoRATS will EVER admit to any of the Bullshit they’ve tried to pull. Actual Democrats would…but too many Communists in that party. I checked Google about at least a month ago and Google gave me 82 REGISTERED as Communists UNDER the DNC along with ALL the names!!! Just checked again NOW…the number was still there BUT ALL the names were removed Guessing someone in Congress got wind of that info and had their names removed! Very bad for all those supporting the DNC that are not aware of exactly ‘who’ they are voting for!

      • Terry

        Christal I did the same thing and the American people would be surprised at the ones in the democrat party who are card carrying communist!!! They need voted out ASAP !!!

  4. Kerwin

    Americans are weary of all this Dem hysteria and impeachment nonsense. However they have guaranteed Trumps re-election. Ask yourself what is the Dem Progressive Socialist Party offering Americans on Election Day? Be afraid. They want absolute control of your income healthcare and thoughts and words. Be very afraid.

    • Kelly

      Nailed it!!!

    • Christel Lea

      I call them Commie crats! Nothing Democratic of that party these dats! Control freaks United!!.,

      • John

        and trump and the republican party loyal to putin is democratic.

  5. BooDaddy

    There’s no story here, folks. The transcript of the call has been issued. Do you brain-dead DC swamp creatures not see how RIDICULOUS all this has become!? GET TO WORK YOU FOOLS — the American people, your constituents, want you to do your damn jobs!!

    • Christel Lea

      Not sure if that is possible with the group of Communusts we have sitting in Congress. Google actually gave me the names of all 82 of them….but have now been removed

  6. charles owens

    i do not understand how these liberals and democrats can say all this crap and not be charged with the crimes they are doing every day.

  7. Jim1937

    DummyCraps love to blow whistles! Many would like to blow Trump’s whistle, other;s like Kamala blow Willy Brown’s.

  8. Gary

    OF COURSE!!! Yes, another whistleblower to wade through. Whatever it takes!!! You know, we’re all looking at one, if not THE, most evil periods in American history. The level of corruption these last years, which actually started long before Trump, is astounding! The reason for this brazen criminality within the Democratic party and the political establishment scene these last 4 year’s is a man that has rocked their, business world as usual, and they can’t handle that. They, along with their globalist puppeteers, their Deep State and Shadow Government swamp dwellers, cannot stomach anything, or anyone that interfere’s with their control and steady flow of cash. They do not care that “we the people” voted this man into office in a fair election. They have subverted, infiltrated, and made our Constitutional Republic their own little money making, Continuing Criminal Enterprise, that is on a level that most peple would not believe. These criminals know that and operate with inpunity, knowing most American’s would not, nor could not believe such a thing could happen in America. After all, if this were happening, wouldn’t they be busted by our mainstream media!?! We knew they would pull something before the election. We were just wondering just what they would contrive that would have an effect on swaying the election. I believe this has been set up in order for Hillary to enter the election. This cannot be allowed to happen.

  9. Robert L. Kahlcke

    Hey Little Joey, blow this you half breed.

  10. Fire21

    They brought out additional witnesses against Kavanaugh, and are doing the same strategy against the President. At least we’e figured out their pattern!

  11. Omega 2


    • John

      your complain where the media gets it’s info, but your sources are good.

    • Richard

      Clapper, Brennan, Shifferbrains, Pelosi the crew, and the rest of the communist/socialist bunch should be in prison with the rest of the criminals and traitors. The founders of our great nation are turning over in their graves. Like they said, a free nation, If only we can keep it.

  12. Betty Steinke

    I am so sick and tired of the Democratic Party

  13. larry inman

    why don’t we eliminate the house and senate. we have enough investigative dept already. what have they accomplished in last 2 yrs? will we be as a banana republic at end of the next election when trump wins? If democrats behave any worse than in 2016 and now we will have civil war That apparently is what the democrats are trying to accomplish. What country are they going to when it happens.. We are so close now that people cant believe it. That is why such a push for gun confiscation. What has happened to the minds of a lot of democrats, no reason ability ,no economic ability. As one survey said 42% of americans are crazy.

  14. Diane

    IN AMERICA, every accused person must know the accuser’ otherwise it is a case of gossip….character assassination or a case of libel. The lies and contrived falsehoods we are continually hearing should not mean anything until the “accuser” is produced. Demoncrats – Put up or shut up!!!!!