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The #MeToo movement set women back 10 years

The #MeToo movement set women back 10 years

It’s hard enough for women to compete in male-dominated industries, such as technology and finance, and now it is about to get even worse. The #MeToo revolution was an online movement led by alleged sexually assaulted women who exposed men for everything from looking at them too sensually to touching them in all the wrong places. Men were getting fired, ostracized, and jailed as a direct result of being fingered by women who used the movement to call men out publicly.

This created a wonderful sense of comradery and empowerment among women; but unfortunately, the cheers didn’t last too long.  As men grew fearful of the #MeToo movement, they began to wonder exactly how far is too far with women. Men no longer knew if they could have a one-on-one lunch with a female co-worker without it somehow being misconstrued. So here we go…a new era that will soon embrace the #NotMe movement by men who refuse to get caught up in the vicious web that the #MeToo movement created.

Women didn’t intend for the #MeToo movement to get out of hand

Good intentions don’t mean much to a guy who lost his job and is now sitting in jail, all because he was accused of something that there is literally no proof that he did. If five women decided they did not like a guy, all they had to do was claim he touched them in ways that made them feel uncomfy. The courts would not ask for visual proof because it couldn’t be produced, given it may have happened 12 years ago or more, so all the court could rely on were the voices of the women.

As of late, there are actually some women who have come forward to admit that they lied about someone in the wake of the #MeToo movement. Maybe the women got too caught up in sticking it to the man! Who knows? One thing for sure is that none of the women expected the movement to blow up in their faces…pardon the expression.

Just take away my shoes and throw me in a kitchen, why don’t you!?

Bloomberg recently reported in their business section that Wall Street has a new rule: to avoid women at all cost!  Men on Wall Street fear that the #MeToo movement has forever placed them in a precarious situation. In order to have a private meeting with a woman to discuss business, the men feel they must  do so with the door wide open to ensure she doesn’t accuse him of rape. If the boss has a dinner for his team, he has to do so with trepidation for fear that one of his male employees will somehow fall victim of the #MeToo accusations from a female coworker.

Men are running scared and the women are being snubbed left and right. Women are losing their ability to have a male mentor, be respected by their male colleagues, or even be included in company outings that contribute to the professional growth of its participants. Too bad, so sad. Women have ultimately used the #MeToo movement to screw themselves in the end. Who can women sue for that? What hashtag can be used to protect other women who fall victim of this aftereffect of the #MeToo movement? What can be done to turn this around so that men…good men…are not afraid to work side-by-side with women again without fear? Great questions. No answers, yet.

A new movement on the rise

It may seem hard to believe that there could be anything that could contribute to the war of the sexes more than the #MeToo movement. Corporate women, and the men who fear them, are now facing another hashtag that just might put the nail in the corporate ladder coffin: #Sexism. Thanks to the #MeToo movement, women can rest assured that they will face discrimination more than ever. No longer will men want to include women on the company outings, or lunches, or have them attend company parties, or have one-on-one meetings with other male co-workers.

Women have isolated themselves and they have made the task a much harder one for the young women who are coming up after them. True, if men are being bad boys then they should be reported, fired, or convicted. However, when women created a movement that placed a spotlight on all men, even those who fell outside of the sexual assault spectrum, then women created a monster that set them back an entire decade. We can only hope that somehow this madness is resolved in a way that will bridge a new gap in communication between the sexes, rather than create a further divide. A resolution that includes mutual respect, effective communication, and mutual trust. It’s time to eliminate the hashtag movement, and instead, go back to the human movement that consists of compassion, understanding, and honesty. Even if only in our dreams.


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  1. miles e drake

    This was one of the long-term goals of the American left, particularly its sodomite and sapphist constituency, in unleashing this Salem Witch Trial sexual hysteria. Normal professional and social interactions between men and women are now impossinly dangerous, fraught with the danger that a career-ending or life-destroying accusation may be made at any time by a member of a protected class, and that the accusation can by definition not be refuted or even defended against. The only safe course will be for males and females to avoid each other, which will lead to socially-sanctioned and state-protected same-sex relationships, and eventually to the replacement of existing social and spousal contracts with universal homosexuality. The plan is to turn heterosexuality into a despised perversion, practiced in the shadows by a benighted minority, and to maintain the population at the low levels required by the gaian paganism that is about to become our new state religion through the insemination of lesbians from gay donors, the “theybies” thereby created being raised and indoctrinated in public institutions until they come out or become wards of the collective, like “Julia” in The Mongrel’s 2012 re-election campaign. We have at most one more presidential term in which to take a stand against perversion, mongrelization and degeneracy.

    • Philip Simon

      Women you already fought your causes for education, jobs, better money economics, marriage and family life. Do not listen to#Me too movement.

  2. Lawman

    Another sad, unintended consequence, is men have become hesitant to hire attractive women because of the assumption of coworkers that the hiring decision was based solely on the physical, rather than the professional qualities of the woman. In the American workplace of the 21st century, attractive women are the victims of discrimination.

  3. Steve J

    Funny I thought we dodged a bullet with Hillary and her sexism. It is happening anyway. The Lefts Metoo movement is what Obama did for racism, set it back 50 years. All the Left can do is divide and conquer. They are a forest fire of death and destruction. Look at our society now, you won’t recognize it in 5-10 years.

    • Cindy Frazier

      I agree…makes me ashamed to be a woman at times…..this coming from a female who has been everything from a brand inspector to a taxidermist. I am fearless in a mans world, but in a women’s world i shudder,,,,

    • Rick Sr Wrona

      The Governor of New Jersey and NJ Senator Spartacus Booker have done more irritable harm to Women and the Me Too Movement than anyone or Thing with their double standards! The Democrats believe all women should be believed except if its a woman accusing a Democrat or their Governors Senators, Legislators, Congressman or any other Democrat Politician! As the current Rape case going on in New Jersey who’s Governor and Senator Booker are supporting the alleged Rapist! And Booker who himself was alleged to Sexually assault a man! Hypocrites All

  4. Bowman Joseph

    The problem is interacting in the workplace How can a male boss give any type of criticism or negative response to any female colleagues without fear of reprisals the can end their careers and even see them jailed for no more than because the person in question took exception to their actions or complaints A male cannot even express their concerns about the actions of a female employee without fearing retaliation

  5. Samuel Hinojosa Jr

    How true that I s now! Seperation of the sexes is now is now in place, men have to go look for sex in whore houses.

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